Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Feel Pretty

Good morning, dear bloggers! Well, at least it is morning here as I write this. I went out for breakfast this morning with my dear friend, Robin. She had the most beautiful bracelet on, and it got me thinking about jewelry.

I tend to like the idea of jewelry, and I'm lucky to have some pretty pieces that my husband has given me over the years, and some vintage brooches and bracelets from my mom. (One of them is pictured above.) When I get dressed to go out though, I will put on jewelry, then take almost all of it off, except for a necklace. I just feel too dressed up. I think maybe that is a habit from my childhood, when I was quite the tomboy.

So my question for you is this: Do you wear a lot of jewelry, or just a few sentimental pieces, or none at all on a daily basis? Inquiring minds want to know. ;)


Please join me for Mosaic Monday, where I will definitely not be wearing jewelry. ;) Mr. Linky will be up by 8:30pm Sunday, Eastern time. Looking forward to seeing you all!


  1. Hmmm, I was not a tomboy...quite the opposite...but, like you, I can hardly make it out the door with jewelry on. Earrings and that's it usually, except for my wedding necklace, no bracelet. Yet, I love to see it on other women. I guess I believe that they can "achieve the look" and I can't.

  2. I would feel beautiful also if I had that around my wrist, sugar. It is indeed gorgeous. Happy pink saturday...

  3. I have lots of fun jewelry. A birthstone ring that is a marquis cut that my dad gave me at 16. I treasure it and it usually sits in my jewelery box. I had an 18k necklace that I loved. Someone robbed my house years ago and took it. I never found a replacement I liked. I wear my wedding rings no matter what. I have lots of pierced earrings. I also have two charm bracelets, one gold and one sterling silver. The silver one has tons of charms and I started the gold one and then had a phamily! Heehhee! But I like jewelery and have two pair of earrings that are very special. My grandmothers cousin left her gold earrings to me when she passed away and I was a teen. I still have them. They have some significance from where she was born in Yugoslavia and I have seen other women wear those earrings. My aunt that passed away from breast cancer loved cameos as do I and she gave me a ring and earring set that I cherish. You made me think about some great memories. Thank you Mary. Have a lovely weekend. Anne

  4. I have nice pieces from my husband too as well as what I've bought.
    My theory is this - just like having good china etc. that you should use/wear it every day and not save these things for only special occasions. Don't go overboard as the saying "less is more" is a general rule to follow.
    If I'm not doing gardening or housework, I like to dress nice, put on rings, a necklace and earrings because if I look good, I feel good!
    How's that for my two cents worth?

  5. Like you, I love the idea of jewelry. I too, have some of my mothers vintage pieces, even some of my grandmothers, but I also feel too dressed up when I wear much more than earrings and a small necklace or bracelet! I collect jewelry at garage sales too, old, vintage stuff dripping with rhinestones. I have it displayed on a board in the office. I am trying to get over my aversion to wearing jewelry because I see other women wearing it and they dont look overdressed, they just look good!

  6. If I remember I will sometimes put on a ring or two mostly those given to me by my aunt, sister or something from my great grandmother, grandmother etc.
    I do have a necklace I like that has a few small pendants given to me by people I love. But for everyday wear I do not put on jewelery, as I am always afraid I will lose it!
    Tina xo

  7. It's just TOO HOT to wear jewelry!!

  8. Hi Mary..
    depending on the circumstances of the day dictates jewelry.
    I ALWAYS wear my plain, gold wedding band. it was my Mom's.much easier when doing the multitasking..My diamonds are reserved for when I'm not digging in the dirt, painting etc..(
    also wear my gold hoop earrings every day...unless it is a silver day..
    or a pearl day..
    both black and white..
    I have a lot of what I call "my junk jewelery".. inexpensive fun stuff.. but my "good Jewelry" I reserve for special occasions.
    When I was in the professional world, I was advised to never wear the good stuff to work, imitation is the best form of flattery..
    so that is what I always did... made me less of a target..
    my most favorite watch is my Mickey.. have had it for 40+ years!!!
    thanks for taking us all down memory lane..
    see ya on Monday!!
    warm sandy hugs..

