Friday, October 14, 2011

Milk Glass. Yes, More.

For those of you who have been visiting here for awhile, you will recognize this post as one of my biannual favorites. For those of you who are fairly new, well, I will just come out and say it:

My name is Mary, and I am a milk glass-a-holic.

Last week found me at one of my favorite local rummage sales -- the Visiting Nurse Association of Somerset Hills Rummage Sale. Twice a year, I descend on the Housewares tent and troll for milk glass. I have way too many pieces already, but somehow I can never help myself. This beautiful set by Westmoreland Glass Co. came home with me. ;)

And while we're on the subject of my foibles, I have to tell you a little story about this purchase. Do you see how one of the candlesticks is upside down in the photo above? When I first brought this set home, I didn't realize that they were candlesticks. Were they little shallow bowls? Finger bowls, perhaps? Then I thought that they were made to hold pillar candles. After a few days, I suddenly realized that I had them upside down.


I did get a few other pieces as well. But I'll save them for a later confession post. In the meantime, please tell me that you have a collection that overruns your house, too. You do, right? :)


  1. I'm laughing Mary and your pieces are lovely. As for a collection that is taking us, sorry but I thought about it once. Happy Friday!


  2. you have really really turned me on to milk glass! my mom has a lot of you can just guess where i am headed this morning~
    i am a newbie..and i am learning a lot from great bloggers like you.

  3. Books. Books are running over the place. It's always lovely to see what you've found at the flea or the latest rummage sale. There are so many good ones in the fall! I think these candlesticks will be lovely over the holidays.

  4. China - dishes and plates, too many incomplete sets - just picked up 10 "Country Days" plates that we used at Thanksgiving - great brown and white transferware. My husband really doesn't know how much I have. I'll keep it that way.

  5. I can't wait for the next "confession".. er milk glass post! I too have this habit. You can't beat white. It just goes with everything and every season. I've never seen these pieces before, but they are lovely.. so thick and rich. Vanilla malt, cream in my coffee, my white hairs... it's a color of charm.
    Have a great weekend.
    Ladybug Creek

  6. Mugs, plates, fabric (oh yes, very much fabric), more fabric, china and so much more....
    You see, you're not alone....

  7. Oh yes, I do! I have way too many pieces of brown transferware, but I keep buying anyway. Storage is becoming a problem. Sally

  8. Mary I have the same addiction as you! I love your newest Milk Glass finds! My last big purchase was a pitcher and matching glasses...I swooned when I got them at a price I could afford! Of course I also have dishes everywhere and cats and flamingos..oh my!
    hugs, Linda

  9. Books. And fabric. Not really as deliberate collections - they just happen. The fabric is mostly corralled but the books - they take over!

    Milk glass is so pretty. And I think you could use the candleholders upsidedown as well - put a tea light into them?

  10. Hello! Yes my house is overrun with teapots and teacups! I love the candle sticks upside down- just the right size for a cupcake to fit in it!
    I just started to collect tiny little vases of milk glass for a future tea-party I have planned.
    Have a great week!

  11. Lorry and Donna -- I love the idea of a tea light or a cupcake on the upside down candlesticks! Than you! xoxo

    And thanks, everyone, for letting me know that I am not the only crazed collector out there... :)

  12. Wow these pieces are so pretty. I think the candle holders are very versatile. No, I'm not overrun with a collection, just a hodge podge of this and that!

  13. Love it; the pieces are so pretty. I'm a dish collector myself (tea cups and transferware are my vices) so I understand what you mean. :)

  14. Oh Mary, I have numerous collections that are taking over my house. I am beginning to think that it is an illness and guess what. Because of your beautiful collection of milk glass I began another collection of....... you guessed it, Milk Glass. I was soooooooooooo coveting all those pieces you have shared on your blog.

    These new pieces of yours are just gorgeous and if I had seen them they would have definitely come home with me too. Here in our area I don't come across too much milk glass that are unusual such as the pieces that you just found. I made mention of that on my blog once and a very dear friend who lives here but was in the mountains of NC at the time, came across a beautiful ruffeled candy dish and brought it home to me. She had just read my blog. It is now my most cherished piece.

    Keep collecting and don't give it a thought. My DH's new line is, "Do we really NEED that?" Of course we do!!!!

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  15. They are lovely and unusual. I've never seen them before. The daffodil candleholders will be perfect in the Spring!

  16. Just ran across your blog. The milk glass caption caught my eye. I know what you mean about collections. We have way too many at our house-but it is an (usually) inexpensive hobby to scout antique mall, yard sales and thrift stores for another treasure. Now off to read past posts of your blog.

  17. The milk glass is beautiful, Mary. I suppose I have little collections of things. I like to pick up bits of pottery from my travels. It's not an extensive collection, but useful and beautiful.

  18. This is a gorgeous set Mary! I have a pretty good collection of milkglass too. It is just fo pretty and goes with everything.

  19. Love milk glass- and this set is just gorgeous. I used to be a big fan of antique irons, so I have quite a few. But books- now, that's my passion.

  20. Great and elegant finds. I love white pieces because they complement everything.

  21. I love milk glass also. When I was a little girl, I lived in Grapeville, Pa. That is where the Westmoreland Glass Factory was located. I would walk past the factory every to school.

    I remember once or twice a year they would have a huge factory sale. Women would come from miles around to purchase their glass.

    The Westmoreland Milk Glass is some of my most treasured pieces.

  22. I like it upside down! I would look sweet with shells in it! Beautiful milk glass! ♥

  23. Of course we all have collections! You are not alone in your obsession. I am right up there with you. :) I can't pass by anything vintage from the 50's without picking it up. I just love collecting! Kit

  24. Mary, You really cracked me up with this post! You can never have too much milk glass. I also have a set of candle holders that are decorative upside down. I was at the VNA sale in the spring but couldn't make the autumn sale.

  25. I love your milk glass, its beautiful. I think we are all some kind of addicts (french faience here) or we wouldn't be here, you are not alone............thanks for hosting

    The French Hutch

  26. Hi Mary!
    I missed the VNA sale -- again! -- as we were out at the beach house painting old furniture. Dang. I need more weekends in my year.

    LOVE the upside down candleholder story. Hahahaha....

    As for what I collect ... pretty much dust bunnies right now!

  27. The collection that overruns our house is, sadly (although, it depends on who you ask), legos! Sometimes, in the dark, it's like walking over broken glass.....


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