Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Possibilities, and Hillary Clinton

Possibilities -- I think that is what I love most about Spring.  Wherever you look, there are so many possibilities -- tiny seeds or big fat buds, lovely blue robin's eggs and soft green leaves.  So much promise!

I've always loved Spring best, but I often wonder if I don't appreciate it more now that I am feeling just a little bit past the age of unlimited possibilities.  Yes, there are so many things I can still learn and do -- write a novel, visit Italy, take a REALLY good photo.  But there are also some that I probably will never achieve -- run a marathon, edit a magazine, decorate a house from the ground up.  But I think I will just focus on the possibilities.    

Pondering possibilities has also brought me to thinking about Hillary Clinton's pursuit of the Democratic Party's nomination for president.  I can't help feeling some sympathy for her, as her quest becomes more and more unlikely.  I have always been a bit of a feminist, and I certainly would like to see the first female president in my lifetime, but I'm not sure Hillary is my candidate.  I'm also a definite pragmatist, and I can't imagine picking a president solely on gender.  And frankly, it's getting just a little embarrassing to see the moving goalposts and the spin necessary to get her to the nomination.  

So here is my question to you:   the majority of you reading this are female, and probably of the age that, according to the polls, overwhelmingly supports Senator Clinton.  Do you think she ought to be president because of her gender and do you think that she has been  denied the nomination because she is a woman?

I'm looking forward to reading your responses.


  1. First of all let me get it out of the way and say, I am not a Hillary supporter.

    But, it has nothing to do with her being female. I wouldn't have the least hesitation voting for a female for president if it were someone I respected and thought was the best person for the job.

    I don't think you should vote for someone because of their sex, religious affiliation, race, etc. And, there are a lot of reasons I would and would not vote for someone. I just want it to be someone that I think can do positive things for our country.

    I bet you wish you hadn't asked me this question.

    Mary, I believe you are so far from being limited by what you can accomplish. You have a gift that you share, and I know your readers respect that.

    Now, I better move "it" and get to work.

  2. hi Mary, I don't think her gender has anything to do with it.

    First let me tell you that I still can't vote because i've been putting off filing my naturalization papers.

    I think Hillary's disappointment is because of who she is running against, and probably because of what she's done and not done, Bill included. I also think it has a lot to do with the state our country is in. I definitely don't think her gender has anything to do with it. I think it's just the timing of it all.

    Whatever happens, whoever wins, may God's mercy be upon us...


  3. I too, am not a Hilary fan, but I believe choosing someone to run our country and make the kind of decisions that are best for it hinges on so much more than gender, race, or any other outward characteristic. I would love to see a woman in office if I thought she was the right woman. I would love to see a person of color in office if they were the right person. I am not sure that I think that Hilarys gender has as much to do with her not getting the nomination as her pesonal qualities or suitability for the position.
    As for you, dear Mary, and anyone else who feels they are past the age of certain possibilities. I think if those possibilities were very important to you they would still be doable. I will never run a marathon, but on my list of things I am desperate to do, running a marathon is so far down the list that I am quite sure that is why I havent done it already. Old age isn't what it used to be (thank the Lord!)and I think our possibilities are only limited by our own desires.

  4. Mary

    I support the idea of a woman in office but am not sure Hillary is the right one. As of yesterday, with Obama 47 delgate vote away from the nomination, it appears she very well may not have the chance. And in a way, I feel badly for her because I have to think, after the Lewinsky fiasco, she said to him she wanted to be president and wanted him to help her get there. So, sadly, she may just be losing face twice.

  5. I am definitely a supporter of Hillary Clinton. I have been since the day she threw her hat into the ring. I admire her tenacity and am happy to see that she is not going down without a fight. She has a brilliant mind and would have made a wonderful President. Does her gender influence my decision? You bet it does! I have a daughter in her early twenties. I will never forget the day she was in third or fourth grade and was working on a report about her favorite "past president". She was supposed to learn about a past president and tell the class about her choice. She was flipping through pages and looking confused. When I asked her what the problem was she told me "I want to write about a woman president but can't find one". She had apparently just assumed that there must have been female presidents in the past. She was shocked and I had to explain to her that there were not. She definitely did not like my explanation. So, yes, I would have loved to have FINALLY cast my vote for a female president and I would have been happy for that vote to be for Hillary. We are way, way overdue in my opinion.

    By the way, I just love your blog!

