Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Copper and Bone

We had a light frost last night, and I woke up this morning to see the grass under the sugar maple littered with fallen leaves. The pin oaks hold onto their leaves a little longer, to shine like burnished copper in the autumn sun.

All this has sent me rummaging in the closets to bring out the pieces of copper and bone that I've collected over the years at thrift stores and rummage sales and antiques shops. And who can resist a few pieces of brown transferware this season? I know I can't! ;)

I've added other things that I hoard, like the creamy white beeswax candles that I just can't bring myself to part with. I love candles that are already burned down a little -- they have so much more character than brand new tapers, don't you think?

And I love all gravy and sauce boats. They have such a beautiful shape.

So tell me, what inspiration are drawing from autumn this year?


  1. I'm enjoying the permission to slow down that this season always brings. Yes, Yule is just around the corner with all the accompanying madness, but we as a family keep it very simple, so while everyone else is running around, we'll be holed up in the little house that could enjoying lots of candlelight and snuggling and good books and warm puppies. :)

  2. I just packed away the Halloween and fall decorations and look forward to decorating for Christmas! Lovely photos today! You are so creative!

  3. Hi Mary!! I'm enjoying a bit of cooler weather and I should get going but I can't get off the puter! :) I love your gorgeous vignette!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Love your photos and find them inspiring. Things that are "speaking" to me this Fall are old silver, pinecones, transferware and red pears. Is that an odd assortment? Don't know what I'll do with them yet. LOL Thanks for so many inspiring posts.

  5. Yes, I enjoy warm browns most especially in November.

  6. These pictures are gorgeous! I wish I had some lovely old bone flatware like that, I love it!

  7. I love the mix of brown transferware and bone handled utensils any time of the year!!! However they are especially beautiful this time of year mixed with all the colors of fall. Gorgeous inspiration!

  8. The deep rich colors in your photos look exceptionally good this time of year. It seems time almost pauses as we adjust to the colder weather and shorter days. I love this time of year and look forward to evenings snuggled up with my dogs and a good book!


  9. I am swooning at this post, Mary. The leaves, the collectibles, and my stars I do love the silverware.

  10. Oh Mary . This post is a delight . I love all you have displayed with such beauty . The added touch of the leaves does it so well. Mary you inspire me also.
    This should be House Beautiful..
    Hugs and Have a wonderful rest of the day.

  11. Hey Mary, thanks for stopping by! Believe me, if I can sew, you can too. I'm gonna show how I put it together. Not the correct way, I'm sure, but it worked. Your photos are as beautiful as ever!

  12. Beautiful and inspiring post, glad I had time to visit today.

  13. Wonderful photos Mary, I have collected all my fallen leaves and mulched them to put on the garden. I love how you used them in the shots, great idea I may borrow.

  14. Your photos of course are to die for. But the subject matter of copper and bone just makes my heart go pitter patter!

  15. You really have a talent for photography, Mary.
    I too love candles that have been burned a bugs me to see white wicks!


  16. Hi Mary, I just love your photography such dept and texture to each picture. You have an amazing talent of putting things together. When I try, it just looks a mess. I think you should write a book on how to create your wonderful style. It’s sure to be a best seller!

  17. Gorgeous Mary. I'm with you! I love the shape of the creamers and gravy boats. And LOVE your flatware. I have a thing about old flatware. It seems like it has a story.
    And all of your images certainly do too! Exquisite!
    xo YVonne

  18. I have a lot of fall colors in my regular home decor with rich terra cotta color paint in several rooms, dark leathers & earthy upholstery pieces. Those things make my transition into fall quite easy. It doesn't, of course, mean that I don't still go over-board with pumpkins & leaves & all that good stuff! Your utensils are gorgeous.

  19. I am not much on fall colors but I sure look forward to Christmas and decorating for the season.
    I love your bone..and the gravy boat is a favorite, too.
    I've always heard it is bad luck to have a candle in your home that hasn't been I always light my new ones until they look....used.
    hugs, bj


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