Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Library Table

First of all, thank you so much for your supportive comments yesterday.  You guys are the best!  I'm pretty sure you will be seeing more Mosaic Mondays.  ;)

I'm showing you a little side table in my library today.  Nothing much.  Just a pretty plate or two and some faux roses.

You may remember the green Wedgwood dish that I found at the thrift store from an earlier post.  There is also a bone dish here that I've filled with green reindeer moss.  I just love that stuff.

Here is a close-up of the faux roses.  Love the gold urn.  :)

Finally, would I ever do a side table without a pretty plate?  This one is Godinger, from TJMaxx.  It's twin is on the mantel.  

Well, that's all right now.  I've got to go watch Jack Bauer save the world.  ;)


  1. Mary,
    Just what I meant, your pictures are beautiful!


  2. Good morning, friend Mary,
    These are just beautiful...and, what is Reindeer moss? Not sure we have it out here in West Texas..
    xo bj

  3. Mary, we should crown you the "still life" queen. You can put together a look like no one else.

  4. TJ Maxx??? Are you kidding? It looks like Herend!

  5. you always find the prettiest things. love the plate

  6. It all looks very pretty! Have a great day!

  7. Such a pretty table. I love it. Really like the scrolly floral on the top of it.

  8. Oh Mary,
    At first glance, I thought you had broccoli on that bone dish. Too much dieting for me! I am seeing veggies everywhere.

    Your vignettes look like paintings; they are so beautifully composed. My side tables usually hold a lamp, reading glasses, and a protective layer of dust. I need to begin pretty-ing things up!

    Gorgeous table, too. It the top inlaid or painted? It's so pretty. So is the plate that looks like it could be Herend. Great piece.

    Thanks! Cass

  9. Sigh.... this is lovely and I love how you showed us the results of using your lovely wedgwood.

  10. Moss? What a neat idea and I have not thought of it or noticed it before... It's so cool that you give such thought to every area of your home.

  11. Loved your tablescape! Everyone here watches "24" but me, unfortunately I didn't get in on the beginning and so I'm stumped to know what's going on. I think I'll take my oldest son's season sets with us on our next vacation so I can catch up and maybe get in on that Monday night excitement!

  12. Great photos, Mary! I love the reindeer moss, the detail on that table, and well, all of it!! Where do you get reindeer moss?

  13. Mary, you arrange things beautifully. I love the table itself, too. Oh yes, we are hooked on 24, never miss it!

  14. Gorgeous! Everything is a thing of beauty! I love to see your pretty things. Thanks for sharing them with us. ~Adrienne~

  15. Don't you just love TJMax? Everything looks lovely.

  16. Mary, I have a tea cup & saucer in that same bug pattern. Mine was a gift because I LOVE dragonflies (and bees)...and all things nature.
    Cheryl in IN. (Whosyergurl)

  17. I like mosaics, and thanks to you posting a link, now I'm able to do it myself! Great!
    Gracie at http://mylittleplace.blog.com

  18. As bj says..BWAAAAAAA! I commented on this one too..and now I don't see it. ok...ok...back to the search..


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