Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sunday at the Park

I thought I'd take you along on our Sunday walk in the park.  This park is called Natirar, and is the former estate of socialite Kate Macy Ladd.  You can just see a peek of the mansion through the trees at the top of the hill.

There is a walk through the trees that follows the path of a pretty brook.  Sunday was very warm here -- in the 90's -- and the water looked very inviting.

This photo was taken a little further up the path, where the water was calm and reflective.  

The grass and the rocks at the edge of the water were dotted with wild violets.  

We are supposed to be getting a few more really hot days before the weather moderates a little.  It feels sort of odd to be seeing traditional spring flowers like violets and bloodroot when the temperature is in the 90's.  I'll be happy to get back to real spring.  :)


  1. Mary, this looks like a beautiful place to walk. Your photos are lovely.

    It has been terribly warm here in PA as well.
    Everything is growing at warp speed.


  2. Yes, this odd summer weather right smack in the middle of spring deprives us of beautiful spring days. It makes me feel topsy-turvy.

    What a beautiful park and the grounds are gorgeous. Is the home also open for viewing?

  3. How beautiful!! It's the perfect time to be outside on the east Coast -- we're getting heat, but no mosquitos yet!

  4. The third one is my favorite. It looks like a painting or something I would like to paint.

  5. Beautiful. I'm with you on the heat. It turned hot so fast, it's been hard to adjust to. Did I see that you are in NJ? I'm ready for the normal spring weather here too, we are Eastern PA.


  6. This looks like the perfect place to walk! What lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a beautiful piece of land! I love open fields like that. Unfortunately there aren't that many left around here as many have been developed. Is the land under conservation?

  8. Vee -- the house is being converted into a luxury spa.

    Sharon -- the land is part of our county park system.

    Michelle -- are you near Easton? my bil lives in Phillipsburg, over the border from Easton.

  9. Whaat a beautiful old estate and grounds. It looks like the perfect place to stroll and photograph. I'm glad the warm weather didn't discourage you from taking this outing.....your photos, as always, are lovely.

    Best Wishes,

  10. Lovely photos. We're back to "real spring" here in the midwest. Rain, rain, rain!

  11. i am in love with the first one. so serene.

  12. gorgeous shots - love the reflections

    how beautiful and peaceful

  13. Beautiful scenery. I would love to take a walk there, I love all kinds of water too, oceans, streams,ponds, lakes, rivers. There is just something about water that soothes.

    I do not envy you your 90 degree weather however. I prefer somewhere in the 70's. I guess it's better than rain though.

    Have a great day1

  14. Beautiful Mary! You have an eye. cherry

  15. OMG! I couldn't believe it when I read Kate Macy Ladd. She built a clinic at the small college I attended and for 20 plus years the 22-bed clinic served as the training for the very small nursing program at the school. I wasn't a part of the nursing program but I worked as an aide at the Kate Macy Ladd Center for four years. Haven't seen that name in a long time but it was nice to remember the times.

  16. What a beautiful park! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  17. I'll take your 90's! It doesn't get that hot here in the summer. I think it was maybe low 50's today. What great shots you have shared with us today. I love walks like that.

  18. Last week it was over a hundred and close to it for several days. Thank heavens it has backed off just a bit. It actually burned some things. Just a few leaves..but it reminds me that the worst is yet to come.
    I know the cold Winter got to you after awhile. It can be so depressing..
    You must just be overjoyed at the Spring weather. I am. We are back to normal right now..and I love it. The park is gorgeous. Are you sure Fairies don't live there? I imagine them living in just such a place and the dew on the grass in early morning are diamonds they dropped the night before in their travels.
    You would live in a place like that, Mary. :)


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