Thursday, December 3, 2009

How Do I Decorate, Let Me Count the Ways




and baubles.

How do you decorate for the holidays?

I've been shopping online and in stores, slowly putting up the Christmas decorations, and hobbling around because I sprained my ankle last week. But I think I'm getting the Christmas spirit, and I'm planning to make some homemade breads for my in-laws. They are always difficult to buy for, so I thought maybe I'd make up a big gift basket with breads and jams and tea.

The weatherman has promised us some really nasty, rainy weather today, so I think this will be an indoor decorating day. I'll try to get some presents wrapped, too.

The fun just never ends around here, doesn't it?


  1. Mary,

    I am sorry about the ankle! Your decorations will be lovely I am sure. We are enjoying ours and I do a little bit more each day. Take care.


  2. I am sure everything will be lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed your story from the precious post.I will not be decorating until I finish all my Christmas gifts. I have 21 hand made projects in all. With paint and glue needing to dry they are at different steps near completion. Hope to finish this week.

  3. Thank goodness for online shopping if you're hobbling around. I do hope your ankle is better soon, Mary.

    Well, at this point I'm not decorating for the holidays. No one likes the decorations for the tree so there it sits half naked with lights and a little garland (which apparently is tacky). I have the same beads as you only in a rose, gold, and silver shade. My husband and I searched every TJ Maxx and Marshalls around to find them last year.

    Too bad I can't hire a personal holiday decorator for our home because it needs it!

    Rain here too!

  4. Sorry to hear you hurt your ankle last week, ouch!
    I'm still unpacking boxes of ornaments and untangling tree lights but some of my displays are done. I finished the wreath for the front door this morning too.
    But, I need a house elf to come along behind me tidying up all the mess!

  5. Mary, your photos are stunning!

    Sorry about your ankle. Be sure to take care of yourself.

    I like your idea for the gift, and I believe anyone would love receiving something so wonderful.

  6. So sorry to hear about your ankle. I hope it is feeling better soon. Your breads sound wonderful and they always make such a fabulous gift. Hope to see you at the "Holiday Cloche Party". I will have Mr. Linky up tonight. Hugs, Marty

  7. Don't you just love all things sparkly and Christmas? Beautiful photos.

    Yesterday I posted pics of some of my beloved dated ornaments, and the story behind the tradition, if interested.

    It's here.

  8. I haven't started yet - I need to get on the ball

    beautiful pieces - I hope your ankle is better soon

  9. Hope your ankle heals quickly. I love your gift basket idea. Probably will be much more appreciate than more stuff.

    Still in the process of decorating. The top of my upright grand piano is full of greenery, pinecones, red candles and cardinals. Very festive. The trees are up with lights and stars but now need some decorations. That will be tonights project.

    I always enjoy your photos!


  10. Love the colors and the closeups! I tried to take some last night when the trees were lit with backlights. Can't get a clear angle from anywhere since my trees are in "nooks" here and there. So, I may just do close ups like you did of my favs!

  11. I love me some bonbons;) And all your pretty things.

  12. Hello,

    I just found your blog and wanted to thank you for the mosaic tutorial. I've had so much fun with it!

    All the best,

  13. Wonderful photos! Hope your sprained ankle feels better soon xxx

  14. I', so sorry that you sprained your ankle. It's certainly not a very good time for something that that to happen. A basket of homemade bread sounds delightful!

  15. Your decorations are B-eautiful and scrumptious. Love the idea of homemade goodies...always a favorite thing in years past...and so heartfelt.
    Your home is lovely Mary...thanks for sharing it with us.

  16. Sorry to hear about the sprained ankle, those can be so painful. I especially love the But everything else is beautiful as well.

  17. Wreaths
    Wights and
    Wise Men...:)
    Feel better, Mary!

    Sit down , put your feet up, and eat bon bons!
    Have an extra for me!

  18. the simplest of photos capture the most eye appealing moments in time. I loved these photos!

  19. It sounds fun to me. And bon bons for holiday decorations? I think I'd like it at your place.

  20. Your photos are so peaceful and warm...and those bon bons look wonderful! Christmas time is so nice indoors when the weather is nasty...I can imagine how nice your bread basket will be...

  21. Your blog is lovely. I look forward to following and seeing your lovely pictures. I love the blog name, I have always wanted to live in a little red house.

  22. Hope your ankle is better real soon
    I haven't even started the christmas decorating yet!! Just can't seem to get into it yet!!Your decorations are looking pretty


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