  9. I'm like you--liking the idea but not wearing much of it. Many times taking most of it off. Sometimes simpler seems better, maybe the older you get. I remember my mom telling me she didn't like to wear bracelets or extra rings as her hands started looking older ... thought it drew attention the the wrinkles and age spots, I guess! I'm not sure I agree though.

  10. Love the bracelet from your Mom. I do not wear any jewelry on a day to day basis. If I am going out I will put on a watch and bracelet, maybe earings.

  11. Dear Fellow Tomboy,
    I wear earrings and my wedding band every single day.
    When school starts and I have to dress up a bit, I wear necklaces. Always.
    When I go out, I may add a bracelet.
    Your mother's here is lovely.

  12. I wear jewelry every day. I make the time to do it in the morning before work. It not only makes me feel good but it brightens the days of others. It also is a good conversation starter.... Have a super weekend!

  13. Pretty. I got to get back in the challenge. Have a good weekend.

  14. beautiful bracelet! i was and am still a bit of a tomboy so i don't feel comfortable wearing lots of jewelry. i do love giving jewelry as presents to others though.

  15. I agree with liking the idea of jewelry. I like wearing it when I'm going somewhere, but just around the house I almost never wear any.

  16. I LOVE jewelry. It can really make an outfit. I used to be intimidated to wear jewelry or scarves and the like, then I just tried it one day and got a ton a compliments. And my confidence grew from there and now I'm like the accessories queen. :) Last night we went to a luau; I wore a simple turquoise maxi dress and sandals with a fabulous huge funky flower cocktail ring and matching colored bracelets on the other wrist. I also wore a simple silver necklace and earrings, but it was the ring and bracelets that totally made the outfit. And several people asked about my ring, which they loved. :) Eight years ago, I would never have worn it, thinking it would be too dressy or something. I'm glad I got over it; it gives me loads more confidence.

  17. I do like to wear jewellry. I always wear earrings. I have some what I call real ones that are gold but my favourite pair were just costume. I unfortunately lost them just recently while we were camping. I think I swept them out of the camper. If I am going out and I have taken the time to dress well I always add a necklace or a scarf.

  18. I think it's just as important to accessorize our clothing as it is to accessorize our homes, and I'm not big on the minimalist look in either situation. At the very least, I usually wear earrings and a necklace, but I often add a bracelet and/or rings, too.

  19. I have tons of jewelry. A few things like my mother's engagement ring and some other good pieces, a few costume brooches, and lots of jewelry that I have made. Usually real minerals or semi-precious stones and sterling or gold-plate. I work in a hospital where I can't wear it, and tend to forget about it the rest of the time. I like having it though, and "playing" in my jewelry box(s). If I ever have a place to wear it, I'm set though.

  20. Mary...Your bracelet pictured above is just gorgeous.
    I confess to wearing jewelry always when I go out. When I'm home most likely not. I have a "purpose" to wearing jewelry when I go out though. I'm this walking "billboard" for my business and many times people have commented on what I am wearing. Then I'm able to whip out my business card...sneaky girl that I!

  21. Unless I'm in the garden or cleaning or painting, I always wear wedding rings/ anniv band.
    And earrings - 3 in each ear!

    But I agree with Judith, too. I'll have to think about enjoying things like that every day.

  22. Well first off, that's a beautiful shot.

    I tend to wear my engagement ring/wedding band on one hand, another ring my mother gave me on my right hand, pearl earrings and most recently a watch my mom gave me. Those are staples...if I'm feeling a little girly, I'll add a necklace. My husband once gave me one of those past, present future diamond necklaces because his mom has one and wears it everyday. I think he thought I'd wear mine every day, but I only wear it for special occassions.

  23. I do the same thing. My daughter can pull off wearing some jewelry, but if I get more than 2 things on, I always ask my husband is this too much. Of course he says no, but I always end up taking all but a bracelet and necklace or earrings off. usually just wear my gold wedding band. I do love jewelry though, and wish I could wear more.

