Friday, June 19, 2009

Rainy Day, Gone Shopping

Wendy Whiner Alert: this post may contain complaints about the weather.

It's been raining so much this month that we've begun to feel as though we are caged inside the house. It's June, for God's sake. Is it too much to ask that we are able to take a walk once in awhile, or work in the garden?

OK, I've got the complaints out of the way right up front. ;)

So what do you do when you feel as though you are a bird in a cage?

You fly away for a little retail therapy, of course.

We had to do a Best Buy run to pick up my daughter's new camera, so we popped into TJMaxx for a little browse.

A little birdie suggested that this sweet chippy wire bird cage and metal lantern might want to come home with us.

I think they look kind of nice in my kitchen, but I'm sure I'll have plenty of fun playing with them on the deck as well.

OK, this picture is in here just because... well, I don't really know. Actually, this is illustrative of what happens when I'm stuck in the house. I paint the pantry doors. ;)

So I'm going to have some fun playing with these babies. A centerpiece of lanterns? A small potted plant inside the birdcage?

Yep, going out shopping is way better than staying in the kitchen eating the rainy day away. Although I did some of that, too... ;)

What do you do on rainy days?


  1. What great finds! It was meant to be.:) Love the pantry doors!

  2. Love your rainy day idea and the purchases are great! What a great blog you have! :)

  3. Those are lovely. You did a wonderful job with the pantry doors.

    On rainy days, I usually read or watch shows that I have DVD'd. We've had almost three weeks of rain and are expecting more here (NYC) this weekend. If there is no thunder or lightening, I may try to go out and shoot this weekend.

  4. Sounds like you are very productive on rainy days. If I could paint like that my entire home would be in danger!:-) The pantry doors look great! Hope you get some sun this weekend.

  5. Oh Mary, I hear you, it is raining here today too, again? still? The lawn is high and I can't mow. On the other hand I can visit you and enjoy your cute purchases and consider how your dining room curtains would look in my own dining room (stellar!) I'm trying to get my creative mojo going so I can work on something, sunshine inspires me more than gloom though. Don't know if I'll find an old movie and while the day away or make something. I'll probably end up cleaning the house, *sigh*

  6. Mary, come on over to grannymountain and see the post I did on Little Red House and your Bargain Hunting Skills! Thanks so much for allowing me to copy the picture to post. Rainy days have been the norm in Arkansas this spring too and I can't get any gardening done. It's driving me crazy! Your pantry doors are c.

  7. Great idea with the pantry doors---so nice! I'm trying to convince Anne to paint our front hallway ala Rufus Porter -- she's not convinced so far! But I'm shopping today, too -- checking out Craigslist possibilities.
    This rain is NUTS!!! I'm so tired of being waterlogged.

  8. The vodka is starting to look really good.... However, maybe I'll just buzz over to Marshall's instead;)

  9. I love your finds and the little cage is perfect, just as it is.
    I just wish I had a good rainy day to decide what I wanted to do with it. They are so few and far between, I forget from one rain to the next!!
    I LOVE your curtains here!! Beautiful and so cheerful...

  10. I love rainy days when I can stay at home. I find them such a comfort. I just relax and enjoy.

    And, I like your idea of retail therapy, too.

  11. Mary, I just realized I had you linked as LittleRedHouse not sorry but I have fixed it. I will never learn to check and re-check my posts!
    joy c.

  12. June has been very rainy here as well and now I have a damp basement to prove it. Retail therapy...that's what I need! Maybe a movie...some popcorn. Nah, I'm going back to bed and pull the covers over my head.

  13. I know this rain is starting to get on my last nerve !!!

    Wed. it was so beautiful here, just a perfect I got out into the garden, when I came in for lunch and heard the forecast (the neighbors must have thought I'd taken leave of my mind) I could have been mistaken for the roadrunner I was going so fast, jumping from one project to the next LOL

    Love the cage and lantern, I just got one at Marshall's with one of those battery operated candles inside... Weds night when I finally sat down ha ha, I put it on the table on the deck while we ate TAKE-OUT (too tired to cook) and watched the Sox !!!

    Have a great week-end Mary...

    Kathy :)

  14. When I first saw the pantry doors I thought you had found a screen divider. I have been looking for a cheapee to paint. I know my HH won't let me paint on the stuff in the house, but I had not though to look for old doors. I love the curtains and the bird cages. I wish I could have an online yard sale, I have so much stuff I have no heart to go out for more things. (actual YS are too much trouble for this granny.)

  15. Beautiful idea for the pantry doors - they're gorgeous! Love the sweet little bird cage. I just bought a similar one at Michael's. It's on my cloche party post. Your pretty curtains & tablecloth have started the wheels spinning... Hmmm, that would be a great look in my kitchen! ☺ diane

  16. I love, love, love the pantry doors. So have you done any murals in your home? Show us what else you've painted.

  17. Mary,
    Love your finds and your blog. Rainy days are good reading days around my house! We haven't had many rainy days in Savannah...but we did have a heat index of 112 today!! I have been inspired by your blog and several others that I have stumbled I bit the bullet, started my only little "spot" and wrote my first post today!! Cindy I still can't figure out all this "blogging stuff" and couldn't figure out how to leave the link to my page on your comments. I'll have to work on that:)

  18. Hi Mary... I remember "Wendy Whiner" from Saturday Night Live right? Retail therapy is the cure for rainy daze! Its actually cloudy here today and was sprinkling and spitting at us while we were doing a little retail therapy for Father's day. I wish it would just rain and get over with instead of the gloom and the heat! Great Maxx finds! Have a wonderful week end!
    ~Really Rainey~

  19. Mary,

    You found some great I want to see what you do with them!! I have been blogging off and on today in between housework and I saw a blog and she has something in a birdcage that was different and I am trying to remember what it was!! It was very cool. I will get back to you if I remember!!

    I love the pantry doors, very clever. I would love to be able to paint like that. I did the stencil thing everywhere years ago and I think my husband would disown me if he saw me go near anything in the house with a paintbrush!!

    I hope the rain stops, for me and you both (and everyone else~gosh, it's raining everywhere!).


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  21. I have the same bird cage and have been debating what to put in it. I like your idea of the small plant. And yes, we are sick of all this rain too! I know rain is good but this is too much of a good thing. My poor plants are suffering, the kids are going stir crazy and I can't get my outside painting done. Okay, now I've whined too. I feel a little better.

  22. Love your pantry days painting....great job.
    I hear you about the rain we are feeling th very same way here..sheesh!!! this is ridiculous!!! we should be building an ark I think...
    Your finds are great could use that lantern as a centre piece with a piller candle in it...just saw that a few blogs ago.
    enjoy the it is...

  23. I've been thinking about you this week that I've been away and I can't believe it's still raining there.
    Mary, it was 97 with high humidity when we visited New Orleans one day. And 92 in my friends' pool in Biloxi. That is not refreshing! But the sun was actually shining. And as I lollygagged around the pool on the float, with a nice breeze to cool me off, I realized I was happy.
    I think it was the sunshine.

  24. Mary, your breakfast area just looks soooo charming! Love your new finds. laurie

  25. Love the bird cage and the lantern

  26. Sleep, blog,! Eat, again! And again! Shhhh, don't tell anyone! :-) Love your chippy bird cage...I see a definite tablescaping opportunity. :-)

  27. Mary? It is raining here today. Will you come and paint my doors?? Your pantry doors look amazing! You are a multi talented artist aren't you?



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