Monday, March 31, 2008

At The Watercooler

What do you suppose they talk about on Monday morning?

Bird #1: "Jeez, my bracket got all shot to sh** when Duke lost."

Bird #2: "I'm tellin' you, man, Tar Heels all the way!"

Bird #3: "Yeah, my wife likes North Carolina, too. She says their uniforms are a pretty color."

Bird #4: "Watch out, man. She'll be draggin' you down to Home Depot next weekend to pick out some candy-a** color to paint the bathroom, like 'robin's egg blue' or something..."

These turkey vultures were perched on my neighbor's chimney the other day. Click on the picture to enlarge it -- they are so ugly, they're almost beautiful. Happy Monday!

Edited to add: If you get a chance, please visit Linda, of Restyled Home today. She is blogging about painted kitchen cabinetry, and she was kind enough to include some pictures of my kitchen in her post. There are some absolutely beautiful kitchens (and one bathroom) on view.


  1. Good Morning Mary! I had never seen turkey vultures until a couple years ago and they started showing up in this area. They are huge and ugly and really fascinating! I saw your kitchen on Restyled Home. So pretty!

  2. Hi Mary
    You show or belong which pictures... have you lain on the Luaer, these birds to your everyday life...
    Your plate shelf is beautiful!
    Take care

  3. Good Morning Mary!
    Oh, those turkey vultures are creepy! We have them up here too..
    I don't think I'd want them perched on my house!

    Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! I just love all the crown molding detail and cabinetry work!

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Your turkey vultures and my turkeys...ugly/fascinating birds taking over the Northeast. Enjoyed Linda's post re: painted cabinetry. We painted cabinets candy apple red in the 70s, but alas no Polaroids have survived :>)


  5. They are really interesting birds! We have them in PA, too. They can get so huge. I would not want one landing by me if I had fallen and couldn't get up. Ugh!

    :-) Rosie

  6. That is so funny because that reflects the basketball conversations at our home.
    We are Duke fans. And we go by the credo ABC (Anyone But Carolina).

    Thanks for the link. It is wonderful and exciting.

  7. Thanks for the link. Hopped over there. Some great painted cabinets. Mine are painted white. Easy to get dirty white. I'm so in the mood to repaint them a COLOR now.

  8. What a cute post....even if the vultures are UGLY !! :)
    hugs, bj

  9. Great picture of such ugly birds Mary! Ha!
    I'm on my over over to check out the kitchens.

  10. Hi, Mary! So happy to at last be able to catch up with your many lovely posts now that we're back from vacation. Those turkey vultures are not the prettiest of birds, are they? We don't have them here in Norway, and that's ok--LOL! Your kitchen is beautiful! I would love to paint over our oak cabinets in the kitchen, but hubby doth protest too much--LOL! See you back here soon. Happy week ((HUGS))

  11. I love your little “bird-tales”! And your cat too – what a happy smile! (First I think your cat so happy about the birds!) LOL!

  12. Mary

    You never cease to crack me up!
    We are women's bball fans here--UCONN or bust!

    Enjoy your day!

  13. Hello Mary, yes those vultures are ugly and their necks are thick and stiff. broken??? Amazing creatures, aren't they? You're so funny, LOL......

    I Know you have a beautiful kitchen:) have a good day


  14. Oh Mary, your kitchen is just sooo beautiful! I love the colour and the beautiful cabinets. There are times when I regret my choice of yellow kitchen cabinets, but on the other hand, it is quite nice to have a bit of colour around. And, by the way, those birds really are ugly... to the point of being fascinating indeed...

  15. I have an award waiting for you over at my blog, Mary. You deserve it!

  16. Hi Mary!

    I saw pics of your kitchen on Restyled Home and I popped over to tell you that I think your kitchen is absolute perfection. If I could tear these pics from a magazine, they would go into my ideas folder for certain. Great job!!


  17. LOL! Those birds know how to talk!

    Have a blessed day!

    smiles, kari & kijsa

  18. Mary, I agree with Linda, I would wrestle you for that apron sink. You kitchen is beautiful. Love the color combination.

  19. LOL on the birds...they are ugly..

    I will have to hop on over and visit that site..I've heard another blogger mention it too...

  20. Ackkkk! Those turkey vultures freak me out. I can't stand the ones who sit at the top of the trees leering in at me as I go about my day. I see no beauty in them at all, but I admire the fact that you do.

  21. LOLOLOLOL!!!!!! I think I heard one of the turkey vultures (never heard of them before!!) say, "Hey, lets go and help Becky paint her new cherrywood cabinets creamy white - like Mary's - afterall, Mary's kitchen was what Becky wanted in the first place! Never mind what her picky a** hubby has to say, let's go make him smokin' hot pissed off!!!"

    Mary, my kitchen was suppose to look like yours!!!!!!! Do ya think he'd notice if the vultures got carried away with some creamy white paint? I already have the dental molding!! ha.

    love your post!!



  22. Too bad they weren't rooting for KU - Rock Chalk Jayhawk!


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