Friday, November 23, 2007


Are you full yet?  Because now the mad rush begins.  Oh, not the shopping rush -- I refuse to go anywhere near a store on Black Friday -- but the rush to perfection.  Is my house clean?  Are my decorations perfect?  Are all the gifts wrapped just so? 

 I am going to take a deep breath this weekend, and decide to be, well, sub-par.  To shoot for something  less than perfection.  In fact, I'm going to decide to totally chill out this Christmas.

  Right after I drag all the decorations out, and make the lists, and find the perfect wrapping paper to match my decorations...What, you don't do that?   I always choose red and gold paper because that looks best under our tree in the library.  OK, a little anal, I suppose.  But I promise I'll chill out after I find the perfect wrapping paper!


  1. This post put a grin on my face! I too am in the midst of 'after'. I am decorating now which means that my house is a mess. All my boxes are out in the hall upstairs leaving little room to walk. My dining table is full of stuff. But my end tables and sidetable are decorated giving me a good feeling. I am not rushing and I get to simply close the door on the mess as we drive up to Cranberry Cottage this weekend.

    I hope you will enjoy decorating your house and picking out that wrapping paper. After all, it is the most wonderful time of the year so they tell us. :)

    ~~ Heidi ~~

  2. LOL I always look for that perfect wrapping paper too. I also don't go out on black Friday. No way. Having been in the retail world for so long, after you plan it, buy it, and get it to way do you want to be in that mess. You just pray for profitable sales!

  3. Anal seems to be my nickname. One of my very best friends hurt me so bad one day. I had never heard of that word. We always go and visit and im kinda a take charge person...not always good,but I see as not going in a home and making them wait on me. I just dig in and help. We were going to go for a weekend to see them and she ask me not now because her husband found me to be so anal..needless to say I haven't been back.When I saw that work I thought of that. I guess if we all laid back and didn't care it would be a bad world. I do agree this anal lady(me) needs to learn to relax.I like you will as soon as things are done.

  4. Mary,
    I can relate about the paper. I would find the perfect paper and wrap all "my" gifts so perfectly and then my husband would wrap his every which way and just stick a bow on them. yuck!! I have sort of given up on the wrapping thing, ( kids are grown and not many gifts anyway) but I am anal about Christmas cards. They have to be just perfect and of course they have to have a perfect house on them.

    I am giving myself this week to take down all the autumn/ harvest decor and put it away in a neat and organized fashion, or at least try!

  5. Hi Mary!
    I am so complusive about my decorating I can't even start this year! I don't have the 'inspiration quiet time' I need to organize my thoughts and all the 'stuff' that exploded from the boxes when I opened them. I cna't wait to see some pics of your lovelies!

  6. I almost went out today to buy a new board game for the kids and I to play and remembered what day it was. Forget that! Tomorrow the decorations go up and I don't think anyone is happy about it.


  7. You made me smile. :)) Know what I am wrapping everything in this year? Brown craft paper. Haha...I am going for a vintage look. :) Lynn

  8. Hi, mary, beautiful Thanksgiving table you set there girl! I'm with you...I can be sub-par at times & am going to pare it down slightly this year. I've determined to use more natural decorations & will probably not unpack all my usual boxes. I'll still have fun, but i'm not gonna stress myself out. It will probably take me longer too, since I have that work thing to get in the way, but that's ok...I'll get there. Hope you find that perfect wrapping paper. I like certain colors too!

    I'm with ya on Black way, no how!


  9. Yes -- The Devil is in the Details! And yes -- I can bedevil the hell out of decorations until I get them just right -- not perfect -- but "just right" Thats the moment when I can see the room or scene blend and merge into the picture that was in the back of my mind. Mind you -- serendipity can play into that scene -- when an element arises from the pile and suddenly the tree or wreath or mantel looks "just right"

    And yes -- I do use Christmas bags for wrapping gifts -- and make sure that they blend into the decor too! Details! Details! Details!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  10. Lol Mary! I have a picture on my post of Christmas decor and I mentioned the red toile wrapping paper! I would love to find some of that. It would look sooo great in my house.

  11. Mary,

    Stop by to see me. I have something for you.

  12. Can I say , that I totally agree!! hehehe

  13. LOL! Deep breath. Perspective. Ready, set go!

  14. Mary, I totally understand what you mean about finding the perfect wrapping paper so that it looks just so under the tree. Your home is so beautiful and cozy. I just love it.



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