Saturday, May 21, 2011

After the Deluge

After a week of non-stop rain, where we must have gotten a month's worth of water (at least), after swollen streams and lawns too wet to traverse, and a cellar full of puddles, it is finally, thankfully... sunny!

My heart goes out to all those along the Mississippi River, who are experiencing far worse. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


I'm really looking forward to Mosaic Monday this week. I will have a special and exciting (at least to me, anyway) announcement! I hope to see you when the linky machine goes up on Sunday night -- 8:30pm, Eastern time, USA.


  1. Yes, after the week the Eastern half of the country has had, it really does put what those along the Mississippi are going through in perspective. When tempted to groan and moan, I'm reminded that I'm not 25 feet under water. Glad to know that you're enjoying sunshine. It's not arrived here yet. Ohhh, big news. I'll be here.

  2. That's what it was, allright. And yes, blessings to the Mississippi River area, xi

  3. Sunshine is that much more glorious after the rain. Glad to hear it didn't flood for you. Manitoba, Canada saw a lot of flooding recently, but Mississippi's floods are almost incomparable. My heart goes out to those who were flooded. Many prayers have been uttered in our household on their behalf.

  4. What an incredible picture! I love it. Happy it is sunny for you. Kit

  5. I am glad that the rain has finally stopped for you. My heart goes out to all those people along the Mississippi as well. Is that a magnolia bud getting ready to bloom? Stunning photo!!! It looks like the foliage of a magnolia.

  6. Actually, it's a rhododendron bud... the color clashes terribly with our red house, but I hate to take out a shrub that is so willing to thrive on neglect... :)

  7. Our country is suffering from so many natural disasters now, and I to those in the path of the Mississippi my thoughts and prayers as well. I think your photo of a new bud represents hope for tomorrow! Thanks for sharing. Look forward to your announcement......

    The French Hutch

  8. Hi Mary, We have also had a few days of sun, but today it is raining again. Fabulous picture!! Enjoy the sunshine and see you for MM.

  9. Hi Mary....I know this rain in the NE is getting to me....we went out West to visit the kids tought I'd bring some good weather back with me :(...but like you no complaints here, not with what those poor people in MS are enduring....

    I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day...

    All the best,
    Kathy :)

  10. We had about an hour of sun, last evening, too. Yipee! I can't wait to hear what your announcement is - oh, boy, oh, boy!=D (I'm silly, sorry! but, I am quite curious.)

    It's interesting that my rhod. was budded just like that, yesterday, but, by the evening, it had opened up. I just would think that yours would be so far ahead of mine. Hm! That's really cute that it clashes but you let it do its thing, anyway.

    Be back later, I'm sure.


  11. I certainly missed some beautiful photographs here on your blog during my recent absence, great to be back catching up at last. I am intrigued, will not be participating in MM tomorrow but will look out!

  12. Hello Mary

    We have strong winds and rain last night here in the north. For us, the rain is something of a blessing after weeks of dry weather. Now, however, it would be nice with some warmer days. Hope you get some too.


  13. Gorgeous. Love ths softness of this.


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