Friday, November 1, 2013

October in Orange

I'm thrilled to host the very talented members of the Facebook group Colors of 2013 with Eva Ricci Studio today.   We have been working on a different color prompt each month, and October's color was orange.  I'm fascinated by all the different takes on the color, from brash and bright to soft and shimmering...

Kelly Newbury

Amalia Ferreira-Espinoza
AFE Images

Nelleke Glasbergen

Sylvia Cook
Vintage Chic Images
Sylvia Cook Photography

Diana Taylor

Judith Kimber
Judith Kimber Photography (etsy)
Judith Kimber Photography (Facebook)

Michele Larcheveque Catino
Catino Creations (etsy)
Catino Creations (Facebook)
Catino Creations (website)

Sarah Melvin
Sarah Melvin Photography (etsy)
Sarah Melvin Photography (Facebook)
Sarah Melvin Photography (website)

Katerina Vodrazkova
Over The Rainbow Prints

Janice Darby

Melissa Lund
Melissa Lund Photography

Isabelle LaFrance
Isabelle LaFrance Photography (blog)
Isabelle LaFrance Photography (Facebook)

Sue Zellers
Sueze Photography (Facebook)
Sue Zellers (500px)

Abra Alani Cole

Sharon Collins
Sharon Collins Photography

Alana Gillett
Maria Rose: A Prime Collection (website)
Maria Rose: A Prime Collection (etsy)

Eva Ricci
Eva Ricci Studio

Andrea McClain
McClain Creations

Robin Brenner McQuay Anderson

Bonnie Smith

Aina Saele Apelthun

Mary Carroll
Mary Carroll Photography (etsy)
Mary Carroll Photography (portrait website)

So that's October in Orange.  Aren't they fabulous?!  Websites, etsy shops, etc. are listed under each collage.  Grab a cup of coffee and spend some time perusing the work of these talented photographers.  You might even find a few holiday gifts to order.  ;)

See you on Sunday afternoon for our regularly scheduled Mosaic Monday.
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  1. Wow! Fabulous interpretations on sharing the colour orange.

  2. Oh WOW... these are breathtaking. So full of warmth. I just love what you all bring to this group. Thank you so much Mary for hosting this months beauties.

  3. Fabulous!! However there were a few that were blank and I could not see. Was it just me I wonder.

    1. Sharon, I think it must be just you. It's complete for me, and your collage is definitely there. In fact, I added your blog link even though you didn't leave it in the October album on FB...

  4. This is a gorgeous collection of collages. How satisfying it must be for each of these people (you included) to take such beautiful photographs.


  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. They are all gorgeous, so very warm and rich, Thank you Mary!


  6. Oh what beautiful photos and gatherings of orange. Totally enjoyed this post of orange.
    Love Leanne

  7. I see that the only photos featured are always in that specific template. Is that a prerequisite to be featured?
    This is a lovely collection of images.

  8. oops, I just re-read the beginning ... I don't do Facebook but it seems that these may have all appeared on Facebook; is that correct? That must be why almost no one posts on the Flickr group (that's the only place I can post because I won't join FB). Anyway, these are all very beautifully done.

    1. Hi Diane, Yes, these are from the Facebook group. :)

  9. Mary, the post is lovely and your blog is beautiful!!

  10. Wow! These are gorgeous! I wasn't very fond of orange to begin with, but i'm really falling in love now... Thank you for hosting the post xox

  11. They were all fabulous! I am in awe.

  12. Thank you! It looks wonderful :)

  13. Wow, these are all lovely images! Everyone did great with October's color. Have a happy weekend!

  14. Beautiful collection of collages...nice job on everyone's part!

  15. A wonderful collection of photographs from some very talented people.
    Great ideas for Mosaic Monday!!
    Thank you Mary

  16. Mouth dropping open.

    In awe at the beauty.

  17. Gorgeous collection of orange images... Beautiful post Mary, your Mosaic Monday looks like fun, can anyone play along?

    1. Thanks, Janice! I'd love to see you here at Mosaic Monday. I usually put the post up on Sunday around 2:00pm Eastern time. Feel free to link up! xoxo

  18. Mary,

    Thank you for introducing me to this very talented group of women! What imagination!

    A beautiful collection of orange collages!

    Have a great weekend. And yes, see you Sunday at your lovely party!


  19. This was just terrific, loved it all.
    My favorite was the first photo of bittersweet. Looks like Maine.
    Happy Thanksgiving and Thanks for the beauty you shared.

  20. Mary,
    All the photography is elegantly done, dear friend!
    Yours is still, and will remain, my favorite.
    Your gentle, exquisite photography creates a tranquility in my soul
    and then stirs within my being encouragement to continue the journey with my lens!!!
    You are truly inspirational!!!

  21. What a stunning collection. They are, each and every one, just beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing this!


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