  6. I would be thrilled to see a woman as president but IMHO Hillary is not the right woman. I think she has done herself in, and is not a victim of sexism, racism, or any other ism.

  7. The presidency should not be decided on gender or race alone. Nor should it be granted as a prize for getting through life's tough situations (a philandering husband).

    It does concern me when I hear people say that they want to be part of history and elect the first female or first black president. How about voting on a candidate's qualifications? Why is that thrown out the window if the candidate is a woman or black?

    I don't think that gender is the issue here for Hillary. I think that she and her husband have alienated their fair share of voters with their beliefs and behaviors over the past 20 years.

    I may be naive, but I think that most Americans would vote for a woman, black or other minority candidate if they believed that they were the right person for the job. I just don't see that person being offered this year.

  8. I am a democrat, a life-long liberal, and certainly a feminist of sorts. I am not a supporter of Hillary Clinton. Not because of gender - but because of a whole host of dirty tricks, old (negative) ways of campaigning, spin, -everything I do not like about politics. I also felt the Clintons had a real sense of entitlement in terms of the nomination.

    When we speak about true equality, aren't we speaking about treating everyone equally? To vote for a candidate only because of the candidate's gender or race defeats the meaning of equality.

    I feel for Hillary Clinton, I do. I know she has fought long and hard for the nomination. And she will surely make a huge difference for women in the future. But she is not my choice for President.

  9. Oh wow - Hillary Clinton. I am an Australian but she is all over our News programs along with Barack Obama. I think I would worry that if she got to be President it would be on a sympathy vote because she is married to Bill!
    I think that when we get to be 50+ we start doubting what we can achieve when we should probably be out there having a go at anything and everything.If only we had the courage to go for it!

  10. I am not a Hillary supporter, but she is very impressive and her tenacity and motivation to become President is admirable. I like Obama better, not because he is a man, not because he is black, because of what he stands for. He has tried to run a campaign with no smear tactics. He is an inspiring speaker. Does that translate into a good president, I don't know. But anyone would be better than our current administration.

  11. I guess I don't fall into the "majority" because I am not a Hillary supporter...never have been, nor never will be. I, like the other comments, don't think a president should be selected because of gender, race, religous convictions etc. That defeats the whole proposition of equality.

    When I look at the candidates, I try to look beyond their political policies. Yes, those are important but the character of the person is important to me as well. I know we shouldn't dwell in the past either, but when it comes to electing the person who will be in charge of the most powerful country, those personal traits are very important in my decision.

    Just being honest, but the thought of Hillary being in the White House for four years, sickens me. I don't believe she is as honest as she tries to come across. I am not convinced that it would be totally her running the country. I think Bill would have his hand in the middle of things and his past is certainly not sparkling. As my Dad use to say, "they speak from both sides of their mouths"

    I do think that one day a woman will be president, but Hillary is not the one to be the first.

  12. No, I don't believe that she should be president because of her gender. I do think that the moving goal posts are unfair to her and to all Democrats for that matter. I don't think anyone should be president for anything like gender, race or religion. I do prefer experience and plenty of it so that leaves out the other Democrat in this race.

  13. The president of the United States, is the most powerful job in the world. A vote for that office should never be "because it's time". It should be for the best person for the job, and never a token based on race or gender. That kind of vote is sexist and racist - it says that the person cannot compete on their merits.

  14. hi, my name is Ezia, i am italian but i live in New York..i found your blog trought other italian blogs...just want to say hi and nice blog!

  15. I think the presidential race should be about qualifications and track or past voting records regarding the best interest of the country. I think none of the three major contenders fit the bill, sad to say - and I shudder to think where this country is heading. The whole thing is turning into an embarrassing circus for the whole world to witness...

    Thanks, Mary for posing such a provoking question! It adds some jazz to your blog. :)

    Love your picture too, by the way. I think you already take very good photos.

  16. I have listened to what both Democratic candidates have had to say on various issues. Barrack Obama repeats platitudes and I have not heard him give real solutions to our country's myriad problems. His wife is a real piece of work, with a definite sense of entitlement. Hillary, however, does have her ducks in a row and can speak intelligently and sincerely about how she would handle numerous problems we face as Americans. I think part of the reason she is behind Obama is the albatross around her neck . How many people really want to see philandering Bill back in the White House? I am disappointed that Hillary will not be able to lead our country out of the mess and George W. and his
    crook of a VP have gotten us into.

