Friday, March 30, 2012


Still in the grip of writer's block here.

I am so BORING.

So, in lieu of any intelligent prose you might expect, here is a bright bit of color that caught my eye in the kitchen. ;)

Happy weekend, dear bloggers!


  1. Mary, don't be so hard on yourself. Your photos speak volumes!!!! THANK YOU for sharing!!!

    Smiles, Anke :)

  2. Sometimes words aren't needed! A picture can say it all....and they have!

  3. Aside from coordinating with the drapery fabric, the clementines look delicious!

  4. I hate it when I get writer's block. My creativity seems to ebb and flow in that department. In your case, however, the pictures speak for themselves and always keep me coming back for more.

  5. Ahhh, yes, I was here when the wires went down. ☺ I was saying how cheerful orange is, but I think that anything that you photograph is cheerful and wonderful, unless it's romantic and dreamy. Okay, my premise is shot. You have a great weekend, too, Mary!

  6. I love clementines and they look so nice with your wallpaper and drapes.

  7. Mary, you are not boring at all!! Your pictures are simply amazing!! Even though you didn't have much to say, your pictures speak a thousand words. But I do hope the block is gone soon. Writers need to express....

  8. You are so not boring, just beacause there are no words, for your images speak of so much. I love the colour of those sweet little Clementines and they look lovely where you have them placed. I have been enjoying those little California Mandarin Oranges called Little Cuties...oh my those are so good! Have a lovely and safe weekend Mary.

  9. Beautiful, beautiful footed bowl. Words not necessary on this post!

  10. I would say color! Just a perfect post I'd say, going into the weekend! Many times photos are just great on their own! And yours are always so good. Have a nice weekend.

  11. I hate writers block, but the beautiful photos do not require much in the way of words. They are stunning on their own. Have a wonderful weekend Mary.

  12. One of your photos is worth a thousand words:) I have writer's block AND photo block:(

  13. I have photos waiting in a post that I cannot write because the words just aren't there. So I completely understand. Seeing this, I realize that I really don't need the words. Your images speak volumes, Mary ~

  14. Sometimes photos are all we need, Mary. Those clementines wouldn't last long in our house. They go like candy! A good punch of color for the kitchen.

  15. sometimes we don't need words - when pictures tell the story Mary. Beautiful images of new spring days.

  16. OK, how did I miss this post?
    You just made me laugh out loud.
    Writer's block?
    I rarely have writer's block, because I usually have too MANY words, but I always have IDEA BLOCK.
    My boring can beat up your boring any day.
    Cause there's so much MORE of it!
    Imagination block, I guess .... ugh!
    Lovely clementines, by the way ... aren't they photogenic little fellows?
    Who needs words?


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