Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thank You, and a Giveaway

I just wanted to say thank you to all who joined in the civil discourse yesterday.  Although there were differing opinions, everyone was polite and respectful.  You encourage me to have faith in the future.

I want to send you over to my friend Kate's blog -- Chronicles of a Country Girl.  She is a wonderful photographer, and she is having a terrific giveaway.  So if you get a chance, stop by and tell her I sent you.  You'll be glad you did!  :)


  1. Good morning, Mary. Is the beautiful gerber daisy picture one of yours, or one of Kate's. You are both very gifted photographers!

    Just a note on yesterday's post. I agree with you 100% that what we need as a Nation is to stop bickering amoung ourselves and deal with the pressing issues at hand. To me, what matters most is not which side of the isle a person supports, but that we are willing to support each other. So while I may not agree with your choice of candidate, we are still on the same side....Our nation and the wonderful people who choose to call it home.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

  2. Mary - thanks for the heads up on Kate's blog. Her photos, like yours, are extraordinary. I feel inspired :)

  3. I'm behind after being gone a couple of days. I applaud you for speaking out on yesterday's post. I agree with you 100% about the need to stop all of the hate. That should not be the issue here, as there are so many problems to solve together for the good of the country. Sally

  4. Mary, I should have come here for my Pink Saturday fix. Wow, that picture is fantastic.

  5. Hi Mary,
    Oh, I hope you had a gorgeous weekend! It was just lovely up here.. we are at peek foliage right now.
    Love the gerber daisies.. I think they are one of my favorites!

  6. I have no idea what I am doing!! I happened on your site via browzing!! and love, love the pics! I simple LOVE the "display" of all the flowers! when I figure out what I am "doing", I'll be back! But keep up the good work!!


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