Thursday, August 28, 2008

Go Away

Hey, keep it down, will ya?  I'm trying to sleep here.  It's not easy getting 18 hours a day, you know.  You people have no idea of the dedication it takes to be a cat.

Wait, what is that?  The vacuum cleaner?!  Are you serious?  You know I hate that thing.  Why do you need to ruin a perfectly good ten hour nap with the vacuum cleaner?  To clean up the cat hair?  Seriously, cat hair is a great improvement to this furniture.  I'm just sayin'.

Na na na na na na na.....     I can't hear you...

Just go away and take that stupid vacuum cleaner with you.  And do it now, before I have to get off this couch and make you. 

 I'm the world's most efficient predator, you know.  They said so on that Discovery Channel program.  Or maybe it was TLC --  I don't remember. 

 Anyway,  don't make me unsheathe my claws.  You'll be sorry.  Once I use my whiskers to find your windpipe, it's all over, baby.  Actually, I'm not sure what a windpipe is, exactly, but I'll....   figure....  it....  out.....   zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



  1. Beautiful cat:>) If she's anything like mine, the vacuum may annoy her but she is much too lazy to do anything about it! She has her sunspot and she cannot be moved:>)

  2. In my next life, I am coming back as a cat.

  3. My cats rule the house too!!!!
    heheheh, Janie

  4. I am with mental p mama; I have always said that in my next life I want to be a cat. A "Cushion and Cream Cat", to quote a book I used to read to my boys.

    Mine don't like the vacuum either and I indulge them as often as possible, but every once in a while I really *do* have to vacuum.


  5. I've always said...if reincarnation existed...I'd want to come back as a cat. They can give attitude all day and they still get petted and fed! And dang I sure would like to take that many naps!!!

    Cute post...I miss having a kitty.

    Have a fabuloso day!

  6. You vacuum???? Don't let the Farmer know because he'll expect me to vacuum too!

    Our cat is a lazy slug and looks at me with disdain every time I enter the room where he's trying to sleep.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  7. What a beautiful, chubby, lazy kitty! I too, wish I could sleep & veg on the couch all day. What a life!

  8. Aren't pets a joy?! Especially when they "say what they're thinking" like yours just did. LOL
    ;-) Bo

  9. Love your photos and commentary. Yep, cats rule! LOL

  10. What a beautiful kitty. Probably 99% of cats hate of fear the vacuum cleaner. One of mine likes it and comes running to have his fur'vacuumed'.

  11. Liking the new look of your blog! And that banner picture is always one of my favorites.

    Oh, you know cats SO well LOL! In my life I've had several very special "fur-friends" who shared their life with me. I never "owned" one, of course...twas the other way around!

    Your fur-friend is beautiful, well-fed (ha-ha!) and a napper extroidinaire...18 hours sounds good to me, too! "Dratted vacuum cleaners."

  12. I love a tuxedo cat...most of them have plenty of attitude. Yours is no exception.

  13. Hi Mary Your photos are always beautiful and I LOVE the commentary today. I think that is exactly what a cat would say!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  14. Cute cat and that's exactly how it is too.

  15. I suggest you listen. We don't want to find you sitting on the stoop outside the door.

  16. I SO want to be a cat...Lucy thinks this post is just too perfect. Her words exactly. Henry, well, Henry is too busy trying to get a furry nousie from under the pantry door where he keeps knocking it...Mommy gets it out, Henry puts it Maybe it is NOT henry that is a goofball. Maybe it is the Mommy who keeps retrieving it!

    Nothing snuggles better than a purring kitty. : )


  17. Pretty, pretty cat..
    I don't have one but I've heard they pretty much rule the roost!!
    love, bj

  18. Hi Mary!
    Oh, what a personality! (Implied and/or actual..) My dogs do that. Except they bark at the vacuum. Loudly. Did I mention that they chase after it? Barking. Loudly. Hehehe... Your kittie's response is much quiter.
    :) And I'd love to take a ten hour nap ont hat couch wrapped up in that quilt. It's a good thing none of our furniture is that cozy. I'd lay around all day, right beside the cat. (well, in my case, dogs.)

  19. That cat is almost as cute as ours...and about as useful rofl. Love the trays....where o where do you find the tole ones? cherry

  20. I love living with a cat. Two cats, actually. They certainly have minds of their own, don't they?

  21. Oh what a fabulous, lazy life a cat has...

  22. Hahahaha, that last picture is the funniest, because the cat has so funny ears here, the ears look somehow - offended - you know what I mean? Yes, offended! Pulls her neck in and makes funny ears! So cute!
    My dog does not like the vacuum cleaner, either? Runs out of the room...
    Have a nice weekend!

  23. Oh my adorable!! I think that was his words exactly...LOL!
    Jannet ;D

  24. Four cats rule the tiny roost here at Rosemary Cottage -- and four queens at that! Cozy lives but seriously disrupted by the daily domestic strife of items like the vaccum cleaner. They disappear faster than if David Copperfield had yelled "Abracadabra!" And re-appear just as quickly ..... and let you know how much you have disrupted their schedule: "Things to do Today: ...... Nap ..... Nap ...Eat.....Litter Box ......Nap ..... Nap ....."

    Lovely photos and posting!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  25. Mary, this made me laugh out loud! Your cat is so cute!
    Right now as I sit at my kitchen table on my lap top computer my cat is laying on the table with his back to me. My cat is like a two year old child who clings and wants to be held all day long. If my husband sees the cat on the table he's going to have a fit but it's a lot easier to type without him laying on my!

    Hugs, Pat

  26. Ahhhh...such a cute baby and what a sweet story to go with the photos. You are hilarious!


  27. Mary I was looking at your past posts, enjoying your beautiful home, and then this kitty stopped me dead in my tracks!! He(she) is a spittin image of my daughters cat Ashley(a boy), He was a huge boy, acted very much like a dog actually the way he would follow you around! One night him and his companion Maddie were racing thru the house and he slid into a wall head first and it killed him! It was a devastating thing to see and Kim was hysterical, I'll never forget sweet Ashley! It was nice to see your kitty picture and bring back memories of the good times, thanks Mary!

  28. LOL...cute those looks she was giving you! :-)


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