Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mosaic Monday: Kensington Palace

I don't know what is wrong with me lately.  I keep forgetting about Mosaic Monday!  This week, I do have something of an excuse -- with the holiday weekend here in the United States, I just forgot what day it is.  :)

Anyway, here are a few photos from our trip to London last month.  This is Kensington Palace -- specifically, the King's State Apartments, sumptuously decorated in the reign of George II and Queen Caroline.  The Queen's State Apartments were closed for renovations, so I will just have to go back to visit them, right?  ;)

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  1. Stunning photos of Kensington Palace, Mary! Such grand and ornate halls, precious and priceless paintings, and period elegance. Thanks for sharing and for hosting! Have a lovely week!


  2. Kensington Palace has opulence everywhere your lens takes us. I think another trip will be in order to share the Queen's State apartments.

  3. Magnificent! I didn't go on that tour when I was I must go back! Thanks for hosting.

  4. Awesome interiors of the palace.

  5. What a magnificent palace! It is exciting to see your photos,Mary.

  6. Mary, thanks for sharing your visit to the Kensington Palace. It is beautiful, it reminds me of the Windsor Castle tour I took during my visit to London..Thanks for hosting, have a happy week!.

  7. Thank you Mary for Mosaic Monday. What stunning views on the Kings State Apartments. Such treasures.

  8. Hi Mary, what glorious photographs. When I visited London I did get to visit Windsor Castle. My friend lived nearby and it was magical. Kensington Palace looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing your photos in such a lovely way.

  9. Beautiful photos of Kensington Palace. I read that Will and Kate are doing up an apartment in the palace for themselves. A lovely place to live, I would imagine.

  10. Thank you for sharing this. What a beautiful place to visit. A beautiful mosaic!
     When i look at English stylish royal residence and their surrondings, my heart beats faster. It's called Passion.

    Eva Jorunn :-)

  11. How wonderful Mary, I didn't realise that Kensington Palace was open to the public.
    I'll definitely put it on my list for next years visit.
    Imagine living in such surroundings - amazing.

  12. Oh love these Mary. Kensington is one place I have not visited yet. Hope to soon though.


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