  17. I am not a Hilary supporter. Unfortunately I don't think I'm an anyone who's running supporter (on either side) I haven't heard any of them say how or that they will fix what I really think is wrong in a possible way.
    I want to say the Hilary being a woman doesn't effect that, because I honestly just don't agree with her views. I think it would be awesome to have a woman president if she had the right stands on certain subjects. But your post got me to thinking that when Pres. Bush put Condolesa Rice in her position, I thought "I don't know if some of the countries she'll have to deal with will listen to her. Some other countries, especially in the middle east are still very sexist. They won't take us seriously any more." It seems like she's been respected and I hope that my first thought was wrong, but I'm sure that there are those out there that won't vote for a woman president for the same reasons.

  18. Hi Mary,

    I am not a Hill supporter and it has nothing to do with her being female, I would love to see a female in office... in my lifetime but a Hill & Bill combo oh no I think we have had enough of them.
    I think what goes around comes around and it just came back and bit them in the butt. Now having said all that I would vote for her over Obama any day, he just plain scares me. Where is the CHANGE? He quit his church so it dosen'tcome back to bite him in the Fall, no CHANGE there just plain politics if you ask me.

    We as a country are in a pickle, you have to have a gazillion dollars to run and those people are just out of touch with the majority.

    The founding fathers did not intened for politicians to make a career out of service ie: Kennedy and others, all Americans were supposed to serve... in and out...then you don't owe anyone, no I wash your back then you wash mine!!!

    Great post Mary and may the best I guess this time around MAN win !!!

    Kathy :)

  19. I absolutely support Hillary. The boys have had their chance and it's time for women to step up to the plate. For years we have been discriminated against based on gender. Did Hillary's being a woman factor into my vote? Yes. Is it the only reason? No. She is smart, tough and would make an awesome president. I have two young daughters and I want them to see more strong women in our political system. They are my reason more than anything else.

    We women need to support one another. How else can we fight years of discrimination based on gender?

    Also....let's leave Bill out of the equation. You don't hear anyone speaking of Obama's or John McCain's spouses and the effect they will have on the office.

    Mary, I love your blog. I read it every day. I love that you are not afraid to make "controversial" posts. :)

  20. I think Hillary is in trouble because they made enemies in the Democratic party while in office.

    I would vote for a woman if I felt she was qualified.

    Frankly, I'm not thrilled about any of our options this year.

  21. I don't think that a candidate should receive votes, or not, because of their gender. I also think that Mrs. Clinton is viewed as the "establishment" because she has been in front of us for so long....and now people want a change. I really don't see McClain being elected as President for the same reason, establishment.

    Mary, I love visiting and all your wonderful pictures....so inspiring. Thanks....now...back to work....yeah right.

  22. I don't think her gender has anything to do with her current situation, one way or the other. It certainly doesn't have anything to do with my personal feelings towards her.

    I am a Republican from Arizona who is NOT going to vote for McCain. Part of what has turned me away from Hillary however is her "stubbornness at any cost". Not a good quality for a leader in my opinion.

  23. I think America is at a point where if the BEST candidate were a woman, she would get the vote. I know I would happily vote for a woman if she were the best qualified. There are so many factors that should be considered before selecting the candidate and gender and race are not among them.

    I am not a Hillary fan and I think alot of that stems from what took place the first time she was in the White House. And, I also know many would say that it was wrong for me to feel that way as her husband was the one who made all the blunders. I will say that I think we all know (those that are married) that behind closed doors she shared her opinion/thoughts with the President.

    Bet you're sorry you asked this question, aren't you?

  24. I fully believe that in time we will have a US president that is a woman. But Hilary is clinically insane.

  25. Oh, my, you are brave! So here goes: I am an ardent Hillary supporter and even sent her money, the first time I have ever done that for a candidate. I see her gender as a bonus, not as a reason to vote for her. There are many women I wouldn't vote for, because I don't subscribe to their views. I do like a lot (not everything, but a lot) of what she has to say, and I think she was (or is) the best candidate. I live in New York and did not vote for her when she first ran for Senate, because I didn't think she was serious. I have been absolutely amazed at how hard she works and how effective she's been as my senator, and that's why I became her supporter. I don't think she was served well by her campaign strategy. I do think she was treated horribly and unfairly by the media. (I say this as a former reporter at a decent-sized newspaper, so I don't normally cry media bias.) I do not think the Obama campaign was at all unfair to her, and I will wholeheartedly support him the minute this is decided. I think it's time for her to withdraw from the campaign, because she needs to be realistic, and we need to move on. But I'm a little heartbroken. I really think other countries are way out ahead of us when it comes to appreciating and utilizing the talents of smart women. Phew! I think this is the longest comment I've ever written. Thanks, Mary!

