Saturday, December 15, 2007

Fire and Ice

We had an ice storm last Thursday, and what do you do when you are stuck in the house all day? Make a fire in the fireplace, of course. The next morning, the world outside was all sparkle. Hence, fire and ice.

Oddly enough, although we had the ice storm on Thursday, we did not lose power.  We did lose power this morning, though, so I apologize for this late post.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Mary,
    It is sparkly and beautiful when the sun shines on the ice, but we Northerners know that it is not usually fun!!

    The snow is cleaned up and now we face snow, freezing rain and sleet tonight and tomorrow. The latter, my all time personal favorite; nothing like the world covered in minute ice balls.

  2. What beautiful pictures. Yet I know that while it's beautiful, it's not always fun.

    I have enjoyed visiting your site. What beautiful pictures you take.

  3. What beautiful photos, Mary. Stay warm by the fire:)


  4. It certainly is beautiful, but I know how devastating ice can be, too. Take care!

  5. We had an ice storm a couple of years ago in December and lost power for 5 days. It is soooo pretty though! Glad your power is back on. Your fireplace looks so warm and cozy!

  6. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for visiting with me tonight! I'm so glad you got power back.
    What a beautiful sight, the ice on all the limbs and berries. Made me want to get back to the picture of the roaring fire, though!!
    Stay warm!

  7. Beautiful pictures. How inviting your fireplace looks!

  8. Wow! Such beautiful photo's!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  9. Altho these are fabulous pictures of the ice, I do not envy you the cold! The older I get, the less I like cold, ice, snow, especially cold, icy, BLOWING snow. brrrrr
    Your fire looks so inviting, think I'll go build one this morning.
    Stay warm, bj

  10. ooo.. it's beautiful! ice reaks havock here, but it is lovely isn't it? I think you are getting rained on, and we are getting the snow and sleet today. (Sun) I hope you had a lovely weekend Mary!
    :) Abbie

  11. Wow - what beautiful pictures! We get ice storms, too, and although they can be dangerous, I just love when the sun makes the whole neighborhood sparkle!!

  12. Pretty pictures -- but stay close and warm and cozy to the fire! Add some hot chocolate or hot cider and you are set!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  13. beautifull Ice brrrrrrrrrrr ciao mary

  14. Hi Mary,
    I stopped by from Nan's On My Porch to see your header. A couple mentioned you fixed yours. My was messed up Saturday too and I can't get it back. I saw comments that yours looked ok, etc. However, I only see a long red line at the top of your blog (I'm on a PC).
    I'm glad I stopped by. Your blog is wonderful. I'm sure I'll enjoy visiting often!

  15. Your photographs are beautiful. I think I'd have a pretty hard time, venturing outside if I had that lovely fireplace to sit next to.
    I hope that you enjoy a very happy Christmas.
    Take care.

  16. Hello Mary
    I have always longed for an ice storm to happen here in Bath U.K. It is highly unlikely to as it never really gets that cold. The closest we had one year was a hoar frost that made the world look so so beautiful especially against a deep blue sky.
    In reality I am sure it is not so romantic or enjoyable living without power is such extreme temperatures.
    I am just an old romantic at heart..
    Hope you are keeping nice and cosy by that fire.
    Warm wishes


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