Friday, June 25, 2010

An Architect's Garden: Courtyard Dining

I wanted to show you a few more images from the beautiful garden we visited a few weeks ago. "An Architect's Garden" was open to the public as part of the Garden Conservancy's Open Days program.

This view (above) is taken from a wonderful outdoor dining area, looking back toward the house. The owners have a design business, and you can see all the architectural salvage that they have incorporated into the garden design. The outdoor dining table, which you can see just a bit of in the bottom left of this view, is a huge slab of stone resting on two massive stone plinths. It must have taken a lot of muscle (or some heavy equipment) to move it there, but it makes a beautiful table.

There are many wonderful old iron gates and fences -- again architectural salvage -- which add rust and patina to this very formal boxwood garden.

I love the beautiful silver leafed tree (willow?) in the photo above, which blends with the silvery grey of the house.

There are several beautiful stone walls here as well. This one helps to enclose the dining area. Another slab of stone serves as an outdoor buffet. And a bit of decorative ironwork adds a beautiful backdrop.

In case you missed my earlier posts about this garden and house, they can be found here and here. Next week, I still have the conservatory and pool to show you. :)


  1. It is a beautiful place and I look forward to seeing more next week. I love old doors, windows and gates. That stone table certainly looks very heavy but looks perfect in that setting. Thank you for sharing your visit with us. Jackie in UK.

  2. What a beautiful garden, and house too.

  3. Ok that is an amazing garden. I love those wrought iron gates!

  4. Hi Mary!

    LOVELY place -- and I love that stone slab table. No tipping over that one. I can just imagine ..."Honey I bought something on Craigslist...."

    What a beautiful place. A perfect blend of wild and manicured.


  5. Beautiful place Mary!

    I've been reading A Year in Provence. The stone table reminds me of the table in the book.

  6. Bonjour Mary,
    I so enjoyed this post. Topiary gardens, outdoor dining areas, loads of inspiration here.
    Good weekend to you!

  7. This garden is so beautiful. I hope someday to have a property that is conducive to using architectural salvage as these owners have done. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Pat, I immediately thought of A Year in Provence, too! :)

  9. Hi Mary,
    molto bella questa csa con giardino...
    incute serenità :-)
    Buona giornata.

  10. I have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this tour...Gorgeous landscaping and house...

  11. That is one beautifully well-fit stone wall...amazing artisanship. I'd love to visit this has so much to see. And the garden is wonderful as well.

  12. Beautiful! Can't wait to see the rest of the photos.

  13. What a gorgeous garden with all the stone and greenery and all the architectural elements. That silvery leaf tree is an olive tree! Isn't it beautiful?

  14. love the stone wall and table- rocks mmmmmmmmmm

  15. IN. LOVE. Wow...

    Too bad I am the Dr. Kevorkian of all green things... I'd love to have a garden even a smidge as gorgeous as this one.


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