Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Good Thing

Well, my little pot of calla lilies is still going strong, and it's a good thing, as Martha would say. We have had a few days of warm weather, which was heavenly, but with all the snow melting, things are looking a little muddy.

My daughter is home from school for the long weekend, so I made her favorite Baked Macaroni for dinner last night. We'll have some fun over the next few days... and I hope you all have some wonderful weekend plans as well. :)


I have absolutely no idea what to do for Mosaic Monday this week, so I guess I'd better start praying for some inspiration... :) But I look forward to seeing your mosaics this week, as always. The linky thing will be up on Sunday night, by 8:30 pm Eastern time, USA.


  1. Hope you have a wonderful fun filled weekend ;-)

  2. I love your calla lillies, Mary. Glad they're still going strong. I also love baked macaroni but had better stay away from it for now. Windy here, but the weather is mild. Not as warm as yesterday. I walked in a t-shirt! (Now, that is just too warm for February).

  3. Enjoy your time with your daughter. My oldest daughter will be going away to college next fall, and I don't think I am going to survive it.... :(

  4. Have a wonderful time with your daughter! And your photo is just lovely. Makes me smile. Kit

  5. Inspiration will tap you on the shoulder while you're having a good time with your daughter.

  6. I saw your picture while I was participating in Pink Saturday so just thought I would stop by and tell you I think your site is beautiful.

    Warm Wishes, CindyLew

  7. Oh so pretty...I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your daughter.

    Blessings Kelsie

  8. Hello Mary
    Your cala lily is pretty and I have to say that I get MM block many times myself. :-)
    Enjoy the time with your daughter.

  9. Baked macaroni sounds great. have a wonderful weekend and I'm sure that your muse will find you before Monday!

  10. Have fun with your daughter! How about a teapot mosaic?

  11. Enjoy visiting with your daughter! Beautiful shot of the calla lillies - my daughter used them as her bouquet in her wedding. SIGH... time flies!

  12. Daughter,calla lillies and macaroni sounds like the perfect weekend:)

  13. Ooooh, I love to think up ideas.....
    how about a mosaic of:
    a collection of yours that you have not done,
    objects of a particular color (that usually what I do on Monday)
    I like the teapot idea (from an above comment)
    These are few to get you thinking.

    Have fun w/ your daughter! I can't wait till mine comes home. Where is yours in school? My girl is at the University of Chicago.

  14. Thanks for the ideas, everyone! We have a moderately busy Sunday planned, so I think I will go with some spring flowers from my archives. That is the good part of being a camera nut -- you have plenty of old photos to choose from! :)

    See you all tonight. My son's new girlfriend is over for brunch, and later my daughter wants to go shopping...

  15. I love Calla lilys, as far as warm, we had sun for the week but 20 degrees still mounds of snow. The Sun is great.


  16. I'm a first time visitor to your blog. I've been having the best time this past week finding blog sites in a different genre than I usually travel in. Your photo of the Calla lily is so lovely. It's gentle and so serene. Something we need more of these days -- wouldn't you agree? I invite you to visit my blog: I've enjoyed my visit here{smiling}.


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