  26. Hi Mary :)

    I guess I'll be unpopular and say that although I think a woman could be president and do a good job here on our soil, I don't think other countries will listen to us if there was one in office. There are a lot of them that look down on women and if one was running our country, I think it would bring on more attacks.

    As far as Hillary, I totally disrespect her for staying with Bill and although her personal life is personal, I believe that a president should have ethics and class, she nor her husband have either. Bill can't even keep it in his pants while she's campaigning.

    This is the worst presidential race I've ever watched.

    Off subject the flowers are beautiful and I'm glad to hear the girlfriend visit went well :)


  27. I was and I guess still am a supporter of hers. But all this ongoing stuff has gotten me down about the whole thing. I just want a Democratic president at this point. I don't know what did her in. But I think personality was a big part of it. And as for the gender thing, I think many can see a black president in many people's eyes before a female one.

  28. Oh my...have you all forgotten ferocious Margaret Thatcher in England? Gender was never an issue and neither was it for Madeline Albright as our UN Ambassador back in the days when diplomacy to the world was our greatest legacy. When Bill Clinton was president there was a fair and open exchange with the world, an economic SURPLUS and NO WAR. His personal life was not that different from many past presidents who have been historically lauded. Whether you like Mrs. Clinton as a person, she has always supported fair and equal treatment for every citizen and always worked on the side of the average citizen. I like Barack Obama but his international experience at such a crucial time is just not adequate. I think a joint ticket would be ideal but not likely to happen. As for Mr. McCain...I respect his military service and sacrifice, but do not think he is equipped to handle the scope of work that needs to take place. I also have a real issue with a man who has served in a state that refused to honor a civil rights leader that the rest of the country celebrates. As for insane, inept.
    illegal, lacking integrity and so far out of the loop...that would be the current administration. Just my two cents...Bumblebee

  29. The older, and hopefully wiser I get the less I like politics. Broken promises, mud slinging,etc., etc., etc. I'ts hard for me to feel good about any of the choices at this point!

  30. I am not a fan of Hillary and it has nothing to do with gender. She simply isn't who I want as president. Her policies and views on certain topics (healthcare) frighten me. Socialized healthcare is what not we need. Talk to any respectable doctor and they will tell you that with socialized medicine you will not be receiving anywhere near the care you need.

  31. I had nothing against Hillary when the campaign began, but her spinning and pandering and trying to be all things to all people (changing her image to suite the moment) turned me off. I would love to see a woman as president, but I'm afraid she isn't it. After the last eight years I refuse to vote for a Republican. So, I guess Obama will be my choice. I don't know much about him, but I dislike more what I DO know about the others.

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  33. For Rachael...Bill was President that is why you hear of Hillary's spouse and a spouse that was a louse.

    Obama can't be President at least I hope not...people were afraid of Romney because he was Morman...do you support the Black Panthers cuz that is what you'll get with Obama.

    Romney should be the nominee he has the business sense, and great family vslues, people got over the CATHOLIC issue and elected JFK...

    Regardless of how you feel BuSh has kept us safe and let's face it these terrorists want to kick our A.. I think history will be kind to BUSH just like Reagan. Imagine if GORE had the 9/11 watch,...well I shudder at the thought.....or KERRY imagine THERESA as First Lady YIKES

    DON"T vote DEMOCRAT, Rosie O'Donnel, the HUFFINGTON REPORT, Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin, crazies and that just names a few....not to say the right doesen't have their share, but even the MEDIA is slanted...it's a scary AMERICA right now

  34. I am a Hillary supporter, but didn't vote for her because of her gender. I just really like her and I think she is a strong person and very intelligent.

    I've never voted for a party either, even though I am a democrat. I want to hear about each candidates' opinions and views and want to know what they are planning to do in office. All that being said, I think its fascinating that our front runners for the nomination this year are a person of color and a woman.

    P.S. Obama clinched the nomination today. Should be interesting to see if he taps Hillary for VP.

