Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mosaic Monday: Walking London

Hyde Park

Buckingham Palace

St. James Park, with Buckingham Palace in the distance

Big Ben, and St. Paul's Cathedral

Westminster Abbey, and the Buckingham Palace gates

Buckingham Palace

St. James Park

Westminster Abbey

We had such a wonderful vacation in London in June, that whenever life gets particularly stressful the first thing we say to each other is "Let's go back to London!"  :)

On our first full day there, we walked a great deal, just taking in all the sights.  Here are a few photos that I don't think I ever shared with you.  I love the beautiful and historic architecture, and the fabulous parks.  One of my absolute favorite cities!

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  1. Of course, I love your beautiful take on it! <3 What a fairy book land - I mean... just the architecture! I mean.... I wish I had something in VT that looked like that! (and you totally know why! ;) ) I'm so happy for your family - that you got to share that special time together!! :)


  2. Mary, lovely scenes from London.. When I was there Big Ben was covered with scaffolding..wonderful photos and memories of your trip! Thanks for hosting, have a happy week!

  3. Your London photo's are beautiful Mary. Isn´t it the most wonderful place. Happy MM.

  4. Wonderful scenes of London, Mary!!

  5. What a fabulous trip! And I like that....Let's go back to London! It works! Happy Monday! Hugs, Diane

  6. Loved your London photos. Thanks for Mosaic Monday. Love joining in.

  7. Oh Mary, I can see why you enjoy is just so magical. Thank you for these shares, they are wonderful. Have a great week~~

  8. What beautiful photos...
    Thanks so much for being such a loyal host...I don't know what we'd do without Mosaic Monday. :)

  9. London is such a great place for walking to see the sites. We enjoyed it too. I kept here nursery rhymes in my head - 'they are changing the guards at Buckingham Palace, Christopher Robin went down with Alice".
    Have a great week and thankyou for hosting.

  10. These are wonderful! I can only imagine how nice it would be to take such a vacation.

  11. Wow lots of history in those images. MB

  12. You did a fine walk and brought some very nice pictures to us!
    Thanks for sharing them ... Frauke

  13. this is my neighbourhood and its only when I see the appreciation of others that I remember to be more thankful - the juxtaposed contrast between the parks and the architecture is striking

  14. Love your blog! Such beautiful photos, it is a treat. Please be patient as I haven't mastered collages but I am sure with a little help from my daughter this weekend (freshly graduated from college) it won't take long. Thank you for sharing such pretty images!

  15. Hi Mary, sorry I don't have much time for blogging or reading other blogs but I popped into your today and I see there is a mistake on the last photograph, you have got Westminster Abbey but it is Westminster Bridge with the Houses of Parliament on the left as you look at it and Portcullis House on the right. Great photographs. I was in London recently and went on the London Eye and on a boat trip. It is lovely to visit for a day but I couldn't go back and live there after our quiet life in Surrey!!! Jackie in Surrey, UK.x

  16. These are just wonderful photo's.


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