  24. I have always worn my wedding band and engagement rings but for our 25th anniversary, my husband surprised me with a marquise diamond. I want to enjoy it always so I wear it every day (we had it insured). I also have a sweet mother's ring that was a gift from my daughters ~ I never take it off.

    I love necklaces (not too bulky and usually very inexpensive) and like to match one to my outfit every day. Always wear earrings (again not too big or dangly)

    Bracelets kind of get in my way and I don't feel comfortable wearing them. I am not watch person either.

    My favorite piece is a strand of pearls given to me by my husband as a wedding gift almost 35 years ago). They are classic and I feel very special wearing them. One of my daughters wore them for her wedding.

  25. Perfect timing on this post. :) I was just looking at several necklaces & bracelets I have made that I have never worn. I love to repurpose and make jewelry, but don't wear as much as I use to.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  26. I am just like you. I only wear a couple of pieces at a time. To me, less is more. Carla

  27. Love that bracelet! I love jewelry, but in the summer I wear very little pieces, except for earrings, and wedding rings--Oh, yes and always a watch. In cooler seasons I will wear necklaces and bracelets sometimes--but sometimes they bother me and I take them off! I love the way they look, but I don't like things in the way! By the way, I was a tomboy too!

  28. Hi Mary That is a very pretty piece of jewelry. I love jewelry and I have a lot also. I do wear some when I go out. For everyday use, I wear my wedding engagement rings a right hand diamond ring. Then I put on earrings, bracelet and a pendant o match my outfit when I go out....Christine

  29. I love all floral collages.
    The one that caught my eye was the pink-purple flowers above.
    So pretty and summery.

    You work is great.


  30. Hello, I don't wear anything on a daily basis. When I go out - it's minimal
    I love jewelry - but, I think there's a balance - too little too much -
    Very pretty jewelry - I love heirloom pieces that remind us of those we love,

  31. Mary,
    Fun post. I have a box full of jewelry, and wish I wore more. When I see someone dressed up with all their jewelry matching I get inspired, but I still wear the same diamond earring and necklace Tony gave me everyday. Boring, but that's okay...I think!

  32. That bracelet is stunning! I am like you - I tend to only wear one piece of jewelry at a time!


  33. I always wear earrings that dangle. Rings plural but I stack them. Rarely a necklace. If the necklace makes a statement I take the earrings off. Oh, yes a Tiffany bracelet that I never take off my hubs bought in NYC at Tiffany's. I sound like a gypsy. Yes? hugs♥olive

  34. I love jewelry. During the day when I'm home, a ring on each hand, my watch, earrings and sometimes a simple necklace. If I go out, I pull out the interesting things.

  35. I tend to wear or not wear jewelry based on my mood of the day. When I'm in a happy mood I wear tons of it, sad mood...almost none.
    I do love jewelry though, I can't resist a pretty piece.
    Sweet Pickles and Chocolate

  36. My mother-in-law is a terrific gifter. She buys me things if she sees something I might like.
    I usually wear the basics (Earrings and wedding rings) plus a special item for occasions.
    Right now, I am wearing a tiny gold key necklace.

  37. I love the idea of jewelry, too, but usually only wind up wearing earrings and sometimes a bracelet. I DO have some very pretty necklaces, though. I just love to look at them. Practical, I am not. What's funny is, when I lived in CA, I wore TONS of jewelry (all at once). I think that it depends on where you're from - Texas, for example, is big on jewelry.

    This bracelet and your photo is really inspiring!

    Love, Katy

  38. Just a Timex, my wedding band and some earrings. I have never owned any "good" jewelry, well I do have some "real" pearls, but I rarely dress up or wear necklaces and never bracelets.

  39. I really don't wear much jewelry. I also have my Timex watch, and my wedding ring and that is it. And my wedding ring was handmade and doesn't have a diamond, so is lovely, but plain. I wish I knew how to wear more jewelry (or had more jewelry to wear, actually). I always love how other people look wearing necklaces etc., but I just don't know how to combine clothes and jewelry! I also am a plus size, so like a necklace doesn't seem like it has any room to fit on me, and bracelets are never big enough..... oh well, I do wear my pearl earrings once inawhile when I want to dress up!

    Hugs from Michigan - Diane


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