Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mosaic Monday: Ham House

Oh gosh, once again I'm late posting here!  It's been so stinking hot here in New Jersey, I've not had any desire to do anything except sit in the air conditioning and lose myself in a book.  Right now, we are huddled in the small family room, noodling around on the internet and watching a broadcast version of one of my favorite movies -- Moonstruck.

Here are a few photos from my trip to England in May.  This is Ham House, a beautiful example of seventeenth-century architecture, located along the Thames River in Richmond.  I have more photos to come, but here is a little sneak peek.

Stay cool, my friends.  Sorry to say, but I'm starting to look forward to fall.  ;)

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  1. Dear Mary,
    what a wonderful house! It is like a fairy tale! I am very impressed by the librarie and the fascinating marquetry!
    I wish you a good week, with less heat!
    Best greetings, Siret

  2. From one Mary to another, it's hot here in SO CA also - the problem here is we are not used to humidity and it has been very HOT with high humidity. So I am like you hanging out in the house.

    I love Ham House, how beautiful! The hardwood floors are STUNNING.
    Wishing you a break in the weather, I too am ready for fall.

  3. Ham House is intricate and detailed - thank you for taking the tour for us.

  4. Loved the tour! What a beautiful home you showed us. I think it's so cool that pictures are now allowed in places like this! I remember when that almost never happened. Thank you for hosting -- and stay cool!!

  5. Lovely tour of the Ham House. I really love the 5th photo down. Have a happy week ahead! Thanks for hosting and stay cool!

  6. Amazing lavish!

    We had humidity that made it like a steamy jungle, then torrential rains, then one cool morning, and now we are back to the heat. Today was hot but humidity free but that will change.

    I don't like the heat so I am on the same page as you :) I do not have whole house air either so as soon as I link up I am going to my galley kitchen which is very very hot, to make something to eat. At least I'll eat it in one of the rooms that has a window A/C though! :)

  7. Gorgeous estate. I just returned from a Garden Tour in England on July 11. It is very hot and humid here as well. Take care Mary.

  8. Wow...really ornate and ostentatious...a little too much for my simple tastes...I'd e afraid to live there!...:)JP

  9. Hi Mary. We have had some very hot days as well. Then a few cooler ones will sneak in. Your images are wonderful and the art work, the architecture over in England is just marvelous. I cannot wait to see all that you have to share. Please do not melt~

  10. I'm always drawn to the tapestries in elegant homes like this. And I could sit for hours looking at the books! Happy Monday!

  11. What a magnificent house! I love all the books.

  12. I love looking through old houses, imagining the lives of the people who lived there. What a pretty house - grand, but not too grand, with that lovely library!

  13. What an elegant house! I love the floors and the rich colour in the paintings and wall hangings.

  14. wow such opulence! I guess lovers of Downton Abbey get a little taste of what life was like those days. Thanks for the tour, have a great week, and thank you for again hosting Mosaic Monday - the best way to start the week!

  15. The Ham House is so the floors and library! Thx for hosting :)

  16. Oh my what a beauty.. The floors are fabulous.. Hugs and thank you for the party have a wonderful week, Cherry

  17. Don't you just love the houses in England, they are so amazing. Looks like they could be neighbors of Downton Abbey! Thanks for hosting have a great week, Laura

  18. Mary,
    Cooler than normal temperatures have arrived here on the Prairie!!!
    Perfect timing for a very hetic week before the Wedding of my friend's daughter.
    The decorations are nearly completed!!!
    Movie time is something we, too , enjoy during the heat of Summer!!!

  19. Just... absolutely beautiful, Mary!! I'd love to see more!! =)

    I just wish you peace and endurance through this heat!!!! xxoo

  20. Hot here too but I'm lovin' it!

    Great photos one more place to add to my next trip to England.

  21. Hi Mary,

    What a treat! Gorgeous photos, as always, of your exciting trip to England, a country rich in history and breathtaking landscapes.

    Thanks so much for hosting!


  22. Hi Mary, thanks for hosting each week. Very much appreciated.

  23. Hi Mary, I just found your blog via a link back to Mosaic Monday. Glad to have found a fellow(ette) 50-something blogger from NJ! Your photos are just beautiful.

  24. Hi Mary,
    We are having the same heatwave here...too hot for me and hoping for rain soon!

    Thank you for hosting,

  25. What a beautiful historical home. Love the wall tapestries. Thanks for hosting and lovely mosaics!

  26. That is an amazing house! The library is to die for.


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