Saturday, November 28, 2009


It's quiet here this morning as I write this -- everyone is still abed. The wind outside is howling. November is going out with a vengeance. We had a quiet but nice Thanksgiving, and the dining room table still needs to be tidied. Dishes and flatware are waiting to be put away. My kids want to start the Christmas decorations today, and I must admit that I'm looking forward to doing it together. I miss the days when they were little. :)

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, dear bloggers!

Just a reminder: go visit my interview at houzz and leave a comment to be entered in the drawing for a Target gift certificate.


Please join me for Mosaic Monday this week. Mr. Linky will be up by 8:30pm Sunday. Remember there is no required subject for your mosaics. You may choose whatever content you wish. I look forward to seeing your creativity and imagination. :)


  1. It's quiet here as well, and I spent a great deal of time browsing all the interiors and patios at Houzz. Waow ! Thanks a lot for the link, it made me want to clean and rearrange the whole house, and I am !!

  2. It's very quiet here this morning, too. We pulled out Christmas decorations down from the attic yesterday. Today, we will get every thing out and sort thru and put up our tree. Lights on our roof this afternoon, if the wind dies down a little.
    Happy day...

  3. Grey and windy and drizzly here too...just perfect for the end of November and Turkey soup and getting out Christmas decorations...I'm off to visit Houzz...

  4. I'm enjoying a quiet morning here on this fine Saturday. Finally we have a little sunshine.

  5. Mary,

    It's quiet here and I am very content. Still fighting the cold/flu thing but just laying low. Good time for thinking and organizing. Did a little decorating but not too much. I have to leave room for furniture to be delivered. Have a great week.


  6. This wind is so amazing...Each year I forget the sound...until it returns.

    I have informed Chelsea that she can be "in charge" of the Christmas decor. She is learning so much this year about homemaking, cooking and candymaking. They grow up so quickly.

    Enjoy time with your family!

  7. Ahhh...tis quiet here at our little nest. Fighting the flu and just sipping on hot coffee while I look at all of your lovely photos on your sidebar. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  8. It's quiet here at my home, too. The only sound right now? The music of your wonderful blog and the sounds of a puppy sleeping peacfully on my feet! My sweetheart is travelling home from his annual elk hunting trip with family after a week away on the opposite side of our state. Thanksgiving Day and a family gathering last evening are just wonderful memories my heart treasures this morning. And I am enjoying the quiet! ~Adrienne~

    P.S. - Congratulations on your great interview on Houzz.

  9. Hi Mary! Its so noisy here I would pay you for some "quiet".... Right now... as I hunker down in in my bedroom at my computer... 2 of my grandchildren are wrestling! 5 Children under the age of 5... (All but one saying in our home) and 19 for Thanksgiving dinner... But I must say... my home is so full of love, laughter and life! We leave for Disneyland tomorrow morning... Yes... I'll have some quiet then... I'm following them in my nice quiet Lexus... there wasn't room for me in the mini van with 4 kids and 4 adults! Poor me, all alone... I'll be able to watch the noise from my vantage point. All the while listing to all my favorite music I loaded on my ipod. Instead of listening to "The Incredibles" for the zillionth time... *Grin*
    I'll be mobile posting from my iphone, from Disneyland, if you want to follow along.
    And I scheduled a Mosaic to post on Sunday... I know its a lot to ask... but If you get a chance, could you link me? I can't do that from my phone for some reason.
    See you when I get back...

  10. It's calm here too. Had planned on putting deco's up today..but boy it's just as blustery here as there. Nasty wind took me right out of the mood. Maybe tomorrow...
    Enjoy your quiet!

  11. thanks for having my teacup out for me! i'm ready to relax after a friday thanksgiving with our two and their fiances. and puppy! we had a wonderful traditional meal, but phew! it is a production. your beautiful photos and music make a soothing setting for me to regroup and prepare for the next big celebration!!thanks for the new site. or not. how much time can i spend on the computer?? jkj

  12. There is something so blessed about a quiet morning... especially when others are asleep and you know fun and good times together are coming soon!!! Enjoy your tea and your family! Love your blog!

  13. Mary~~

    We are finally having some sunshine and warmer temps and I am doing the happy dance!! I am waiting for the youngest to return to school before I start my cleaning & decorating. Although I miss their help, they are happy to 'watch' now!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  14. i love quiet moments. enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  15. quiet
    little treasures
    tea cups and saucers
    from my grandma's china cupboard
    waiting delicately, patiently
    for gentle hands
    to caress
    and fill
    with a toasty drink

    is that the kettle I hear?
    I love that sound.

  16. Quiet is perfect after the busyness of the holiday!
    The wind here is howling and creating quite a stir--they said it blew 60 mph last night--whipped through our little harbor, and rocked my boat in all directions. I usually find it energizing, but must admit that in the dead of night there were a few moments of worry. It does take some getting used to!

  17. Went to my brother's house in NJ today and couldn't believe that they have all their Christmas decorations up. Even lights outside and things in the yard!
    Saw Santa with the little ones at the Cherry Hill Mall where there was no line. Fantastic!
    My brother and his wife had children later in life and when I asked him today how he was doing, he said, "for some reason, I'm really tired."

  18. Hi Mary,
    After a hectic week, I've been spending some quiet time myself this afternoon just catching up with my blogging friends & their Thanksgiving holiday tales.
    Also spent some time on Mosaics ready for tomorrow, see you then.

  19. I've pulled out the decorations, but it looks like I'll be doing them alone this year with both girls back at college already:>( The house is peaceful though and as soon as I get the decorating mess taken care of it will feel even more peaceful:>)

  20. are indeed blessed...children...they can renew our faith...disappoint us beyond words...and make us swell with pride...all in one day....smiles.


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