  35. Hi Mary..my...what a great question! I am a Conservative Christian Republican....I don't think Hillary is either entitled to or discriminated against because she is a woman. I do not feel compelled to get a woman in the White House...I don't think that will score one for "our side" (females)..I would never vote for any Candidate so they could be "the first" whatever to get in there. I am not going to go into the differences in the 2 parties..but what really turned me off about Hillary is that she is fighting tooth and nail to get back in the White House it's quite irritating....she does seem to have a sense of entitlement that is really a turn off. It was just announced that Obama won the nomination but now it sounds as if Hilary is going to go talk to some of the Super Delegates to get them to change their mind because she felt she won due to the popular vote. If you have to BEG your way in then that is so very sad. She's also announced that she would like to be the VP and in a very condescending manner...announced that putting her on the ticket for VP would help Obama get elected...as if he couldn't do it on his OWN. She needs to concede and move on. I will respect whoever gets in the White House...but if I were Obama...and I made her my VP, I'd watch my back...I wouldn't put anything past her...LOL!!!!

  36. I don't think a person deserves a nomination based on gender or race, nor deserves to be denied same.

    I feel kind of bad for Hillary, as well. She was sure blindsided by Obama, who knew an even more unique candidate would appear?

  37. I am in No way a Hillary supporter, it has nothing to do with her gender, for me it is a trust issue, wich is lacking greatly.

    For anonymous, I almost choked when you said Bush has kept us safe. I doubt the 4,000 plus young men and woman who have died in Iraq would beg to differ. Then there was the comment, having obama as president would be having the black panters president? Pure and simple ignorance.

    Mainly, I want to elect a person who is strong enough to clean up bushes messes. Not sure that person is running.

  38. I agree with several of the previous posters here that Hillary felt entitled to be the Democratic nominee. I am a conservative Democrat and have no problem seeing a woman in the White House - I just don't like or trust Hillary. I don't believe that she has integrity and I am heartily sick of the "same old nasty politics" she has demonstrated throughout this campaign. It's also pretty unbelievable that people really think the media has been super hard on her. When Obama made mistakes, the media didn't leave him alone either. However, Hillary was never above hitting below the belt and of course that will be reported as well.

    Obama is way more liberal than where my comfort zone is, but I LIKE and TRUST the man. He went out of his way to try to run a classy campaign, but Hillary wouldn't allow it. There's only so much slung mud a candidate can ignore without being seen as weak.

    This country desperately needs change and I'm not borrowing Obama's campaign slogan by saying this. I am disgusted and disillusioned by the way President Bush and his cabinet have hijacked the most honorable position of public service in this country and served themselves and their own desires. It's way past time for a far more transparent presidency, one run by a president with personal integrity and high standards. I believe Obama is the best candidate based on these standards.

    You have a lovely blog, Mary.



  39. I could not have said it better myself, Michelle. It is voter's like you who renew my faith in this process.

  40. Let me say right up front that I am a Republican. Being from West Texas, that should not be a surprise to anyone.
    I don't believe Hillary will not get the office because she is female. I don't think Obama being black will keep him out, either.
    Neither will get my vote but not because of skin color or gender. If Miss RICE would only run, I would be leading her parade!!

    Oh, and "take a really good photo" has ALREADY been one of your accomplishments, my dear little Mary.

    hugs, bj

  41. Wow! I haven't visited this blog in a while, but I am mighty glad that I did today. If I had answered this yesterday, I would have said that I support Hillary. Today, of course, that will not be an option. I feel deep concern for how this election will go and what our choices will be. Now it will depend much on running mates and party lines. Thank you for "putting this out there". Susan

  42. Mary, I love your new header and am sorry I haven't been around lately. I'm having issues with my internet. Again!!
    I generally stay away from posts concerning politics, but I just can't help myself this time.
    I, too, would like to see a woman in office. But Hillary is not my woman. There's something about her that I don't trust. At first, I admired her tenacity, but not any more.
    I don't think it has anything to do with gender, or with race, but rather with the right person for the job, be it a man or woman.
    I think Obama has handled himself well with all the negativity in this campaign.

  43. At this time, I am happy that the American Democrats are smart enough to not give Hillary the nomination just because she is a woman. Sure, a woman could be president. Just not that one for heavens sake. The Office requires someone to be of high moral standing and let's just say politely, that that excludes her. Her "past" goes clear back to Arkasas days and I feel her entire "ensemble" are dangerous people.

