Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mosaic Monday: Happy September

How is your September going so far?  We had a crazy first day of September, beginning with my daughter calling to say those words that parents dread:  "Don't worry, but I'm in the hospital."  We made the hour's drive to an inner-city hospital close to her school, to find her in extreme intestinal distress.  All told, she spent 14 hours in the emergency room, before coming home with a diagnosis of gastroenteritis.  During that time, she was checked for appendicitis and gall stones.  We witnessed three fights between patients and security, police and fire personnel, and saw more than our share of blood and worse...  It was crazy.

But...  we are home and she is on the mend.  And so, I thought some calm and peaceful images were called for.  This is the Frelinghuysen Arboretum, about a 20-minute drive from our house.  I recently shot a family photo session there, and took the time to record some images of the garden itself as well.

There are several different gardens here, including a beautiful formal garden near the mansion, and a wonderful small potager.  I'm not sure how much yield you would get from the corn growing up the bamboo lattice, but it sure looks pretty!  :)

Just a note for you Photshoppers out there -- the vintage feel to these photos was achieved with the use of a free PS action from Yellow Sky Actions.  You can find them on Facebook here.

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  1. Your photos tonight are beautifully serene. What a week you've had. Glad your daughter is doing better.

  2. Mary, what a contrast between the peaceful photos and the frantic tale!

  3. I sure hope your daughter feels better soon. I know how scary those phone calls can be...I have 4 sons and I have had a few of them! Sending you some hugs tonight!

  4. Oh, Mary, what a week! I'm so glad you're daughter is improving. Your photos are lovely and serene, so full of green richness.

  5. Happy September to you, too!! As always your photos are a joy to behold! Cathy

  6. Mary, I'm thankful your daughter is going to be okay. May she experience some of the peacefulness in your gorgeous photos as she heals!

  7. Mary, Iam sorry to hear about your daughter. I hope she recovers quickly. Your photos and the gardens are lovely. Thanks for hosting. Happy Labor Day!

  8. Such beautiful photo's. Wishing your daughter well!

  9. These photos are amazing works of art, Mary! It is good to hear your daughter is on the mend. Happy September.

  10. Whoa! Glad your daughter is on the mend. I'm not fond of those phone calls for sure. Too bad the hospital wasn't more peaceful!!
    Love house and garden shots!

  11. So happy that your daughter is on the mend Mary. Sounds like a pretty scary experience. The pictures are very peaceful and gorgeous! Thanks for hosting.

  12. I'm sorry you had such an unpleasant wait at the hospital, but I'm glad to hear your daughter's on the mend. That must have been very painful for her. Your photos are lovely, as always; thank you for hosting Mosaic Monday.

    Denise at Forest Manor

  13. Mary I am so sorry that your daughter had that happen. It is so painful. It was also difficult to witness all that goes on in an emergency ward. I hope that she is comfortable now and will recover soon.

    Your photographs are so beautiful, you live near so much beauty. Thank you for the link, I always love learning new techniques. I love this song, Mary.


  14. So happy to hear your daughter is home and recovering. That was some scary ER trip! What lovely gardens you are sharing. Beautiful photographs.
    Thanks for hosting.

    The French Hutch

  15. I'm very happy that your daughter is home and doing better. It is a shame that the time in the ER was so hectic. Your photos are so lovely. That is a beautiful garden. I love the potager.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  16. always a delight to see beautiful gardens. thankyou for taking me there. I hope your daughter is feeling better. What a shock you must have got when she rang. I hope all is well now.

  17. Amazing photos. I like the way through your garden. So lovely !

  18. I agree with the need for some serenity in our lives. I have taken a caregiver job and love my down time and peace and quiet. So glad your daughter is recovering from her experience. Beautiful post as usual.

  19. Hope your girl is feeling better--I know how it is--my daughter went to college in Philly and there wasn't a moment I was awake that I wasn't afraid for her. She's in Brooklyn now...

  20. Glad to hear your daughter is better. No - don't like hearing we are at the hospital or on the way.
    Don't have anything to contribute this week, but want to say thanks for hosting . Have a great week.

  21. I'm glad your daughter is OK, or at least getting there -- those kind of phone calls are so terrifying. Thank you for sharing the beautiful end-of-summer flowers -- they are beautiful and your photo work is outstanding.

  22. I couldn't sleep last night and spent some very inspirational time on Pinterest looking at gardens. And, I was wishing that I had enough space to create a garden that could accommodate huge swaths of plants.... of course, I DO have the space, just not the time to keep up with it. I'm having another one of those moments, now.

    I love the lush, deep greens of your garden images, Mary. They really are always restful! Also, greens (in all sorts of curious shades and tints) are such a part of September in my way of thinking. I'm not sure why.... Hmmm! Maybe, it's because I'm more aware that it's about the last we'll see of it till next spring?? =/

    Thanks for your email!!!! =] I haven't answered because I've been in a brainless kind of automatic mode, this week, because it was the first week of school and we're, all of us, zombies! Ack!

    Lastly, once I had to go to the ER because of gastroenteritis! It was BAD! So, my deep sympathies go out to your daughter. I know that can leave not only the patient, but the family, washed out 'green' in a not so nice way. Hope it all blows away really quickly!!

    Talk to you soon! =]


  23. Glad she is ok- been there, done that and I know it is very painful. Your photos today are very serene and peaceful- would love to have a garden like this close to where I live.

  24. Thankfully your daughter is one the mend and how frightening that all had to be for her as well as each of you. Having spent too many times in ER rooms in my life, I understand what you shared about them...not a place one would choose to be. The gardens are lovely. Hmm, might be the only way to have any corn crop this year;') Have a happy week Mary~

  25. Kids in college always seem to get sick those first couple of weeks of school, as the saying goes, been there done that. Glad she is on the mend. Love the brick walkway in the garden, beautiful! Thanks for hosting, Laura

  26. Oh, Mary how my heart goes out to you when I read it was your daughter! When mine was in the hospital earlier this year, I was a wreck!!!! Glad to hear she is on the mend AND that these pictures are NOT OF YOUR YARD!!!!! I would have been SOOOOOOO jealous!...:)JP

  27. There is no greater pain I think when our children are in pain as well.
    So sorry to read this Mary and hope she is doing well now.
    Prayers going your way.
    Breath Taking images. Now I have to look at the actions. Thank you.


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