Saturday, April 24, 2010

Big Plans for the Weekend

The house is clean, but the silver desperately needs polishing. And what am I doing? Picking flowers and taking pictures. lol

We've had some beautiful sunny days this week, and our lawn is strewn with blue bugle, violets and dandelions. I'm sure our neighbors are not thrilled with the dandelions, but what can I say? We are just not lawn nazis here at Little Red House.

More like laissez-faire lawn people.

We welcome all blooms. ;)

So anyway, I've got some silver polishing to do this weekend. Exciting, right?

What do you have planned? Please tell me. I need to live through you vicariously.

But that's not pathetic or anything, right? ;)


Please join me for Mosaic Monday. Mr. Linky will be up by 8:30 pm Sunday, Eastern time, USA. That's 12:30 am Monday, Greenwich Mean Time.

I think.

I'm still visiting all the wonderful posts from this past Monday. You guys are amazing -- you really are! Thanks so much for making my Mondays special. :)


  1. Well, just come on to Texas if you really want to do something this weekend, we are fencing...about 11 that is exciting!


  2. Aww, you picked Dandelions. I still remember the bitter smell on my fingers from when I was a kid. My girls used to make Dandelion chains from them.

    Polishing silver, huh? That shouldn't take you long. Then what?

    Not much going on here. Hubby has the week-end off (yippee!) so we'll go out to do some shopping. Maybe I can talk him into a drive to the beach today, or to go get an ice cream tonight. He can be a stubborn one though. lol! I had hoped we'd get up this morning and go view the Osprey, but it hasn't happened.

    Excitement abounds ; )

  3. This weekend holds more candle making, some shopping and a visit with friends. Good stuff.

    Enjoy your silver.

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  4. Well, it looks like a rainy weekend, here in Illinois, sooooo when I can get in the garden, I will. I have geraniums to plant here and there.
    Have a great weekend.
    p.s. I love the shot of your living room with the fireplaced. So cozy looking. Please stop over when you can for a visit to my blog.

  5. Well, I've been like you this week. So much to do, but instead I am bringing in flowers. This is a busy weekend for us with church activities and a friend's fathers funeral. The house will just have to wait. Carla

  6. Oh I just polished the silver. Glad that is done. Hopefully I can paint a couple of rockers on the porch. Other than that, not much. Hugs, Marty

  7. No big plans for the weekend, if it rains on Sunday, as forecast, I plan to take some quiltly time (quote from a quilt blogger). I am not a lawn person, in fact I add weeds in the form of clover to the lawn. A nice green all summer, with white flowers the bees just love. Have a great weekend and take care:)

  8. morning mary,

    my allergies have me staying indoors but i long to be outdoors. i have some containers to plant and veggie beds to finish. my lawn is a jungle(tractor has been in & out of shop for three weeks.) i am going to catch up on reading some of my blogging friends inbetween sneezing and rubbing my red eyes.
    have a great weekend.
    who polishes silver anymore?

  9. I wish I could get outside to enjoy our blooms. It has been raining for 3 days. I am ready for the sunshine. We had plans for today but I am afraid the rain will keep us indoors today.

    Guess I will knit and relax today.

  10. My husband is going to be cleaning & painting 1 section of our 3 car garage. Yes, only one. It's so bad that we broke it into thirds & we're doing the easy part first. I am going to be spending the day hemming a Prom dress and sewing straps on it. My girls had their school's Prom last night (I only got 4 hours of sleep), but my oldest is going or might be going to another one tonight. She also has 3 more planned with friends from other schools!
    Silver is so pretty polished, but I don't have the patience to polish. it so I limit my collection to a setting of 12 flatware & a few other items & I store them all in silver keepers.

  11. We are headed to the lake, tomorrow, for a couple of days of relaxing and fishing, after our whirlwind gardening week.

    I'm happy you picked flowers and took pictures. They are beautiful!

  12. Hello Mary
    No work for me this weekend! We are visiting our oldest daughter and family in North Bay. Today my daughter and I are going shopping and then I'll treat her to lunch.
    Tonight hubby and I are taking everyone out for dinner. We only get to see them a few times a year because of work hours and schedules so like to make the most of our time together.
    I'll have to clean my silver another time but that's OK, it's worth it after everything is all sparkly.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  13. It's a dull day in Calgary where I'm staying for meetings this weekend. Can't wait to get home tomorrow and start work on my raised beds!

  14. Hello Mary: Lovely photos. This weekend's highlight will be a Sunday harp concert in Cambridge, MA!

    Today, I HOPE to stay blessedly home because I haven't been around lately. Need to catch up on some chores, then, maybe hit the track for a nice, brisk walk. Yeah. (Hell is paved with good intentions. ha!) Hope you have a peaceful weekend. Sincerely, Susan

  15. Sunny and 80 degree weather here! Will be spending time outdoors either working in the yard or relaxing on the porch swing with a book or some yarn. But shopping. Not my favorite thing to do!

  16. Thankfully, silver polishing is not on my list... Though, it can be very relaxing, especially done out of doors. We'll be attending my son's birthday party today with the first barbeque of the season...hope I don't freeze.

