Friday, September 24, 2010

My Thoughts on Your Thoughts

First of all, I have to tell you that I really enjoyed reading all the different opinions you shared here yesterday on the lost art of letter writing. I must say that I have not really written a long letter since college. But I loved hearing all about the letters you treasure. What a beautiful thought that is!

I can remember the substantial heft of a fountain pen in my hand, and the beautiful texture of fine stationary... and I think we are all missing something when we lose that. *Sigh*

As for the books vs. Kindle debate, I must make it clear that I LOVE books. My family is a family of readers, and we have many more books than space to store them. :) And while I will never have a home without all my books, I do find myself intrigued, not so much by the Kindle, but by the ipad. You see, I'm a Mac girl through and through. :)

And I would LOVE to try out the ipad! It would never replace real books for me, but it would be a neat way to take books along when I travel and to read all the newspapers I would like. There are also some new online magazines that would be fun to read on an ipad.

So that's where I stand. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts with me here.

Oh, and the little white pumpkins are my first attempt at some natural autumn decorating! Aren't they adorable? ;)


  1. They are beautiful, Mary.

    One year I decorated for Halloween using luminaire pumpkins. They're regular sized but white. I found the instructions in an old Martha Stewart magazine and used a tool to punch through the flesh. The pumpkins looked like lace when I put a little tea light in them.

  2. Whenever I mention buying a Kindle my older daughter just cringes. She says she likes books and that's it. However, I'm sure if she had one she wouldn't complain.

    Like you I would love an iPad. Hubby and I were just talking about it the other night. I think he would enjoy it too. This summer I tried one out at Best Buy and thought it was really cool. However, I will wait for at least the 2nd generation to be released before I consider purchasing one.

    I was never a big letter writer so for me I guess the question is mute ; )

    Excellent contrast in these photos Mary.

  3. Mary, You took those pumpkins from adorabe to gorgeous!!!! What photography!
    As far as letters, books, magazines etc. I love to hold them. To turn the pages, and even to smell old letter or book smell. I think it is part of the whole experience.
    Having said that, I am getting on the techie train! I would love an ipad!!!!!! But I'm afraid my blog would suffer. Reading a book from it might take some getting used to for me.
    Great post and deliciously fabulous images!
    A real visual treat.

  4. Hi Mary,

    iPad over a kindle (does so much more) but book over an iPad.
    Letters over emails. I actually did a post on this and have an annual post card exchange in Feb.


  5. Im really loving the white pumpkins this year.I was always a orange pumpkin fan but the white ones looks so cute and they are a bit vintage looking.

  6. Mary,
    I would love an iPad just because but my friends who have them say that it is very hard to read outside. Check out the books that are available as well.
    The pumpkins are gorgeous. Beautiful photos as usual.

  7. They are adorable! I too would love to try the iPad. I'm a little afraid of being a slave to the internet though...

  8. Your little white pumpkins are grand!!! How neat and tidy they look clustered together! Wishing you well! Cathy

  9. I love your Autumn color palette, just gorgeous.
    As for electronics, I am still on the "less is more" train.
    I am trying to simplify my life and I find that as I have left behind things like cable and cell phones I have added a sense of calm to my day and I treasure that.
    I guess each person has to decide what will enrich their lives!
    Tina xo

  10. Gorgeous shots Mary! You are quite a talented photographer. I always look forward to your posts.

    I like some technology, like the internet, but nothing compares to holding a book, the smell, the textures, the written word. Nothing else quite embodies the experience.

    I write letters regularly to our son who is living in Louisiana right now but coming home very soon! I love to send and receive postcards but admit to an inordinate amount of emails too. A bit of both but I prefer letters to emails, books to internet.

    Great post! I'm going to get in on Deborah's postcard fun!

    Have a great weekend!


  11. I'm a Mac girl through and through, also. And feel the same way about books and the iPad. I treasure handwritten letters and still send notecards (preferably handmade) with notes when I can. But e-mail has increased the level of communication in my family many times over and I will take more electronic communication if it means more communication in general.

  12. Mary, I am a Mac gal saving her pennies for the November IPad upgrade, but I love the heft of a book in my hand, too. My grandmother and I wrote each other letters almost all of my childhood and young adult life. There is something about seeing the handwriting of a loved one on the front of an envelope that strikes a chord in your heart. That is what I miss most about letter writing, although I miss my grandmother much, much more.
    with warm hugs...

  13. Love those pumpkins...and I try to write a letter every once in a while....

  14. I so enjoyed your last couple of posts. Beautiful photos on this one and the discussion about letter writing is, also for me, a mute question. I never had anyone far enough away to write letters to. Now I did love to write and have stacks of essays from HS and college tucked away. I agree about the Kindle, I would surely miss the smell and the feel of the page of a book. One thing about it, it would not gather dust like all my shelves of books do. LOL
    Great post Mary.

  15. Mary these are wonderful images.. I Love them all. I added a new comment to you last blog.
    I must of been very tired from cooking for the harvest crew and should be outside working but would ratter be here.
    So my dear very nice images and you can read my new comment at the bottom of your last blog.
    Your one of my fav stops Mary.
    Have a wonderful day.

  16. Fabulous photographs, wonderful post.
    I love books, would love an ipad, I go have a play eveytime we visit PC World. My husband bought me a Kindle to take on our forthcoming holiday to New England, it is dinky and so light. I have Little Women on it as we are going to visit Louisa M Alcott's home...Can't wait:)
    Also have Black Beauty and Pride and Predudice and Winnie the Pooh, all childhood favourites to enjoy.

  17. I love love your pumpkins! I haven't decorated yet but you've inspired me. I love the feel of a book and I love passing them on to friends. Oh BTW I'm having a CSN give away, so stop on by if you have a moment!

  18. The pumpkins are adorable! Love the color! Carla

  19. I do like the white pumpkins. They would match any decor. My son has an iPad and loves it for travelling.

  20. They are adorable and the pictures are wonderful. My sister got a Kindle this week for her birthday. She is bringing Sunday for me to play with. I'm interested to see how I like it.

  21. I am so borrowing your idea of these white gourds. I can imagine them with fall colored flowers. I am typing to you on my iPad, read my free books off of it at night in bed with my hubby - lights are off and i don't fall asleep on the couch. I suggest buying the 3G option. I can connect anywhere to the Internet but turn it off and use wifi when at home. I bought a purse to accommodate it. Thought I was done with big purses after I got rid of diapers. ...I have a new baby now, I guess.

  22. Love the white on white decor.

    My daughter and her husband have a kindle because they travel abroad so much, love to read, but can only take so much with them. So it works for them. But they have tons of REAL books also. Guess the kindle has its place.

  23. I bought those same little white pumpkins just so I could photograph their adorable stems...I haven't done it yet and I can only hope to get some photos that are half-way as goood as these. Love these phtos!....You remain my inspiration!

  24. We have the iPad in our home as we are also Mac people through and through. I don't like blogging on it, but Hubby uses it all the time for work as well as at home. I don't think he's downloaded any books though as he is a 'REAL' book kind of guy.


  25. hopped over from another blog - great series of photos -I love especially the first one!
    I keep with my books, and I'm waiting for the ipad a little longer, so they've worked out the bugs:)


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