Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter thoughts on a rainy day...

It's raining cats and dogs here as I write this -- a good day to bury your nose in a book. lol Of course I've got tons of work around the house, but here I sit reminiscing about Easters past.

When my kids were little, we always had an Easter egg hunt. My husband would go outside early on Easter morning and hide the eggs that we had colored earlier in the week. When we returned from mass, my kids would grab their baskets and run around the garden, hunting eggs. My son, who is a laid-back artist type, would happily amble about, waiting for inspiration. My daughter, who is a type-A competitor, raced around grabbing the eggs she had noticed when we went to church. When the hunt was done, we would always take some family pictures in our Easter finery.

My son is 22 now, and away at school. My daughter is 18 and busy with AP courses and senior projects. But I think I'm going to run out to the store today and get some eggs. :)

If you celebrate Easter, I'd love to hear about your special Easter memory today...


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  1. Such wonderful memories. My oldest is in High School so we're still in egg dying territory, but as time flies by, I'm trying to savor every bit of it.

    Happy Easter.

    - The Tablescaper

  2. I embarrassed my son badly when I had an Easter Egg hunt at his 13th birthday party. We are preparing for his 19th birthday celebration this week and I have been hinting that we must have an egg hunt. Poor Guy. We aren't though. I am making a cheeseburger cake and cookies. He loves a good cheeseburger.

    Happy Easter!

    Becky K.

  3. It's nice to remember those days when the kids were so excited. My boys were just as excited to get up on Easter morning as they were Christmas. They are 18 and 20 and I still make them baskets - I know they secretly love it! :)
    Enjoy your Easter ~

  4. Sweet memories, Mary.

    We're having an egg hunt for the grands, here, Saturday. They will enjoy more than once, because after they've found them, someong will out and hide them again, so the game continues.

    When my daughters were young we had more than one egg hunt indoors, because sometimes we had rain and even snow on Easter. One year the eggs were hidden around the house, due to the weather. We thought they had all been found until a couple of months later. One of the eggs was shoved deep into the sofa!! Thank goodness we used plastic eggs that year.:-)

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  5. I miss those days when the kids were young and we all decorated eggs the eve of Easter. The hunt the next morning was always fun as well as the discovery of their candy laden Easter baskets!

    Last year we did the eggs differently. My daughter blew the yolks out and painted the shell with water colors and then jazzed them up with glitter, etc. Then she hung them from ribbon. They were gorgeous and she is excited about doing it all again this year!


  6. Hi! Here on Cape Cod, it's going on day 3 of the pouring down rain. Your lovely picture of those adorable eggs cheered my day...But I really loved the sharing of the memories...I can just see my kids running thru the yard to get the eggs. One year, we did it before church and visiting. We weren't ten minutes into it before we had to change the grass stained tights!

    Happy Easter, Karen

  7. My mother always hid the eggs and also our Easter baskets in the house. We had a very large yard that would have made for excellent egg-hiding, but Wisconsin weather can be sketchy in April, so I think she felt "safer" hiding them in the house and not have to worry about rain, snow and cold temps. It was always so much fun when we'd find one of our other siblings' baskets and then we'd tease each other that we knew where all the baskets were.
    We used to be allowed to find the eggs and baskets right away in the morning, and then we'd have to get dressed and go to Mass after.

  8. Hi Mary....Pouring out here, too. My Mom always bought us brand new outfits for Easter, no matter how little money she may have had. We always had fancy Easter hats, new shoes, new dresses, etc. My aunts, who had no children of their own, would bring huge Easter baskets over, all wrapped in different colored cellophane. It was always sooooo exciting. Anyway, a Blessed Easter to you and thanks for the memories! Sincerely, Susan

  9. Mary, The sun shining here, but the temperature is still chilly. When I was a child I can remember getting all dressed up, hat and all, for church on Easter morning. My own boys, 23, 26 and 29 have passed the time of morning easter egg hunt, but I remember all the laughter as if it was yesterday. Thank you for letting me share my memories. Take care.

  10. Aww, what a nice memory :)

    I'm almost 22, and I still would love to egg hunt! Hehe.

  11. For some reason my parents always hid the eggs in the house and I did the same for my daughter. I enjoyed your memories which were similar to mine: the dyeing of eggs, the egg hunt, pictures in our Easter finery and then the Easter ham. Thanks for the memories!

  12. We used to love coloring eggs so much that my mom would let us do it a couple of times during the year. On Easter though, we'd hunt eggs over and over so many times that the color would start to come off!

  13. Hi Mary, we have had a lot of rain here over the pond the last two days!!

    I don't think we did anything on Easter Sunday except go to Mass and then have lunch when I was a little person. I don't think even for my own children who are now 32 and 37 had egg hunts. I think it has only happened here in the last few years, maybe another Brit will say something different. Jackie in UK.

  14. Bob's dad always organized the Easter Egg hunt. He put a $50 bill in one egg and hid it well. Ashley found it when she was 2 and again when she was 3 but never again after that! There was always candy inside plastic eggs. Jake is gone now but those easter egg hunts will live on forever.

  15. Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories. My girls are both teenagers now, but they still enjoy dying eggs! Carla

  16. sadly, our outdoor Easter egg hunt was never to be one year. Hubby would go out after the kids were in bed and hide the eggs all over the yard, we think some stinkers (not skunks) may have watched him because in the morning, NOT ONE egg was to be found by the children. They still remind us of that year...that the Easter bunny forgot about them...now they think it is pretty funny and each has an idea of 'who done it'!

  17. OMG, that was some storm! What a mess..hope you didn't have damage...we did..:(
    We have egg hunts with the gkids, supposedly going to dry up by then!
    I remember Easter outfits,oh those hats! church for 3 hours on Good Friday, coloring eggs, biting the ears off the bunny, Mass, and usually we went out for Easter dinner. It was enough for my mom to get four girls hair curled and ready for Mass!

  18. What sweet memories Mary...and your photo, ahhh...wonderful as always!
    I have such special memories from childhood but it the ones from Dan's and Grace's early Easter's are my favorite. Dan SO believed in the Bunny. Even after he gave up Santa he held on to that Bunny. Not sure why he chose to think that some 6ft tall rabbit was reality...maybe he had a bit of Jimmy Stewart's Harvey in mind. : )

    Grace loves to have a sweet new dress and this year was no exception! Thankfully it looks like it will be waem wnough for her to wear it!

    Love and many hugs to you.
    Wishing you a most happy Easter dear heart!

  19. I'm so thankful for memories. My children are beyond the egg-hiding stage. But, I now have an eighteen-month-old granddaughter who will love it!

    Thanks for the info on Matthew Mead. I too enjoy his creativity.

    ~Liz~@ the Brambleberry Cottage

  20. this is so beautiful and reminds me also of when my kids were small...though i do enjoy them as adults too. on second thought i think i will run out and get some eggs too, and borrow some kids!

  21. Congratulations on winning Matthew Mead's giveaway!

    Have a blessed Easter,

    : )

    Julie M.


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