Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day

As I write this on Tuesday night, we are expecting to get quite a bit of snow over the next 24 hours. By the time this posts at 6:00am, we may be snowed in.

Or not.

"Snowpocalypse" never materialized here in New Jersey over the weekend. But I think we are in for a big storm this time.

Now I would be the first one to say that snow is a giant pain in the butt. But still, there is something wonderful about being snowed in. Maybe it is being all together, in our warm home. Maybe it is sleeping in, and having a leisurely breakfast, and sitting down to while away the day with a good book. Maybe it is making cookies, and soup.

Or perhaps it is simply taking the time to look for beauty in the smallest things around us.

Happy Snow Day, dear bloggers! :)


  1. I think it's all of the above Mary! Beautiful pictures. Enjoy the snow!

  2. Morning Mary

    I hope the snow wasn't too bad for you. Snow was forecast for us in the UK, but although we had a cold night we have lovely sunshine today!!

    The words and the roses are beautiful.

    Keep warm, have a lovely day, Jackie in UK

  3. Hoping for the best. Spoke with DF in NJ last noc and she was preparing to shovel the walks...Wishing you well!!! And oh how your "garden does grow!" Cathy

  4. Love the photographs. Wishing you a happy snow day. Just flakes of snow here in the UK but the sky is so blue that I think the snow will stay away. I am on my half term break with a million jobs to do and just enjoying myself. It is great to get a snow day and treasure the time.

  5. Enjoy your snow day snuggling under a big cozy blanket drinking some hot tea or coco and reading a good book and just enjoying the quiet of the snow moment. Enjoy life in the snow lane today!

  6. No snow down here, but I would love to have one good snowfall and then it can leave. We had a little blizzard many years ago here and of course this area shuts down when it snows. We actually had eight inches which is a lot for here.
    Stay warm...Kim

  7. I love that dresser scarf there!! Simply sweet and stunning.. roses are bad either.. (heehee).

    Now I feel for you darling as winter just seems to drag on and on this year. Very windy here and bitter temps for this time of year.

    Keep safe and don't let cabin fever slip in. Movies, games, baking and other things can keep ya busy indeed.

    with love,


  8. Mary

    Well, school's cancelled...not sure we have what was expected but I think I can count on white stuff all day...time to make stew!

  9. i like the idea of being snow in too Mary...maybe more the idea than the reality, but i like my seasons to be seasonable! lovely post to brighten my morning. thanks...

  10. The snow is beautiful, of course...but those roses! Amazing!!!

    I hope your family can all stay safely tucked in at home.

    My daughter is at a friend's house for the duration, but the rest of us are going nowhere.

    Becky K.
    Lancaster County, PA

  11. It's been a snowy winter for Arkansas too this year. It's a beautiful pain in the butt!

  12. Happy snow day back at cha. We had 5 inches on Tuesday and it is snowing again today. Got really cold last night. HH can't stay in. He has to get in the truck and and go around and check everyone out. We have one daughter recovering from shoulder surgery and he has to go check on her. I like to stay in and sew or paint. Those roses sure lifted my spirits this AM. Blessings

  13. We had 20" of snow last weekend here in South Jersey.....more to come today! Have a cozy day!

  14. We were really dumped on here in the Midwest...I don't know if we are to get more. I do love a day to just curl up with a good book! And I love your beautiful photos, Mary!


  15. It's nice to find the silver lining, no matter the circumstance.

  16. My Children had their 6th "Snow Day" yesterday due to our new 8 inches of snow here in Eastern Iowa. I've had a rule that if there is no school then my little Rug Cottage is closed. These days are great, as we make cookies, play board games and eat bowls of chili and veggie soup. I'm always so grateful for these snow days, because it keeps our busy family close.

    Keep Warm,

  17. Hi Mary... I hope you don't get snowed in... But if you do I hope you are safe, warm, relaxed and make a mean bowl of soup!


  18. G'morn, Mary ~ Yup! This snow is AWESOME! We are buried with over 12" on top of the 30" from the weekend! I am in HEAVEN with all this beautiful white stuff! We just shoveled out the driveway to loosen up 2 of the cars ... it is such fun! but that wind today is like a sand blasting your skin.

    The last time we had it like this was in 1970/71 & no power, the road grader took 5 days to get just to our house & another 2 more days to clear out the other homes on the road ... we had snow drifts over 6' high & people died on the freeway in their cars, it was so bad.

    Enjoy, my friend ... we may see another beauty like this winter for a long long time.

    Happy Valentine's
    Have a great week!
    Hugs, Marydon

  19. Love your roses...and hope that your day is warm and cozy...smiles.

  20. I would love to be snowed in at the red house!

  21. Funny thing, I was born in Jersey and was there til I was 12...never recall so much snow...from there we moved to Buffalo, about this year Jersey is getting more than I am in SC and we had snow this year as well!~ The weather patterns are changing so much so....oh in between we lived in S. Florida where I had to endure there is no place with perfect weather. P.S. I would not mind being snowed in for a day!!~:) I enjoy your blog!!~

  22. Hope you're snowday will be okay and nobody gets hurt because of it.

    Love the roses you're sending us. They are great and my favorite flowers, specialy the crisp white ones.
    Bye Dagmar

  23. Hi Mary...The roses are gorgeous! It's coming down like crazy as I write this (snow, that is). The wood is ready to go in the fireplace.Have beef stew ready, too. Maybe I'll put in a pan of date bars for my husband. So it won't be too bad to be snowed in tonight. It will be quite comfy. Thanks for your very beautiful post! Sincerely, Susan from

  24. I love roses, my most favorite flower! and these shots are beautiful! Yes, being snowed in is wonderful....with the right person of course LOL! enjoy your warmth! and snuggles!

  25. Beautiful roses, but today the snow is the story. And it is gorgeous! My daughter called from New Brusnwick to tell me that it looked as if someone had lobbed big globs of snow on all the bushes and trees; Rutgers shut for the day so she was apartment-bound and loving it.

    Here, we've got about ten inches and still snowing -- our neighbor plowed our driveway, bless his heart! Stay warm and bake those cookies!

  26. Hubby and I have some or our best conversations and shared moments when we are snowed in. But the COLD had been a bit brutal this year.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  27. As always you photos are breathtaking. I also enjoyed Mosaic Monday post...we will appreciate spring even more when it arrives.
    We have been enjoying our snow day, reading and having a hot chocolate treat.
    The snow here in Southern NJ is covering all the tree branches so that the trees all look white...breathtakingly beautiful.

  28. Oh...Gorgeous rose pictures, Very welcome in this weather. I hope all is well there. I'm actually out west and we haven't been hit with the last couple weeks snowy weather as you have. But I have a blogger friend who will be flying back from Germany to NJ tomorrow...hope she'll be safe.
    Stay warm and remember that Spring will come soon.

  29. I think it's all of those Mary! All sound good to me if we were snowed in. We've had a mild, snowless winter here in Oregon.

    As always I enjoy stopping in and reading your blog!

  30. A good snow storm - the kind that keeps folks from driving - is nature's way of reconnecting us to each other....when we get on our boots and scarves and slip outside to take in the wonder, build a snowman, throw a snowball or hop on a sled...where we meet our neighbors, their kids and pets doing the same...and we realize the quiet beauty of being closer to our true human spirit.


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