Friday, September 4, 2009

Robin's Bar

Hi there, I'm back! Did you miss me?

Just kidding. I spent a lot of time practicing my portrait photography, and very little time on all the projects that need doing around the house. But c'est la vie.

I thought I would show you some photos I took of my dear friend Robin's house yesterday. I went there to take some photos of her and her Jack Russell, Rosie. But I also took the opportunity to snap a few photos of her beautiful home.

These images were all taken in her bar, which is a gorgeous paneled room. I had my 60mm lens on the camera, so I couldn't get any wide shots, but I thought you might like to see some close-ups of her furniture and accessories. I'll go back soon and get shots that show the whole room. :)

A few of of you may remember the red decanter with the hunt scene (above). I bought it at my favorite thrift store for Robin, who collects things with a fox hunting theme.

Robin's husband, Ken, is an electrician, and they have the most beautiful lighting fixtures. Another common theme in this room is stags, and hunting in general. Isn't this a gorgeous sconce? It is one of a pair that flank the center wall behind the bar.

Robin also collects antique tins, like this wonderful example that sits on a wooden tray on the ottoman in front of her sofa.

A collection of beer steins hints at Robin's Austrian heritage. The room is also filled with family photos, some taken in Austria near where her mother grew up. It is a warm and inviting room, perfect for entertaining.

And yes, I promise to bring you some shots of the whole room soon. :)


  1. First, the music is a beautiful accompaniment to your rich and warm photos in this post, Mary! And second, they're beautiful. I don't usually like music on blogs but it feels so peaceful listening to this.

  2. The music is nice...and I too don't like music most of the time. I'd love to see the room some time.

  3. Wecome back Mary, hope you are feeling refreshed. Great photographs of your friends house although I am not too keen on the hunting theme!!

    I didn't get any music!!

    Missed you for Mosaic Monday although some of us still showed a mosaic, will it be back this Monday?

    Have a great weekend. Jackie in UK.

  4. I love the warmth of rooms paneled with natural stained wood. I could stay in there forever!

  5. of course we have missed you! I have this paneling in my family room and sometimes wish I didn't. When I see your pictures of Robin's I am glad I have it. It does lend itself to a hunt theme. That is one gorgeous sconce! Have a happy weekend and Labor Day!

  6. Wow looks like she has quite a house! I think that hunting scene bottle is gorgeous and the light fixture...I shouldn't really get excited about hunting stuff as I have mixed views on it but the house does look amazing from your photos... xxx

  7. Hi..I'd love to talk to your friend with the Jack Russell. We have an 8 month old puppy and I'd like to ask her a few things. Sadie is soooo smart..but also gets bored easily and chews. I wonder if hers is as energetic or do they settle down? Peggy from PA

  8. What a classic home she has. I agree with all the other comments; everything is rich and warm colored.

    Thanks for the visual treat!!


  9. I am so glad that Robin didn't move away! Her house is beautiful and I know her friendship is a very deep part of you..don't I sound profound today? Must be the beautiful music! Have a glorious Labor Day weekend.

  10. Pretty details! I have never seen anything like those beautiful stag lights, my husband would want some of those if he saw them:>)

  11. Glad to see a post from you. That looks like a gorgeous room. That paneling is beautiful. laurie

  12. Ya missed you. The photos are beautiful. I am trying to improve my skills but I think I need a new camera. Love the home and all the natural wood. All of my woodwork is natural, I would love white, but HH is all for the natural.

  13. Hi! Just wanted to thank you for your tutorial on photo mosaics. I saw it on your sidebar the last time I stopped by and I was thrilled! "Fianlly I can learn how to do these," I thought. Your instructions were spot on! Have a great weekend!!

    :) T

  14. Hello Mary quite a lovely traditional house.
    Love the interior.
    Nice photography! You got talent.

    I followed your beautiful blog.
    Happy weekend.

  15. This looks like a room I could really relax all her collections...hope you can share some of the portrait pics you took that day too!

  16. Lovely, warm, casually elegant. More pics, please!!!
    (Bangs shoe on table for emphasis.)



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