Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mosaic Monday: Something Pretty

First of all, thank you so much for all your sweet comments earlier in the week. Things are getting back to normal around here slowly but surely. It's so strange to be even partially without power. All the little things you take for granted -- like light switches and washing machines and cable modems -- are all suddenly useless. I don't think I have ever really appreciated how very difficult life must have been before the advent of electricity. ;)

I wanted my mosaic this week to be cheerful and pretty, so here is a group of flowers from my flickr set My Flower Faves. I have been getting the urge to shoot flowers lately, so I think I may have to see what my supermarket has in stock tomorrow. Yes, I know that I am perverse about enjoying the seasons while they last. I just feel as though I've had an overload of leaves and pumpkins. I need a little something girly. You understand, right?

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  1. Gorgeous mosaic and beautiful flowers!

  2. You found some very pretty flowers for your mosaic! I made mine with mums this week! I'm glad things are going better this weekend! Take care, my friend! ♥

  3. I fully understand, Mary! I usually love autumn, but this year I have been lucky to enjoy summer temps and beauty a little bit longer through some trips.

    Glad you got your back! That was one surprise storm!

  4. Oh that's a lovely mosaic Mary! Such soothing colors. Thanks for hosting! Bess

  5. Mary this is absolutely beautiful and should be an inspiration to so many readers. Glad that things are back to normal at your Little Red House!

  6. Hi Mary! Glad to see you online...
    Beautiful flower mosaic!

  7. Such a burst of colour after your town's white-out of last week.....a real treat.

  8. Mary, this mosaic is breathtaking!!

  9. Your mosaic is full of lovely cheerfulness and prettiness! You'll have to skip by mine... it is more leaves :)

    Thank you hosting this wonderful Mosaic Monday!

  10. Glad to see you back. Your mosaic is pretty and feminine, a lovely change from leaves and pumpkins.

  11. I love your look back a summer's bounty. It was amazing how hard hit some areas were by last week's storm. Glad you have power again!

  12. A flower of every colour for any occasion, they're pretty Mary.

  13. Sure brightened up my visit with your mosaic. All the seasons have some beauty but there is no denying the flowers are the crown jewel. The snow is indeed beautiful falling but brings such hardship some time and such a mess getting around. blessings Mary

  14. Beautiful and very cheerful mosaic Mary...hoping that was the only storm we see this winter :)

  15. This is a beautiful mosaic - so bright and cheerful after your terrible week. I'm glad you are all back to 'normal' now. Blessings, Pamela

  16. I can see why they are in your flower favorites. Gorgeous! Happy to hear things are returning to *normal*.

  17. A beautiful collection of flowers. am so glad to have you back hosting Mosaic Monday - now just to get your link up.....
    have a wonderful week

  18. Perfect. I am in need of beautiful flowers too. I brought home a fresh flower bundle to enjoy this weekend. Beautiful colors, similar to your mosaic.
    Beautiful, thanks for hosting MM.

    The French Hutch

  19. Mary, I definitely understand about overload of pumpkins -- and especially love your mosaic this week!

    Stop by if you get a chance and check out The Sally List!

  20. just what I needed, a bouquet of flowers, Thanks!

  21. Such a cheery mosaic ... enough to lighten the heaviest of spirits.

    I can relate to the no electricity saga. Here in Southeast Texas, we live close enough to the Gulf to endure hurricanes, which usually means we are without power for some time. The last one I recall as a "bad" one was Hurricane Ike a couple years ago. We were without electricity for 12 days in a row. Not fun, but at least we weren't cold.

  22. What a lovely post Mary! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a wonderful week,

  23. You succeeded well in your goal to make a cheerful mosaic, Mary, and I'd want to do the same after a period without power (they happen now and then during typhoon season in Manila, too).

  24. Your mosaic made me smile. I have no flowers in my garden at the moment so to see such a pretty mosaic is bliss. Hope you find some pretty flowers to photograph. I am going to do the same.

