Saturday, September 14, 2013

Houston, We Have a Problem...

Forgive the title, but we are watching The Right Stuff tonight. Our cable service has been going haywire for the past four days, so we've been playing old DVDs, and using our cell phones to surf the web. I have absolutely no confidence that Optimum will get their act together by tomorrow, so I'm afraid I will have to cancel Mosaic Monday this week. 

Verizon Fios, here we come. 

And because I can't publish a post without a photo, here is an iPhone pic from earlier in the week -- a misty morning at our park. :)

Hope to see you next week!  xoxo


  1. Beautiful and romantic photo. Miss you, see you in a week.

  2. Lovely photo, mary! Sorry you are having internet problems. Have a happy week!

  3. How frustrating. We pay for service and we expect it to be there when we need it. Sometime things are out of our control though.
    I know at our office when there is a power outage, which is no fault of ours, people get really angry at us because we can't access our computers. As if it is our fault that a car hit a pole or lightening hit a power transformer.
    I am sure the bloggers won't hold you personally accountable for the cancellation of Mosaic Monday.

  4. Well, at least you were able to post such a gorgeous photo! I would love to see that scene!

  5. That's a nice morning photo, great quality from a phone. I hope you get your internet sorted out, see you next week.

  6. That is too bad Mary, and I hope you get it all sorted out soon. Enjoy the break. :)

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  8. I'm sorry, too! Hopefully we'll see you next week! Sweet hugs!

  9. Hope you get it sorted / lovely misty morning photo! :)


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