Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Heart Milk Glass

I'm just crazy for milk glass.  But you already knew that, right?  Just for fun, I thought I would count my pieces yesterday.  I think I have around 30.  

Yes, I may have a slight problem.

This little one, with the lid, is one of my favorites, and one of the most expensive.  I paid $10. for it in an antiques store.

On the other hand, this tiny hobnail vase cost 50 cents at rummage sale.  The cup and saucer next to it was $1.50.

I especially love the urn and goblet shaped pieces.  I'm thinking I may use them on my mantel at Christmas this year, filled with moss.  

So yes, I heart milk glass.  Tell me, what makes your heart go pitter patter?


  1. I like old locks and keys...weird, eh?

    Your affection for milk glass may start a trend out here in Blogdom.

  2. I like milk glass, ruby red glass, silver, copper, mirrors, linens, old chairs...oh the list could go on and on. I never thought to count my milk glass, I was afraid of what the total would be. I just picked up a few more pieces this weekend. I haven't even unwrapped them. I will have to do that tonight and post about that.

  3. Milk glass reminds me of Sunday afternoons at my grandmother's in Teaneck-- a duck in the oven, a football game on the TV, the fireplace on...thanks for the sweet memory!

    Also wanted to thank you for email which brought me such comfort, you are a darling lady! And, I am back to posting...writing is such therapy!

  4. I really hardly ever even looked at the milk glass I inherited until started reading your blog, and now I love mine too. :) I bought a milk glass .... cylinder?... like a short vase... at a yard sale on Saturday for fifty cents.

    I love Willow - blue, green, black, brown, pink, and red. :)

  5. Dishes, fabrics, old lace trims, VINTAGE RHINESTONE JEWELRY!!! Yeah I have a serious problem with the jewelry, and I don't even wear it! I just like to have it displayed where I can se the sparkle:>)

  6. Your milk glass is so pretty, Mary.

    Old garden things make my heart go pitter patter!

  7. Love milk glass too but I limit my purchases because I have so many other obsessions. Like Kathleen Grace I have mounds of vintage fabrics and lace, but the big problem is vintage rhinestone jewelry. I just bought a necklace on Ebay yesterday. Now I've got to sell something to pay for it.

    BTW Mary, you are responsible for my addiction to transferware. I got a beautiful set of brown transferware that I intend to serve Thnaksgiving dinner on.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  8. OMG your collection is so pretty.

  9. Oh vee, don't feel bad! I also heart keys! I've been collecting them since I was a child and even entered them in for 4-H in the collections category.

  10. Clear and colored glass. Ahhhhh.


  11. Hi Mary! I love your milk glass pieces. I have a pretty hob nail milk glass basket. I have a flower arrangement in it and do love it. Thanks for sharing your pretties.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. I love milk glass too. I don't have lots, but Mom does and they are going to be mine one day. I have the first little dish you showed. It's a mayonnaise dish. Mine has a little spoon to go with it. The next one with the lid is darling! Are those cherries? I love your idea of decorating with them for Christmas.

  13. I cannot, for the life of me, think of what makes my heart go pitter patter at the moment.

    Now, that is sad!!

  14. That cherry candy dish is making my heart go pitter patter right now!
    I love it!

    Vintage linens, jadite, vintage items with cherries on them ,milk glass, ornate furniture, buttons, pink rose tea cups, and the laughter of children are just a few things that make my heart sing!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful collection with us!
    I won't dare count mine! :-)

    P.S. putting candles inside the bigger pieces is so soft and romantic!


  15. Beautiful pieces. I have just a couple of milk glass pieces and I love the look and the sentimental value. One is a bit dingy looking. Is it safe to put them in the dishwasher? Wash with a bit of bleach? I wonder how to get it looking pure white again.

  16. Hi Mary....I love milkglass. I just recently started adding pieces to my collection. My mother had over 60 pieces when she passed away and I was left it all in her will...Having a crummy brother who was in charge of the distribution I never got to see one piece of it....My husband and daughter are now trying to replace it for me...I'm going to have to start looking for it at garage sales as buying it on E-Bay is crazy....the shipping charges are ridiculous!! Hope your having a great week. I just heard it's snowing up there....Stay Warm...

  17. Toile, espectially in red and white. That is what makes my heart go pitter pat. :)

  18. I've never been a collector of milk glass, but yours are lovely and I'm beginning to see why you like them so much. I LOVE the lid-ed one, it is very cute. I think that your mantle would look great at Christmas with all your milk glass amongst some holly and berries or something. Great idea.
    I'm a succor for pitchers and teapots. They take up a lot more room though. Speaking of which, where do you keep them all? Your house always looks beautiful so I know they don't clutter up your entire house.

  19. I heart that milk glass too! Very nice!

  20. I have a milk glass problem too ;o)..have you ever put a candle in one on your mantle? They turn all warm and softly yellow. A glow like no other..which is surprising since they are so white!

  21. Your milk glass IS beautiful. Although I don't have any, I could definitely get hooked on collecting those beauties.

    I must confess that my obsession is blue and white plates. It doesn't matter what style... just blue and white. I have a rather extensive collection in my kitchen. So fun to have a passion for something(s).

  22. probably anything cheap that I could 'do something with.' Never mind that I have a closet overflowing with that kind of thing, but you never know what you will need! I also love chairs and tables but manage to say no, mostly cause you can only have so many of those! Oh and old linens--napkins and retro tablecloths!

  23. I love milk glass too. I was lucky to have inherited a lot from my husband's grandmother. I move it around and display it in different places. She died in March at 100! So many pieces are new to me.

  24. Good Evening Mary!
    :) For that price I'd say it's a pretty good thing to collect. You could want for a collection of diamonds or rubies, or both! Hmm.. I collect anything that suits my fancy at any given moment. Right now, old books, paper, buttons.
    I can't wait to see your mantel this year!

  25. Oh yum. You and I can got to a support group together.

  26. Your milk glass pieces are really special.
    See my two posts on my milk glass collection here:


  27. I love it! My Mama had some beautiful pieces, but since I am prim, one of my sisters got it all. It always brings back such happy memories of her when I see it. Your collection is beautiful!

  28. Oh the little cherry piece is my favorite, too. I especially love the lid. Favorites of mine: where do I start? I love old clocks, needlepoint, criss cross frames and Scotty things, of course.

    I also heart milk glass because it is so clean and fresh looking.


  29. Your collections is beautiful. I love Milk Glass, Fenton, Fiestaware, Carnival glass...ummm I think I am the one with the problem!!!lol
    Have a blessed daY!!

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  31. I love the urn shaped milk glass, too. It's become a game of mine to find a new shape and size.

  32. Oh but that little lidded one is so precious.
    I love British Royalty memorabilia, transferware, roosters, rabbits...always rabbits! : )


  33. I just discovered your blog tonight. I love Milk glass and I have a blog called " Passion of Milk glass collecting" My son and I were just wandering how much pieces there is in my collection.
    About 70 pieces! And I like them all! They are collecting dust for some but I am looking for new ideas. I will be back! France

  34. I have many pieces of milk glass, I was wondering if you can freeze it, I have a recipe that will look very pretty in a cup for the holidays...does anyone have any ideas??


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