Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Baby, It's Hot Outside!

The temperature here in my part of New Jersey reached 101 yesterday. Yes, that is not a typo -- it was 101 degrees Fahrenheit here yesterday. There is no convenient central air conditioning in our Little Red House, although we do have several window units installed upstairs in the bedrooms and our little family room.

So, no going outside to photograph gardens or wander through thrift stores or visit decorating shops. It was just too darn hot. Instead, I sat inside, in the air conditioned upstairs, and did some reading and some blog hopping.

And I decided to be a lazy blogger, and post some pictures that I took last month when it was cooler, and the daisies were in bloom, and I was feeling inspired. Now I'm just feeling hot.

I did manage to empty the dishwasher, and get a few loads of laundry done, but other than that, it was a lazy day here at the Little Red House. I guess everyone needs a lazy day every once in awhile, but it's beginning to feel like Cabin Fever, Summer Edition. And that is never fun.

So, how's the weather in your neck of the woods these days?


  1. It is about the same here in Southeastern PA. The bad news is that this is the week we are scheduled to have a yard sale. The good news is it is supposed to go down to the low 90's by Thursday when we begin the sale.

    These photos are great. I love your eye for detail.

    Becky K.

  2. Its the same here in Atlantic Canada, only its 30 degrees celsius or thereabout. And humid. And this weekend, 60 of us are gathering for a family reunion and the hall is not air conditioned.

    Your daisies on Tennyson are lovely.

  3. How did people used to do it in the old days before AC? It does remind me of cabin fever in reversed seasons! My husband gets everything done really early in the morning and by the time I come home, oh my gosh.
    On a totally other topic, have you seen the new Florabella luxe actions? I'm swooning. And not from the heat!

  4. Hi Mary

    They are wonderful photograph and put me in a very relaxed state, which is what I need as I have just been to the dentist!!It is a lot cooler here in the UK the last few days, thank goodness.

    My daughter has flown to NY this morning, but she likes the heat and shopping etc.. so she should be ok, plus all the Hotels will have ac.

    Enjoy the rest of your relaxing day and stay cool!! Jackie in UK.

  5. And to think, we don't get the humidity until today...gah.

  6. It's too darned hot.
    We're having a heat wave.
    Hot town, summer in the city ....

    OK before I plagiarize any more old songs, I just want to say it is indeed too hot. I'm melting, I'm melting . . . .

    Actually I am staying inside, where there is central air because we had it installed two years ago. Putting central air in an old house can be done, but you do lose a bit of closet space.

    Now I have to go water tomatoes and flowers or they will completely wilt.

    Stay in the cool! I thought I'd like sitting on the front porch yesterday, where it was breezy. But, I was wrong.


  7. Oh, Mary, I would laugh or cry or something if I only had the energy to. We don't have any air conditioning - we just try to button the house up during the day and open it wide at night. It didn't really work last night, though. We watched Spiderman the first and the second. I keep looking out the window and the light on the hill is crazy gorgeous and I keep wondering how one would photograph that but there is NO WAY that I am climbing the hill to find out!!! Ah well, thunderstorms on Friday and loveliness on Saturday!

    Love, Katy

  8. Welcome to my World...luckily we stayed in the 90's here in FL. We run from A/C house to A/C car down here. I can't imagine life without A/C. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos.
    ♥•.*.Thank you. *.•♥
    ♥•.*.from Vicki.*.•♥

  9. We are in the low and mid 90's this week, which is a little cooler than last week when the heat index was as high as 107 with the humidity. I would be one big puddle without a/c - gotta have it.
    Stay cool.

  10. Sunny and hot here in "Sunny California". We don't get the humidity however so it's not too bad. Thankful for AC and our pool!

  11. Hotter than hell's kitchen in western Massachusetts. Pretty daisies. Susan

  12. High 90’s in Virginia....I am tooooo old for this heat. I have 1-$99.00-10 year old air conditioner in my bedroom window taped in with duck tape and that’s it!!!! All the ceiling fans are running....there is no way to put AC in a 110 year old farmhouse with NO attic and NO basement. I keep telling myself...”This Too Shall Pass!!! Hugs, Genie

  13. I know what you mean about cabin fever. I don't want to go outside for anything right now. I can't believe that you have had such heat. We are used to it here in the South. I hope it gets cooler for you soon. I love the daisy pictures. Just lovely! Carla

  14. Wow Mary, you are hotter in the north than we are here in the south. It is getting hotter here this week though. I enjoyed the cooler weather we had for a few days. Stay in and stay cool.

  15. Heating up here in Oregon, supposed to be hitting the 100+ mark today and all the rest of the week.
    I'll like it for one day, but then i'll start whining...'too hot'.