  17. Your weekend sounds about as eventful as mine. It's threatening tornadoes here, so I'm staying in as well. I took off of work yesterday to prepare for a party that was at my house last night, so my house is very clean and all my laundry caught up. I have absolutely nothing to do today, except browse blogs and flip through a new cookbook. My husband's at work, so I have the whole house to myself (and I LOVE that!)

  18. I collect old silver pieces and acutally like to keep a bit of it unpolished. It adds character I think! I'll be speaking at a gathering honoring my father on Sunday so I'm getting my thoughts down on paper today. I've been formulating them all week in my mind, but must put the pen to paper. The butterflies have arrived as the event approaches!

  19. Mary, the way I look at it, taking photos inspires me to clean the silver (or whatever chore there is always to do.) Have a good weekend!

  20. Beautiful photos . . . seriously! You can make cleaning silver look good!

  21. i need to go thrifting today since it's raining

  22. Oh, I really love your pictures! We have everything growing on our lawn. It's just that time of year. You remind me that I have silver to polish but I think I am just going to relax on this miserably rainy day!


  23. I have to admit, I dislike polishing silver. I would have been out picking flowers too. although I will take the time to polish my silver jewelry.

  24. Love the way you put pretty flowers and bring them inside. How can I go by playing Mosaic Monday? Have A GOOD weekend, Nancy

  25. Hello Mary - Since you asked yesterday we went to dinner at our friends who are Canadian Snowbirds. We "plant sat" for them while they were in Arizona so after having their plants here for 5 months and taking them home yesterday, I have been busy trying to rearrange and fill the empty spaces. We have had rain - glorious rain about 12 hours and then on the way home last night it was snowing. We needed the rain so badly and now with a few more days of rain predicted there are no threats of wildfires and it's good news for the farmers. My farmer is walking out on the land now and I will be busy finishing up a quilt I've made for my niece's convocation from university. Thanks again for teaching me how to make mosaics. I'm looking forward to making one for Monday.

  26. I'm cracking up at the Lawn Nazi idea. We're like that here - if it blooms then it pretty much stays. I think, if the neighbors have such a problem with dandelions, then they're not looking at them for what they are (which is, in my opinion, beautiful and nature's way of trying to force flowers into people's faces!).

  27. Absolutely lovely as usual! I have always been impressed with your blogs, and I love Mosaic Monday.
    Because of your talent, I wanted to let you know about another new project. Because I love your photo's I wanted to especially invite you. I want to learn, even more, how to be a better photographer, and to get ideas from others. So I am going out on a limb.

    I am starting a new photo meme and would like for you to consider participating.You can read all about it in the first post, which I posted early this week.

    I know I learn from seeing what others are doing and by asking questions. Perhaps others would like to do this same. Those who have more experience can be a great encouragement to those who have the desire to be better.

    Of course there is no obligation. But, if you think it’s a good idea, perhaps you would like to invite your readers. I hope to start this Friday.


  28. I talked GP into giving up a lg house with larger lawn a few years ago. we are in a condo on a small lake and yard work done for us. Couldn't be better unless you don't like living close to people. Actually, it's very quiet here.
    Do you eat dandelion greens?
    See you Monday. I'm ready!

  29. I went to farmers market today for the first time this season. (see photos, today's post) And, the duggles took me to lunch at Panera. Then...I met a gal friend at the movies and we saw Date Night and then for the first time ever in my life...we sneaked into Clash of the Titans.
    Isn't that unacceptable behavior for a woman who is 51.5? IT WAS SO FUN!
    Then it stormed the rest of the day and was so chilly and damp that I came home and started a fire to take the chill off.
    Same here- ALL BLOOMS and GREEN!
    Hoosier hugs, Cheryl

  30. So pretty! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

  31. Gorgeous are motivating me to polish my silver as well :-) We have similar thoughts. I spent the entire day photographing flowers!! Enjoy your sunday.

  32. This weekend? Not polishing silver, no matter how desperate my own is (and it IS desperate). Daughter Alida and BF are in for the weekend from CA -- they are presenting papers at a conference and we are free lodgings. :-)
    Anne coming home today to see her sister -- and then tonight, 12 at the table for dinner -- old friends, and some of my nieces who want to see their cousin.

    Otherwise I watched Howard mow the lawn. he is still sore.
    Our dandelions wish yours Good Day! I'm thinking one of our neighbors is probably going to eventually beat us to death with a bottle of weed killer.

  33. Classic still life images, Mary. Love the unpolished silver, too. Yesterday was D's birthday and we're taking a mini break (unheard of for us) to a B&B for a few days on the Olympic Peninsula. We'll be shooting most of the time, no doubt. :) Hope your weekend is wonderful! – g

  34. I think dandelions are rather cute! My lawn is filled with them.

  35. I think we should all celebrate the lowly dandelion just a wee bit. An I think you gave us a good start;)

  36. My backyard is just being taken over by blue bugle...I love it...

  37. My weekend was way too busy. I need another day off just to relax . . . xo


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