Thursday, October 27, 2011

Of Beets and Baskets, and Belles de Boskoop

My kitchen windows look out over the deck and the garden. At this time of year, the afternoon light slants in warmly, casting shadows over the vintage cherry table that originally stood in my mother's dining room.

I always keep autumn flowers here, to brighten the room as the days grow shorter. I love these reds and golds and browns, warm and cheerful colors that compliment the painted cabinets. In fact, I respond instinctively to these colors. So when I saw these heirloom golden beets in the supermarket yesterday, I brought them home simply because they were so beautiful.

And the first thing I did was to plop them in this wire basket and start taking photographs. lol

I added a few heirloom apples as well. I know that heirlooms are treasured for their flavor and vigorous growing habits, but I think I would buy them simply because of their names -- William's Pride, Cox's Orange Pippen, Belle de Boskoop. :)

And finally, wire baskets. I cannot resist them. I love their mixture of beauty and utility. And they are fabulous photo props, n'cest pas? ;)

Do you have plans for the weekend? I hesitate to even type this out loud, but we may be expecting a little s-n-o-w.

Yikes. I am so not ready.


  1. ...I love when sunlight plays, don't you? Gorgeous light. Gorgeous home. Gorgeous photos. :o)

    ...The other morning the sunlight was streaming into our bedroom window and I have our sweaters stored in an antique pie safe, the doors were open on the pie safe and the sunlight was streaming thru the pie safe's punched tins leaving the punched tin's folky reflection on the wall behind it. I tried and tried and tried to capture it with our camera to no avail. *sigh* Oh well. The moment is captured in memory at least. Momma so needs a new camera. *giggle*shrug* ;o)

    ...Love 'Belle de Boskoop', saying it made me smile.

    ...Blessings :o)

  2. Mary, I love the sunlight playing through the wire basket. Beautiful photos. I hope you don't get more than a dusting of white stuff. At least it will most likely melt later in the day. Blessings, Pamela

  3. Such gorgeous pictures. Love the colors also. Have a super day. Hugs, Marty

  4. I do love your sunny captures and the wire basket! The fog is so thick here this morning I can't even see across the street! Hope you have a great day!!


  5. What gorgeous photos you've created with simple objects and the marvel of light.

    SNOW! Already? Oh dear. At least it will be pretty.

  6. Not you, too? Oh dear. I'm hoping it slips south of us.

    What warm and beautiful colors you've captured.

  7. Your blog is always so beautiful with all the colors and images. I hope you eat those beets we had the heirloom golden ones last night. Snow,'s snowing here in New Hampshire now and the lawn is covered we'll be getting 1-3 inches tonight...ugh!

  8. Snow??? No way? I'm not quite ready for that kind of weather. Hope you have a great weekend. Carla

  9. Cox Orange Pippen - sometimes hard to find these days.
    We shouldn't get snow here for some time yet. This weekend? On a plane and heading east to work and take a few days to visit with my grandsons. Joy!

  10. The light makes all the difference and you have such an amazing ability to capture amazing images, Mary! Thanks for sharing your art!

  11. I love the kind of person who would buy golden beets just to take pictures of them:) When I told my husband tonight that I didn't like candy corn, he asked why did I buy it then. The answer of course is because it is so picturesque!

    Beautiful, warm, rich photos Mary!

  12. I love how you captured the soft light coming through your window, Mary!

    I also love the wire baskets. One of my friend's daughters is using wire baskets to hold her wedding centerpiece flowers as she is using a rustic barn theme. They look so pretty!

    Our snow came but thankfully did not stick--how did you fare?

  13. Wonderful still life photography. I love the idea of the beets.

  14. WoW that basket is awesome too! I've always loved your photography. You have such a good eye.

    Happy Halloween!
    ~Rainey~ @ The Project Table

  15. Great pictures Mary! Looks like still life paintings. Love the combination of the beets, basket and flowers.

  16. What beautiful pictures Mary!!! What a gift you have for capturing such treasured moments in time.

  17. O, and we are PRAYING for snow out here in West also may remember that wintertime is my favorite time of the year. :))

    I'll be back in the morning for MM...

  18. The autumn colours in your country are so beautiful, and the colours will certainly brighten a dull day. The lighting in these images is superb!

  19. Beautiful pictures of fresh produce.

  20. Mary, you have a special gift for capturing beauty. And, then you graciously share with us.

    I hope all is well with you.

  21. These are exquisite. You should be a stylist. That is in addition to being the gardener/photographer/designer you already are;)


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