Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thank You

I hope you are all having some nicer weather than we are -- it is in the 30's -- 40's and rainy here in New Jersey. I want to take a minute to thank you all for your very kind comments -- you are the best! Every time I open up my comments pages and read what you have written, I feel as though my day has been brightened by an unexpected visit from some dear friends.

Thank you so very much, my dear friends!


Please join me for Mosaic Monday. Mr. Linky will be up by 8:30pm Sunday. I look forward to seeing your creative and lovely images! :)


  1. Beautiful picture, Mary. It looks like very early morning in it. Yes, it is in the 30's here in the Midwest, but at least the sun is shining and we have plans (finally) to go apple picking. And, I heard it is going to warm up, so that weather will be working it's way to you.

    Have a wonderful weekend and thank YOU, for all you have to offer!


  2. We are enjoying some fine fall weather here in SLC, Utah. Sunny, blue skies and temps in the high 60's

    I have been enjoying your blog and lovely photos.

    Second Hand Chicks

  3. Lovely scene. I enlarged it just to see your signature. :)

  4. this is just so lovely...very painterly.
    happy autumn.

  5. Sounds like winter is trying it's best to arrive in your area. Still warm here. Have a super day. Hugs, Marty

  6. What a fabulous photo. I love, love , love it!

  7. You brighten my day with your beautiful thank you!

  8. Right back at ya Mary! Thank you for all of your wonderful posts. Your photos always amaze me and inspire me. laurie

  9. I feel the same way Mary. The weather here is not typical October. It is rainy and damp and oh so windy. I heard about a Nor'easter coming your way.
    I still can't mosaic but I just can't worry about it.

  10. your photo is beautiful!
    This week-end in Kansas it's about 20 degrees warmer than last wk-end. Last week was miserable. Sure not ready for this type of weather.
    d from homehaven

  11. I have to comment when in the midst of such phenomenal photos! I always admire your art!

  12. You seem to put the "good joo-joo" out there all the time, Mary, that's why it keeps coming back to you...smiles.

  13. Mary,
    I must thank you for the wonderful relaxing inspiring moments you give me whenever I visit your blog. Each and every photo you have posted has been a great inspiration. Love this one you've posted today.Makes me forget about the awful weather we are experiencing these days in Italy. Not only are you a true photo artist but you are also an artist of the heart - striking the right chords with your beautiful photos.
    Thank you for being there. Whenever I'm feeling blue for one reason or another, by solely looking at your pics I feel uplifted and my spirit feels again in harmony with the surrounding world.
    Have a nice weekend!

  14. Gosh, Rita, that is so sweet! I'm so glad you are enjoying your visits here, and I hope you get some nicer weather soon. :)

  15. MARY, Please come to my blog, there is something there for you.

  16. Your blog is always so enjoyable and such gorgeous photo's! and you are a lovely host for Mosaic Mondays! So thank you, Mary!


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