  25. I found your incredible wunderful blog
    what a Beautie all your Pictures. i sertenley come back


  26. Mary,

    Each photograph is beautiful in your lovely mosaic for today. It's so cheery to see all the lovely flowers peeking through your mosaic.

  27. Hi Mary,
    I love all the beautiful photos in your mosaic!

    Thank you for hosting,


  28. Such a lovely mosioday full of happy brightness and cheer! Thanks


  29. Ah, Mary, I love all of the beautiful flowers! What cheer they do bring....The shots are so lovely that you can almost smell each one of them. Your winter has already starting off rough, so we understand that you need some color and cheer. I do understand the "girly" thing!!
    Here's to brighter days!!

  30. Mary, what beautiful flowers!! I love the pretty cool ,soft colors. Delightfully cheery.

    Actually, I've gone to my local grocery floral dept. on several occasions, too, and took photos. I've gotten some lovely pictures.
    And last evening I treated myself to a pink rose bouquet. They were on sale, and I can't wait to put them in my newly acquired thrift find, lead crystal vase. I'll be sure to take photos.

    Enjoy your Monday,

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  32. Good morning Mary, Lovely flowers! I have gotten off to a rough start so far. I typed my blog address wrong and so therefore my name is there twice. I am curious and wondering if there is actually a way to go back once it's been done. So the sunny smiles is me but from an old blog...We had a wild evening last night with a lot of thunder. The cats didn't know what to think. Quite unusual for sunny California. Have a wonderful day!

  33. glad i found this blog, and it's my first to join...beautiful set of flowers on your mosaic. have a wonderful day.

  34. You can't know how much your lovely nature and flower photography has inspired me and improved my own. Your photos are so lovely and show someone who truly loves the subject of each photo.

  35. I definitely do understand. And, the mosaic speaks of beauty. Love it.

    I'm glad you are up and running again.

  36. Hi Mary,
    So glad that your power is restored. That would be difficult. Missed being able to link up last week. Love, your flower mosiac. Definately cheery!

  37. I have some acquaintances in CT who STILL don't have power! I can't even imagine going through that!

    Wonderful, wonderful mosaic....

  38. Bee-yoo-tee-ful!
    LOVE the flower collage -- and I'm so sorry you lost power. Yes, you don't really appeciate electricity until you don't have it.

    We were crazy lucky -- our small neighborhood was an island of light in the blacked out darkness. Just around the corner from us in all directions -- including Route 46 -- was in the dark.

    Our lights briefly flickered once, then again -- and then stayed on. Just like in Irene. I feel I have to knock wood when I say that.

    Perhaps the only upside of being power-less is that you don't have to vacuum.

    Enjoy this SPECTACULAR day!

  39. That is SO funny that you've had your fill of pumpkins and leaves.... I think, even though I see fog on the pond in the morning, I'm quite done attempting to wring every last second of outside shooting out of the season, too. today, i looked out the window - saw the fog - saw the soft light on the last couple of leaves left on any tree for miles around and said, "Yup! There it is! That's nice!" and continued on drinking my coffee. I want to stay warm, now, please! ;) Well, until the first snow flies (flies *again*, I mean....giggle!)

    Mary, do you remember those tremendous ice storms that we had a few Decembers back? My MIL and husband were out of power for two whole weeks BUT we were out of power for four days - right at the winter solstice. It was so dark! and, I had the same thought as you, as we had our candles lit on the mantelpiece and had to haul water from the pond to flush our toilets (we were new in the house and didn't have a generator, yet!) We were homebound and had to find a way to keep warm and entertain ourselves in the long dark winter evenings. What must it have been like? and, once upon a time, not too long ago, really, in the very room that we were in - that's what it was like - if the walls could speak!


    oh, and your mosaic... it's so refreshing! I came before when it was new and just soaked it in but I don't think I ever left a comment.


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