Monday, June 15, 2009

Three or More Tuesday: Silver Sauce Boats

It all started with this small piece of hotel silver that I found at the thrift store a few years ago. Isn't this the cutest thing? Suddenly, I was greatly enamored of silver sauce boats.

I think maybe I found this one at an antique shop, although to be perfectly honest, I can't quite remember. I think this one has such a beautiful shape! And, as everyone knows, once you have two of something, you are perilously close to starting a collection. ;)

Number three came from a dealer who housed his antiques in a very cold and drafty barn. You can read all about that story here.

Well, two is a couple; three is a collection, right? So tell me, what has been tugging at your heart strings recently?

I am linking this post to Three or More Tuesday at Tam's beautiful blog, The Gypsy's Corner. Go visit, you'll be so glad you did. :)


  1. Mary,
    you are a 'bad' influence...LOL
    With your wonderful photos and your stunning collections you could get me hooked on collecting more and more items *sigh*
    I love the lines on those sauce boats!!!
    Happy Three Or More Tuesday,

  2. Nice silver pieces.
    This may be the first time i have been here./
    I'll go check out the rest of your blog.

    Barbara jean

  3. Your Sauce Boats are very cool Mary. It always begins with one :0)
    I probably should really narrow down my collections. They change over the years :0) Dishes, Napkin Rings, Napkins, Beatrix Potter, Books etc. etc. etc.
    Blessings on the rest of your week Mary!

  4. Those are so pretty. I love silver. It makes everything look so elegant.

  5. Just so pretty! Nothing is better than silver.

  6. Mary just saw your comment on my Mosaic Monday post. If you look at the previous post there's photos from inside the house you might enjoy.

  7. Mary,

    These siver sauce boats are so pretty. I love the lines and shapes. And so shiny! These are definitely work collecting.

    Lately I have been collecting any sort of "vessel" to use as a vases. I love the unusual. Since space is limited in my home, I have to stay with things I can use everday, and there is always room for a vase of flowers!!

    Have a wonderful week, Mary! :-)


  8. The silver is beautiful and three's company so they say!

  9. You have the most beautiful silver pieces!
    Hope your week is off to a wonderful start!
    ~Really Rainey~

  10. I can see why these little beauties caught your eye. They are great classic shapes.

    Happy Tues,

  11. I love gravy boats...and I have not seen any like these. Silver plated ones yes, but not like these! Oh Mary, I think you have me off on another quest!! I am still looking for beautiful monogramed teaspoons...
    I'm terrible! If Mary has you think I'm sick! LOL Never mind..don't tell me!

  12. I love your gravy boats. Love your header picture too. Don't think I have visited here before. I am glad I did though.

    Happy Tuesday,


  13. Each of your sauce boats has an elegant shape.

  14. I enjoyed reading the linked story. You have such a way of telling a story that just takes you in! And the silver gravy boats are quite lovely.

  15. Ah, old silver... love it. I like the attitude of that third one -- very nose-in-the-air. :-)

  16. I love your silver sauce boats. I may just have to look for them at the thrift store now.

  17. Ahh..very nice Mary! I seem to have started a collection of silver sugar and/or creamers (can't get enough of 'em!) but I may need to start this collection myself (awful cute!)
    Karrie & Karla

  18. I have one little measley(is that a real word?) silver hotel bowl. I do love your collection of sauce boats. It makes me want to hunt down a few more pieces! Rhonda

  19. The shine and the shape must grab you, Mary. I am attracted to the most drab things imaginable...old scruffy lace, old scruffy books, old scruffy frames.

  20. Very Pretty, would love to have some too! Cindy

  21. Mary, they are lovely, and I did go read your funny story about finding the 3rd one. My collections are way too numerous to mention in a comment section! laurie

  22. That's so lovely. I'm in love with the milk glass and the old fashioned roses.

    Did you know that they make a two-piece planter that fits around the umbrella pole?

    Have a great day Mary.

    - Suzanne

  23. They are so pretty! Nope, not ging to start another collection!!
    Have a great week!

  24. I'm still on ball jars....beautiful


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