Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Just a Few Thoughts

It's a beautiful spring day here in New Jersey, and I was able to find some pink ranunculus yesterday.  I took a few photos, but I've got more plans for these beauties tomorrow.

I often listen to cable news as I work at my desk during the day, editing photos or doing the dozens of other tasks that come with a photography business.  This afternoon, I listened as Vice President Joe Biden spoke at the memorial service for slain MIT officer, Sean Collier.  He was 26 years old -- the same age as my son.  By the time James Taylor was singing "Shower the People" along with the MIT acapella choir, tears were streaming down my face.  How often do we take the people in our lives for granted?

Well, that's my little menopause moment for the day.  I really only posted here to invite you all to join me tomorrow for Thursday's Inspiration.  The word prompt is trees.  The post will be up by 2:00pm.   I'm in the process of loading Photoshop and all my photoshop actions onto a new computer.  Wish me luck!


  1. I know you meant the 'menopause' moment with a bit of humor, but it was real raw emotion. Sometimes I would not blame God for flooding this earth again. My son just turned 25 on Monday....I can only image the pain that young officers parents are going through.

    Thanks for sharing
    blessings, jill

  2. Such emotion just spills out. Such a young officer. My own son is 29 and when such a young person is killed, I think about the parents and family who are grieving. I can't imagine it.

  3. Mary,
    How can one hear of those who have lost their meaningful lives and not be moved.
    We live in such different times than what we grew up knowing.
    Good luck with your photo endeavors!
    Just this week I made a move and am now having trouble finding my comments in Blogger!

  4. Sadly I think we often take out loved ones for granted. This was a great reminder. And that photo!!!! Oh my goodness that is stunning.

  5. Reality...sometimes is so painful...eye brings us all back from beautiful dreams of flowers!..:)JP

  6. Beautiful! I've had tears streaming down my face, in the past week or so for the very same reason. I had seen a quote on Pinterest, "treat everyone as if it's their last day to live." But, when I heard that someone who I like, who comes to our home for Christmas dinner but, who I pull back from a little, was near the blasts - thrown back and cut up a little. The guilt and revelation!!!! How much more the people around me all of the time? But, then, with vexation, I think as Mr. Bennett does about his revelatory thoughts, "don't worry, it will soon pass and, probably much more quickly than it ought to." =/

    Beautiful image, Mary!!


  7. It has been a rough week. I hope you have good luck with the new computer.

  8. Such a stunning photograph. I love that shade of pink.


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