Friday, April 13, 2012

Albert Hadley and Red Ranunculus

I've spent my week in thrall to a flower. Truly.

I've seen so many beautiful photos of ranunculus, and have always wanted to shoot some. Until this past week, I was never able to find any in the places I normally shop for flowers. I suppose I could have asked a florist to order some for me, but that seemed like too much trouble.

Finally, I stumbled across some at a nearby supermarket. First I bought some white ones. You can see those pictures here, and here.

Then I went back and got some red ones. :)

I love all the pale interiors that are popular right now, with grey walls and seagrass rugs and white linen slipcovers. Alas, my home is not one of them.

So I guess I have to play to my strengths, and embrace my inner red.

After all, just because it's not in all the design magazines right now doesn't mean that it's not beautiful.

I've been reading the biography of American designer Albert Hadley, who died recently. While I'm sure he would have shuddered at my pine panelling, he might just have approved of my red ranunculus. ;)

So I guess I'll keep dreaming of grey walls and white slips, and surround myself with red. :)


  1. Hi Mary...

    Ohhh my...your photos are absolutely gorgeous, my friend! I just had to leave you a note!

    I'm not sure whether or not that Albert Hadley would have approved of your pine walls...but I certainly DO! Your living room has been one of my "all time favorites" for a very long time now! I love the English Country ambiance...the colors...and all the fabrics that you have chosen to dress this room with! I think it's all so very lovely...and I would change a thing!

    And...I think the gorgeous red ranunculus are "perfectly" at home in your beautiful living room! Thank you soooo very much for sharing your lovely flowers and fabulous home with us today, Mary! This was such a treat!!!

    Warmest spring wishes,

  2. ooops..just lil' ol' me again.

    Sorry about the "type-o"...I meant to say, that I wouldn't change a thing!

    You know, I just adore all the lighter interiors that are so popular today. I can definitley identify with you, my home is filled with color, but I dream of the grey walls and white slip covered furniture as well. I have been contemplating an entire remodel, but after seeing your lovely home once again...I will have to rethink the change. I really do gravitate toward the warmth and ambiance that "color" offers!

    Have a wonderfully sweet weekend, my friend!

  3. I think your home photos are perfect! I have rarely followed trends, but always went with what spoke to my heart. The flowers are wonderful and I also have love Ranunculus since I first saw a photo of them years ago.
    Have a lovely weekend Mary!
    Tina xo

  4. Please do not fret that your walls are those other walls nor are mine. There's plenty of room in the world for all of us. I can not live without color and plenty of it. Your flowers are a delight. Thank you for sharing them.

  5. I've always loved your home just the way it is! And, the Ranunculus are just perfect. Sally

  6. Hi Mary, Your colors are beautiful and so are your interiors. Greige is a wonderful color....for a little while. Just wait there will be a complete turnaround soon. I already see a few colors creeping in to the spectrum. Do you remember turquoise? It was everywhere. So thankful that that is over with.
    Your Runuculous photographs are stunning.
    Note: After the stems wilt you can cut off the flower heads and let them dry in a pretty bowl. They will look almost as good as new and stay that way for a very long time.

  7. Wonderful colors and a great feeling of intensitiy.
    Kind regards, Synnöve

  8. Hi Mary! Your home is what brings me to your blog. It is so warm and inviting. We have a lot in common when it comes to decorating. My mother had paneling just like yours and I love it. Your flowers are beautiful.

  9. I think your living room looks rich and warm, it's lovely! And the red Runuculous look fabulous against that dark background.

  10. Great job of photographing a beautiful flower. I did not see any Ranunculus out this year either. i will look in a week or so, as it may have been to early for them when I looked.
    Dosen't matter if Albert approves or not - your home is so pretty and I like it also. :-D My motto - if you like it decorate with it as it is your home and you are the one living there.
    Enjoy your evening.

  11. The rich depth of colour in that first photo is amazing! And perfectly suits your home. If you love it, it doesn't matter if it's not "in style" - just wait a few years.

  12. What a spectacular colour of red. Just gorgeous. V

  13. I don't think you have anything to worry about when it comes to color preferences...your home and these flowers are beyond beautiful:)

  14. Your home is lovely and looks so homey and comfortable. I love this style and have a lot of red in my own home too. I march to my own drumbeat. The white rooms are beautiful, but not very practical for living in. I always encourage people to decorate in colors and styles they love, regardless of what everyone else is doing. Oh, and I really enjoy your blog. :)

  15. HI Mary , I can tell you are in love with that flower!! Your photos speak volumes ;)))) And 'red' is a tricky color to take photos of....smiles, Anke :)

  16. Oh, my goodness, Mary, how I can relate to all of this! I start out planning to do what the magazine tells me to do but it always ends up being colorful. ;) Now, I'm finally thinking that I'll just love what I have - be me - and adore those calm, cool, au naturel rooms in the magazines. =} (I sound like an inspirational speaker....snort! =D)

    Also, ranunculus....I've been on a search for them, too, for a couple of years, now. I considered asking the florist to order them but, on second thought, didn't. I just bought one potted and blooming from Home Depot. I got a few pics - I was just starting.... Unfortunately, apparently, chickens, also, love ranunculae and it got pecked to death!!! =( =( =( but, I've bought some tubers to grow, too. Fingers crossed. After Maria's and Karin A's and, now, your beautiful specimens, I'm in love, too! =]

    (and, don't forget how brilliantly Martha Stewart using them in bridal bouquets...sigh. =])

    Hoping that you're all well! =]

    Katy xxo

  17. That last up close image of them in the absolutely gorgeous! They're like velvet! =]

  18. They are such gorgeous flowers, almost somewhere between a rose and a peony.

  19. Mary, ranunculus!!!...and the white ranunculus, as well! Elegantly, exquisitely photographed!I have faux white ranunculus in my bath!
    Mary, my home is full of color! Always has been...always will be. Warm, comfortable colors that give me such joy! Morning through noon to evening as the sun shifts the hues change, as well...and living on the Prairie where many days are grey or brown...I embrace the warm color palette!
    As a young girl my MoMa let me choose the colors of my and green! Remember way back then they worried about those of us who mixed pink and green together!!!Our Master Bedroom still host those same hues...just not as vividly! My Art Studio has the same color palette with a Garden Theme!
    Your home is lovely...thank you for sharing glimpses of your life with us!

  20. Hi Mary,
    I couldn't agree more with what everyone has already said.... your home is beautiful, the colours are warm, inviting, restful! I too love the lighter colors in some homes, it is clean, it brings a sense of brightness and yet like Karina said it isn't practical, at least for some things. I could never imagine myself with white couches, it just wouldn't work! What I do love about lighter colors like "white" is that they complement the darker warmer colors and make a room flow. You have achieved this, I believe.

    Your photos are amazingly stunning...


  21. Evening Mary, I love your "Little Red House" it always looks so cosy and welcoming!!

    The colour in your ranunculus is incredible. I could imagine they would look beautiful at a wedding, but they look exquisite in your milk glass vase in your beautiful red house. Hope you have had a great weekend, I will see you tomorrow on Mosaic Monday and you will see what a beautiful place we visited today.
    jackie in Surrey, UK.x

  22. I can see why you are enthralled with them! They are prettier than roses. I love your red rooms and your pine walls! The books and the warm decorations are classic!

  23. Mouth hanging agape here. Lordy, girl.

  24. Splendid, Mary. While our senses appreciate and recognize the pleasures in many things, our heart knows where we live. And, we all know your heart is one with your Little Red House.♥


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