Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mosaic Monday: Morven

Last month, my friend Toni and I visited Morven, a beautiful eighteenth-century home and former governor's mansion in Princeton, New Jersey.  It is currently a wonderful museum and art gallery.  Here are a few photos from our visit.  In the garden, they were having an exhibition of unusual trellises.  You can see one in the photo directly above.  What I loved best about the garden, though, was the beautiful brick wall.  I couldn't help thinking what a gorgeous backdrop it would make for portraits.  In fact, when we were leaving in the afternoon, a wedding magazine was setting up for a photoshoot in the front of the museum.  I couldn't help snapping a few quick shots.  Don't you love the table they placed in front of the door?  They also decorated the wisteria vine on the front porch (no longer blooming) with dried hydrangea.  How pretty!  I wish I knew what magazine it was -- I would love to see the finished product.  :)

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  1. Your photos are so pretty Mary. I love how you captured the old bricks. Thank you for hosting.

  2. Beautiful place! Thanks for sharing your visit there. If you called, they would probably tell you what magazine.
    Thanks for hosting again this week.

  3. Your photos are always so pretty...thanks for having us! Hugs, Penny

  4. Hi Mary,

    Yes, Morven and its exquisite architectural features and beautifully landscaped gardens is, indeed, an enchanting place for a wedding ceremony and/or magazine photo shoot. Such details all around; the brick work is a lovely spot for a backdrop or background for a pretty portrait. You had sunshine and warm weather, I see, which makes everything extra luminous.

    Thanks so much for these gorgeous photos and for hosting every week!


  5. The grounds at Morven are lovely and I'm glad you featured the garden wall. It would be nice to see how the wedding shoot turned out.

  6. What a treat to see the grounds and buildings at Morven. The garden wall is wonderful. Thanks for hosting Mary, you always share such interesting places and scenery.

  7. Enjoyed seeing Morven through your eyes. Thanks Mary for hosting Mosaic Monday.

  8. Gorgeous photos! Thank you for hosting. C. (HHL)

  9. What a wonderful old mansion, Mary! It looks like a wonderful place to take scenic photographs. I hope you find out what Wedding magazine was there so you can compare your photos with theirs!

  10. Oh the day was so beautifully sunny and bright, all of the blue sky, the majestic mansion and oh the bricks and moss! Gorgeous!
    Thank you for hosting~

  11. Hello dear Mary
    I'm glad you mentioned the wisteria had been doctored - I thought it must have been a new variety!!!
    I imagine the shoot is for a Spring edition of the mag! I would love to see it too.
    Thank you for hosting your party and also leading off with your wonderful photographs from Morven - I'm living in the wrong era - imagine swanning about the gorgeous garden in a Scarlett O'Hara gown!!! I can but dream!

  12. I love these glorious old homes, and never tire of seeing gardens. Thank for taking us along. You will have to look out for that wedding magazine.
    Thank you for hosting Mosaic Monday - it is good to be back and joining in after our trip.

  13. Morven looks like a fascinating place to visit. I can just imagine spending an hour or two, or even longer, wandering through the grounds. I noticed the table in front of the yellow door but had to go back to spot the hydrangea blooms on the wisteria vine! Hopefully you'll discover which magazine the shoot was for and see the end results. Thanks for hosting MM, as always it's my favourite link up of the week.

  14. Morven looks like a charming place, very French looking. I always enjoy linking up to your party. Thanks for hosting!

  15. What a beautiful setting, the brick wall is my favorite. Thank you for hosting, I appreciate the work you do to host.

  16. Very lovely house Mary. I sometimes wish I was living out east because I love the rolling hills and colonial homes and the sense of history I don't have here out west. But then I do have a lot of that for part of the year in England. The brick wall is gorgeous. In England those walled gardens are really popular in the bigger estates. Great way to keep the critters out and the heat in.

  17. Always a pleasure to stop by. Thanks for hosting :)

  18. Lovely pictures. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day with a friend.
    Big Family Small Farm

  19. thank you for lovely images, Mary!......smiles

  20. Beautiful. I love the old brick.

  21. Lovely Home, infact a great post, thanks.

  22. Hi Mary, what a beautiful place. I love that brick wall also. I'm late joining. Should have waited until tomorrow I guess, but oh well.

  23. hi , very beautifull place, have a nice day, from Belgium


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