    I don't think Mr. Obama, or anyone else of color running for office should get the nomination or the vote just because they are black, or not get it because they are black. I don't care about gender or sex, but competency and moral value. I also, don't want a candidate to have an agenda based on their specific race or sex either.

    Someone is spinning numbers if they think that the majority of America woman would vote for Hillary just because she's a woman. That certainly is proving not to be the case, is it?

    And hopefully, Mr. Obama is smart enough, as I think he is, not to have her as his running mate. He'd be very foolish to do so.

  44. My voting record has been and will always be based on who I think is the best person for the job reguardless of political party, gender,race or religion. I believe that America is finally ready for a woman and/or a minority (and I am ashamed to think it has taken our country this long to get to this point)as president. If Condilessa Rice was running for president right now she would most likely have my vote based on her experience and character. That being said, I could never vote for Hillary Clinton. She and her husband had their chance at running this country and in my opinion made a mockery of the office. His many affairs and her abbrasive attitude are only too well known in the public eye. Character counts and from what I have seen with her stubborness, mud slinging and "fit pitching", I would be terrified to see her in as either the president or vice president. I'm afraid she would just tick off every foriegn leader with her lack of diplomacy and we would have a bigger mess on our hands than we do now. Honestly, can you see her and the president of Iran even trying diplomacy? IMHO it would just give him an excuse to "show her" by launching a nuclear missle. Neither one of them would back down and would just keep trying to one up the other until we had a huge war on our hands.

  45. I have to address Bumblebee-

    Bill Clinton -NO WAR? How about the Battle of Mogadishu 1993 (Black Hawk Down)


    My husband was in that war and still has nightmares from it. I'm sorry, but saying there was "no war" would be very wrong indeed.


  46. First, I love your blog! Second, well by now we know that Hillary Clinton did not get the nomination and I am happy, I was not for her. I feel she has too much baggage and is not honest or trustworthy. I am an older woman and would not vote for her because of who she was. A woman president would be great, but she is not the one. I do not want to see her as VP either! I have to say I am proud of you for posting this question on your blog! I am sure many of us thought to do this, but did not!

  47. I am a Hillary supporter. I had been hoping she would run & had planned on voting for her, if she did, ever since Bush was elected.

    However, Obama won me over with his debates & his demeanor & I voted for him in the primaries. (Don't get me started on the primary system here in Texas!)

    Do I believe Hillary is corrupt? Yes I do...but I'm a cynic who believes an uncorrupt politician is an oxymoron. "Power corrupts & absolute power corrupts absolutely" (quote is by Lord Acton but it might as well be my own)

    But Obama gives me hope that he may be the exception to the rule...I do know that he is an exceptional man (not an exceptional black man...race doesn't enter into it) & I think/hope/pray that he may actually deliver what he promises....change!

    As for "should we vote for someone solely based on gender" ( or race or religious denomination or age or social status) ...only if we consider ourselves to be a prejudiced individual & have no problems w/ perpetrating that prejudice. In other words, "NO!!!!"


  48. To me, gender and race have nothing to do with my personal choice for president. I decided against Hillary because of WHO she is. We heard her speak in person in a high school gym in Reno, NV last April when things were warming up in the campaign. Not once did she address the issues closest to my heart--the war in Iraq, health care, and the economy. It was mostly general rhetoric like "I will be the best choice for president, I have the most experience etc." Now, someone did bring up the health care issue in a question and answer session afterward. This woman said, "I have breast cancer, and I don't have any health insurance. "Hillary's response was, "Please see me personally after this meeting." Whaaat? Right then, I knew she was not taking a public stand on issues most worrisome to Americans. She was playing it safe, walking that middle road. My impression was that Hillary wanted the position of president so bad that she could almost taste it, and she was going to operate a very cautious campaign. Only after the campaign was in full swing, did Hillary realize she needed to align herself with the issues that concern the majority of Americans. I felt she did not come out of the gate with conviction. I want a president in my corner, and I don't care if it is a man or woman, black or white.

  49. I am saddened Hillary almost made it to the Presidency. This time. I think she can definitely fill the seat with grace and dignity that it so deserves. Now, what to do with Bill??? I watched her today on tv and I marvel at her poise. I would have voted for Hillary. Because I think she is capable. Because she is a woman. Now my fingers are crossed that she can be VP.


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