Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mosaic Monday: Happy Summer

My husband and I had a wonderful little jaunt to northwestern Connecticut this weekend.  We visited some beautiful open gardens, which I will start to share with you next week.  In the meantime, I have a little celebration of summer for you today.  I know that I missed the official first day of summer, but I picked this little bouquet last week, and couldn't resist taking a few pictures.  When I was little, I loved picking wildflowers for my mother, and even all these years later, wildflowers still say "summer" to me.   Happy summer, dear bloggers!

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  1. Oh wow..these are beautiful photos of the white flowers, Mary!

  2. Thank you for the sweet summer bouquet! Happy Summer to you :)

  3. Wishing you a very happy summer as well! Beautiful bouquet!

  4. Mary, I'm wishing you a happy summer as well. Thank you for hosting Mosaic Monday.

  5. Your photos are so dreamy Mary! Love them. A very happy summer to you!

  6. Lovely flowers, Mary! Happy Summer to you too! Have a wonderful week!

  7. Happy Summer, Mary. Your bouquet of wildflowers is beautiful!

  8. ooo! you have a new linky thing up and running with pics - what fun!
    Love this beautiful summer bouquet. What are those gorgeous little white ones?
    Happy summer and thank you again for hosting Mosaic Monday. It is so wonderful to make connections. Have a wonderful week.

    1. Thanks, Jill! The bract of tiny white flowers is a wild yarrow, I think... the small white daisy-like flowers are wild asters, and there are regular daisies as well. :)

  9. Happy summer, Mary. It'll be a different one, but it will be good to enjoy the sun, sky, and flowers. All very healing. So glad that you got am I remembering an amazing CT garden that you visited before? Hmmm...must go archive wandering.

  10. I love wildflowers, too! We have a lot in Western the mountains. I always loved to pick a bouquet!

  11. Thanks bunches for hosting again this week. Again - You are appreciated.
    I also enjoy the beauty of wild flowers and you did a great job of photographing them..
    Have a great week.

  12. Happy Summer to you too Mary. Your little pitcher of wildflowers is just so sweet. Thanks for the summer wish and for hosting.

  13. Wildflowers make me think of summer, too. So carefree. As I was picking wild daisies by the road this weekend, I was pretty sure they were actually weeds, but that didn't matter. They were so pretty and wild and summery. Happy summer!

  14. Oh, the flowers are so pretty. Love the pitcher that you have them in.

  15. Happy Summer to you too Mary! What lovely flowers to celebrate the season...wildflowers will always be my favorite:)

  16. Breath taking photos Mary. Your flowers are just beautiful. Thank you for hosting.

  17. Very pretty! Thank you for hosting!

  18. Happy Summer to you too Mary. Thanks for helping making it even more special.

  19. Wishing you a wonderful summer!!! Your pictures certainly make a happy beginning! Cathy

  20. Happy Summer, Mary. Your wildflower bouquet is so sweet.

  21. Happy Summer! What a wonderful bouquet!

  22. I love your little arrangement of spires. It takes me back to my childhood home where we had a shrub on either side of our front door. One was a red spiraea and one was white spirea. I thought they looked like miniature bridal bouquets and had my dolls carry them. Valerie

  23. Hello Mary!
    Yes, I have also memories of picking wild flowers from the meadow in the my childhoods neigborhood.
    Fact is that my mosaic this monday also shows wildflowers from the swedish landscape: poppies, cornflowers and other ones.
    Have a nice monday and a nice week!
    Best wishes,

  24. Hello, dear Mary! =]

    It is finally cool and 'rainy' here but, in truth, it's barely sprinkling on the desperately dry ground. I've been gardening up a storm for two months, now, and having to let other things 'go' a bit so that I can focus. I'm digging three new borders and started two raised kitchen beds, down by the barn. It's all very humble (well, not the row of delphiniums that are spectacular at the moment - they're not exactly humble flowers! =]) The point is.... I have so many ideas for images banging around in my head.... but I'm letting them go to get these gardens going and you are making me want to abandon the spade and grab my camera, again!!! What a conundrum!

    Mary, I've been dying to write to you - to talk to you for a couple of months, now. Sweet thoughts and I wonder what you think.... and I've been, also, wanting to say thank you for your comments on my photo journal about my two years with my camera. I cannot tell you what a special joy and encouragement they were! I may be sort of silent, sometimes, but you should know that i hold you in my heart. You're a soul that I resonate with and I don't take that for granted!

    So, glad for a rainy morning that allowed me to slow down and take the time to tell you that! =]


    Me xxo

  25. Your bouquet really does say summer! Very lovely.

  26. Mary, hello. Such a sweet bouquet. Each flower adds significant beauty to the whole. Your photos are stunning.

    Thank you for hosting today.


  27. Hi Mary; I did a frame and a watermark but not a collage this post (although I have in earlier posts). I hope its ok this time and I will read ALL the rules next time BEFORE I add my post. Sorry. Thanks for hosting. I've added your blog to my blog list. I am an organic gardener.

  28. Hi Mary and oh so pretty, your flower mosaics. I love the softness of them, peaceful and sweet. My husby clipped an article from our local newspaper Sunday. I thought of you, for it was about the Monet garden in NY...very nicely written~

  29. Hello Mary, thanks for hosting this link up. Your photos are lovely and you have a nice blog. Enjoy the last days of June,

  30. I've been enjoying your FB instagram posts!....smiles

  31. Beautiful bouquet. Very European and elegant...yet so simple. I love it. I'd love to join your party, but I am realizing just how much I don't know. Such a rookie. I have no idea how to make I'll take it as a challenge that I must learn!

  32. ah such a beautiful bouquet! I am joining your party today / thank you for hosting! :)


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