Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mosaic Monday: Chinese Dogwood

It's been a bit of a busy week here, and somehow I totally forgot about Mosaic Monday!  But, better late than never, right?  So, here we go...

Our Chinese Dogwood tree was absolutely loaded with blossoms this year.  I guess maybe it was all the precipitation we had this winter?  Anyway, I'm so glad I got the chance to go out and shoot them while they lasted.  :)

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  1. Yea, I am so happy that you remembered and the Dogwood blossoms are so beautiful. I always find them lovely and we have quite a few wild ones that grow on our 2 acres. I have purchased and planted a couple of the Red and pink ones, but the creamy white ones are still my favorites. Have a happy week Mary~

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  3. No bloom lasts quite as long as we'd like it to. Your dogwoods are exquisite and, in company with the vintage book, delightful. My favorite is the open book.

  4. How pretty ( as always ) ! :) Thank you for hosting and for always having the best photography ...: )

  5. Beautiful still life with them on the book.
    Thanks for hosting!!

  6. The lighting of the dogwood is gorgeous, Mary, and I love how you incorporate the book into the photos as well. Thank you for hosting; it's been quite a while since I've joined in that am happy to be back this week.


  7. Hello Mary, I love the beautiful dogwood blooms. They are gorgeous trees while in bloom! Thanks for hosting, wishing you a happy week ahead!

  8. So exquisite and elegant are the images of your Chinese Dogwood, Mary. The last photo is mysteriously enchanting! I've not been able to participate in a while, but am happy to be back! Mind you, it's already after 1 am, here in the Med, so I'll pop over to visit everyone tomorrow! Thanks for hosting and have a super summery week!


  9. wow what an amazing flower. I love it! I have never seen one before. Is it a large tree? so beautiful.
    I missed last week. Thanks for hosting Mary, and have a lovely week. Summer in your half of the world and winter down here.

    1. Jill, they are a smallish tree, but beautiful in bloom and again in fruit. The fruit is decorative, but beautiful. :)

  10. Dogwood blossoms are so pretty, Mary! We are having a few Dogwoods planted in our landscaping this summer.

  11. Pretty......thanks so much for being such a loyal host.
    Have a good 4th

  12. A beautiful and delicate looking flower!!!...:)JP

  13. LOVE dogwoods! One of my favorite Southern trees ~ they sparkle in the woods. Thanks for sharing and hosting this week's party. Glad to reconnect. Ciao, Suzanne

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  15. Just beautiful. Every time I visit I want to join in. Then time passes and it doesn't happen. One of these days I WILL participate. For now, though, I must say I love the dogwoods on the books, and the glowy look you have to your photos. Beautiful mosaic.


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