Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Does anyone send old-fashioned letters anymore?  It seems as if our world has broadened to include "friends" from across the globe, while at the same time our conversations have contracted to 140 characters or less.  And although it is always lovely to read about our friends on Facebook, or garner some comments on the blog, I wonder if we are losing the ability to think deeply and to translate those thoughts into words.  I also wonder if we are leaving our children with no letters -- no examples of our penmanship, our memories, our thoughts, our lives...  after all, how many of our emails will ever be saved?

Just a few random thoughts for today...  :)

Please join me tomorrow for Thursday's Inspiration.  The word prompt is bread.  My post will be up by 2:00 pm New York time.  Hope to see you!  xoxo


  1. Mary.. I agree with you..With penmanship no longer being taught in the public schools, it is up to us as parents and family to teach our kids to write..
    what better way than to start at an early age with thank you notes! I was gifted by my mom long before starting gifted I mean she taught me to first WRITE and then to READ.. what an awesome gift and legacy..I passed this on to my kids..
    sadly in this generation of instant gratification, rapidly advancing technology, I fear this generation will be left out in the cold..there is no better way to preserve our past than with written letters and records..
    hopefully they will wake up before it is too late!
    to answer your question, YES I do!!
    thanks for addressing this timely subject!

  2. This is so true Mary. I got a sweet note card from a friend yesterday out of the blue and was so delighted. We Facebook but to get the actual notecard was very special. I also got a few Easter cards in the mail and my dear sister always sends a note and does the envelope up with pretty stamps and such. She takes such thought and care in every letter she sends. I'm not one to mail things and my hand writing is so awful, probably because of lack of use, that I don't bother much. It's definitely becoming a lost art. I really like your photo. Pamela

  3. A handwritten note or letter in the mail is truly something special these days. I have bundles of letters and cards tied up with ribbons that I treasure. Your photo is so beautiful.

  4. I have not written a letter and mailed it in yrs..
    I think its a good thing to do and surprise
    someone.. You just gave me an idea!! Yeah!!!

  5. Dear Mary, you hit the nail on the head, and I have often mourned this sad truth. I've written about it, extensively, and blogged about the lost art of handwritten letters back in February. Letters are forever, and I'm so glad I still write them and still have almost all of the love letters exchanged between me and The Man. They are treasures now.

    If you'd care to read my thoughts,

    Looking forward to tomorrow's party, although on second thought I'll have to dig deep for this prompt. :)

  6. Mary ... loved this post. I am currently reading Dear Julia ... the letters between Julia Child and Avis DeVoto....wonderful! What beautiful letters ... full of spirit and love and information. So sad to think we don't write letters anymore. I have a pen pal and I try to get a note off to her each month.

  7. I must admit, I no longer write hand written letters...printed from the laptop...yes!...:)JP

  8. Not so much letters, but I do like to send cards for occasions and just because. My penmanship has suffered since we don't write as much any more.
    If all the computers and back up systems crashed, where would the memories be without words on paper?

  9. And the real sad thing - children are not learning to write properly. Many schools are not teaching cursive writing anymore - where is their proper signature? Many can't communicate properly with out a key pad. Can you tell? This is a touchy subject for me. I started a post on this subject a while back and never finished - still in draft form. :( I have been picking up a friend's mail for her, as she is out of town. She does send cards on special occasions and holidays, and always writes long, well written letters/notes in them. In picking up her mail I see that she is a recipient of the same type of correspondence, as I have collected a large stack of personal mail for her. So yes - there are still people that communicate in hand written messages, but the numbers are certainly dwindling fast. :/
    Enjoy your evening.

  10. I agree with your thoughts on writing letters the old-fashioned way. A couple of years ago I decided to make a concentrated effort to send hand-written letters to my friends and family. Some of them respond in kind and some don't, but I still keep on writing. I enjoy the time it takes to quiet my mind and write and I always find myself relaxed and more focused afterward. Not to mention that when I do receive a hand-written response, it is an absolute thrill!

  11. It is so sad that we are not teaching our children and grandchildren writing. We had a writing class and we were graded. Now you can't even read what the write. I used to write my cousin a letter every week but now with unlimited long distance calling I call twice a week.

  12. Mary,
    I understand your concerns of a 'lost art', indeed!
    Each year, I receive less and less Christmas cards.
    Now, those that do come are signed with a single line phrase and the signature!
    I am so very blessed to have three 'Pen Pals' that I write to a least once~a~month.
    I try to get a hand~written letter off every two weeks when time avails!!!
    Greeting cards are sent to those who are ill or celebrating an occasion of close friends!
    I believe that blogging has filled many voids in my world.
    Keyboarding, while not quite the same, still keeps me in close contact with dear you!!!

  13. In many school districts around my area they are delaying teaching cursive writing until the 4th grand and debating getting rid of it altogether! :)

  14. A luminous image, Mary! and I feel just the same as you about letters!! and, how, about the simple ability to enjoy a deep and long face to face conversation? =/

    I had this clever thought that I might write a long overdue letter to a blogging friend in Holland while I was on the plane! There is something so tangible about receiving a letter from a computer friend! (and I REFUSE to do it with my thumbs! =P) =)



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