  16. Its hotter for us.. here in Dubai.. and gets even worst the next month... But I guess the difference is.. we are quite used to these two months of the year.. and are rather prepared... :-)

  17. Hello,
    First of all, I have to tell you how much I truly enjoy coming to your blog. It makes me smile. I am also into photography. Your photos are just gorgeous...simple and beautiful.
    Now as for our is actually beautiful here in Calgary, Alberta Canada. I can't take that 90+ degree heat. Our deck is shaded most of the day...and so I can go out and enjoy. Our season is so short here, so every chance I get, I am outside!!

    Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs, Nancy

  18. Southern Ontario, has hot and humid, about 40C. I do not do 'humid' very well, so I am a indoor gal when the temperature reaches that high. Stay cool!:)

  19. We have 101 temps on a daily basis for months at a time in the summer, but it is a very dry heat. I LOVE my air conditioner. When I had a swamp cooler in the 70's I would do the movies for a few hours to cool off.
    I love your blog

  20. Hotter know. We didn't hit 101 but it's been 97 for the past few days and we are cowering inside in the cool. We have one little window unit in the bedroom but fortunately the house is small and it cools most of it with the addition of some fans. I can't wait to get the electric bill. Well, maybe I can:>P

  21. hello my friend!
    please stay cool! lots of ice cream will help; )

  22. I am having a lazy day here, too. Not due to the heat though. All the birthday festivities around my house has me exhausted.

    Last week it was so hot here that we have given up on having green grass. Hoping for rain.... lots of rain.

  23. Beautiful pictures- I live in NY, and it hit exactly 100 degrees yesterday! You're lucky you have any AC at all-- I have none! Only fans :'(

  24. Hi Mary,
    you know I was wondering how hot it was in your area, because it has even been oppressively hot here in Massachusetts. Our grass and flowers are so dry. Our lovely green lawn looks more like a fall scene.

    We all need to take a run through the sprinkler!

  25. Hi Mary
    It is so hot in the Ottawa, Ontario area that I can't even walk the dog. We are right into a heat-wave and it is much too early for this. It was almost 40c today. Love your post.The daisies are gorgeous. Deb =^..^=x5 (Canada)

  26. great shot - the last one really just works in its simplicity.

    it is supposed to be 100 here tomorrow - it's a bit early for that here. keep cool and safe.

  27. It's actually unseasonably cool here in Southern California. Where we are, which is away from the coast, it gets sunny in the late morning and gets up into the 80's in the afternoon. Then it cools back off again by dinner time. Pretty nice, actually. We'll have our 100 degree days in August and September. But, we HAVE air conditioning. Isn't it amazing how the heat saps your energy? Your photos are beautiful nevertheless. I can't wait to see what you do after being cooped up! It's going to be beautiful!

  28. I love your pictures! You asked how hot it is.... We were going to fix hot dogs for lunch yesterday and my 13 year old asked" Do you want me to fire up the grill or just throw these down on the sidewalk?!"

    It's has been horribly hot here as well. They are calling for 100+ today. I feel like a lazy mom because all we have done is stay in the pool for two weeks to escape the heat. The problem with that is it is starting to feel more like bath water!

  29. Beautiful photos.
    Wow that is hot.

  30. lazy day - sounds blissful (though laundry always sneaks in there, doesn't it!). Gorgeous photos. Helen

  31. I heard about your hot weather in the northeast. It sounds more like what we usually have here in the California desert - but our temps have been very tolerable lately. Sometimes I can't help but think the climate has indeed gone haywire! ::Jill

  32. Yes! too hot to shoot......never thought I would say that....but it is so...smiles.

  33. I love your daisies and your lovely post.
    Its so hot here too in Ontario..but I cant complain too much because I love summer so much!
    And yes, when hot, hot days come, its nice to relax and not work too hard.
    As for me, I had a spa pedicure this morning, did some laundry and washed some floors, and now spaghetti is simmering on the stove...

    Have a happy weekend!

    Deborah :) Photos are gorgeous!

  34. Our weather in PA is exactly like yours!!! Trying to keep cool, lacking energy. We did get (literally) about 5 drops of rain today. Not enough to cover anything, dried up within 4 minutes.

  35. It's 100 today and was yesterday. Ironically when I was in central Oregon last week - where it's usually much hotter than the valley - it was only around 80.

  36. Here in Kentucky we have hit the low 90's. Forecast says showers overnight. yeah!

    I've joined your blog. Looking forward to learning from you.

  37. Welcome, Cindy! So nice to "meet" you. :)

    Thanks, everyone, for your words of encouragement. I guess I should remember this heat in the middle of February when I'm complaining about the cold, eh? ;)

  38. Hot, hot, hot here in Boston. Thankfully I have central ac to keep myself and the kitties cool.

    If I didn't have to go to work, I would have lazed around at home too.

  39. I hear you..your day sounds like mine!! Its 90 degrees in Seattle and thats a heat wave for this part of the country!! Hope it cools down for all of us soon.

  40. Like this group photos' tone..very comfort and warm. So quiet


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