Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mosaic Monday: Goodbye

I'm a little sad, and yet a little relieved, to say that this will be my last Mosaic Monday post.  For the past several years, I have found it hard to keep up with this weekly duty -- first because an overuse injury to my hand has kept me from commenting on other blogs, and secondly, because of time constraints.  I have found that I'm not taking as many photos purely for my own enjoyment as I used to, and that is something that I need to work more on in the future.  For whatever else I do with my camera, I want to make sure that I am always following my heart.

So I have removed the advertising from my blog, and I am giving up Mosaic Monday.  If anyone wishes to take over and keep it going, please email me, and I will announce it on the blog later this week.  I will be keeping the blog available, though I'm not sure how often I will be posting.  Hopefully, that will be only when I have something worthwhile that I wish to share.  In the meantime, I have to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all your comments and encouragement throughout the years.  You have been such a large part of my life!  xoxo

Edited to add: Great news!  Judith, from Lavender Cottage, has offered to host Mosaic Monday.  Please join her next week.  She will be posting around 2:00pm EST.

Here are the instructions to join today's post:
1. Publish your Mosaic Monday post. The post may be about any subject you wish. The only stipulation is that it include a collage, or mosaic of photos.
2. Once it is published, click on the title of the post. This will lead you to the static link for your post. The static link is the page with only that post on it. Copy the url from your browser at the top of the page.
3. Paste the url into the appropriate inlinkz box in this post.
4. Type your name in the appropriate inlinkz box in this post.
5. Click on "Enter."
6. Please link back to this Mosaic Monday post so that your readers can find other wonderful mosaics.
That's all there is to it! It's always a good idea to then check and see if your link is working. If you have any questions, feel free to email me: marycarroll222(at)


  1. Mary, I also wanted to say thank you for being such a great hostess of Mosaic Monday..

    1. It seems my first comment went missing.. I can understand that life gets in the way of blogging and you need to move on.. I will miss Mosaic Monday, it was the first meme I joined when I started blogging.. So thank you for starting Mosaic Monday, it has been fun! Good luck with your photography!

  2. thank you for keeping it up this long! :) Much appreciated :)

  3. Hello dear Mary
    There are times in all our lives when we have to make hard decisions.
    I appreciate what you're saying and wish you the very best.
    Many, many thank yous for hosting this delightful meme, week upon week for so many years.
    It was the first "party" I joined as a new blogger.
    I have always been captivated by your photography skills - especially your still life shoots which I try to emulate from time to time.
    You have awakened and opened up a whole new world for me - thank you! I have learnt so much from you.

    Much love
    Shane xox

  4. I appreciate your introduction to creating mosaics for many bloggers, myself included. Thank you so much for sharing your photography and encouraging us to learn from you.
    I've sent you an email of interest to carry on MM.

  5. I sure have appreciated you and all of the effort you've made to bring us a fun party every week. I've learned so much and made so many blog friends through the mosaics. Thank you very much, dear Mary. I'm sorry you'll be stopping but I hope...HOPE...someone else will keep it going. I'm wishing you the very best in the future. Sweet hugs, Diane

  6. Dear Mary,

    I can understand how time and other things can play a pivotal role in one's blogging journey. I have been linking up my mosaic posts for quite a while now, here, in your pretty place of inspiration, and I want to thank you for being such a lovely role model with regards to your talents in photography. Interestingly, I discovered your beautiful blog via an article I read about you somewhere in cyberspace, but can't recall where, at this moment! I wish you all the very best in your future endeavours, and hope that you will follow your heart and continue to illustrate life through your lens!


  7. Hello, Mary

    I've not been a regular participant, but have enjoyed joining in with Mosaic Monday now and again. I'll be sure to take a look at anything you choose to post in the future.

    Wishing you well,

  8. Mary, your decision to say farewell is bittersweet for you, I'm sure. Follow your heart. It can only bring smiles!...:)JP

  9. Mary, thank you so much for hosting the weekly event as long as you have - I always appreciated what you did.
    But I am well aware, things change. Wishing you nothing but good luck and happiness n what you do.
    I did not have anything to contribute this week - need to dig in the archives and see what I can find.

  10. Thank you so much for hosting this meme. I have loved participating and learning from you. We will miss you and MM.

  11. Dear Mary, I quite understand your mix of sadness and relief. Mosaic Monday has been a wonderful introduction for so many of us - it's why I learned to make collages! Thank you so much for giving your time through all these years, and for providing a place for so many bloggers to meet. I wish you every good thing in all your future adventures, and I look forward to seeing a post from you once in a while.

  12. So sorry to see your party end, but being true to your heart is first and foremost! Lots of luck to you, going forward!

  13. Mary,
    Truly understandable, dear friend!
    I visit regularly, but due to time constraints, I'm guilty of not leaving a comment.
    I am truly inspired by your gorgeous photography!!!
    Thank youfor the many, many Mosaic Mondays!!!
    Looking forward to keeping in contact through FB.

  14. Mary - I think this was my first link up, and while I am sad to see you won't be hosting anymore, I understand the need to move on, especially if it has become a burden. I hope you continue to post your amazing images here and on IG.
    All the best, Shirley

  15. I am glad to have participated, however briefly, and totally understand your need to prioritize your time, and your life. I will look forward to the times you do post, and know you are following your heart at other times. Enjoy!

  16. Mary I am sad to see you leaving as host of Mosaic Monday but I fully understand time constraints, obligations and wanting to keep a portion of photography for pure fun! I've enjoyed by years of participating with you!!! {{{ Hugs}}}

  17. Good luck with photography!
    All the best, Jorunn

  18. Sorry to see MM go, but I do understand the trials of hosting a weekly blog party. I didn't last nearly as long as you did.

    All the best with your photography ... and whatever future adventures you set out to enjoy.

  19. And I just started. :( I have a similar camera like yours :)
    Is anybody willing to take over from here?

  20. Thank you so much for hosting........

    Best wishes,

  21. First, thank you for hosting! I joined your blog and linking up to mosaic posts just recently... but even like this, I loved to see what fine job can be done by working with the idea of photos collage in posts!! Many thanks and all the best to you!

  22. Mary thanks for inspiring us with your photos, and for hosting my favorite meme all these years … encouraging many of us in our photography and creativity. I wish you all the best.

  23. Mary, what a sad day for us "Mosaic Mondayers". It has always been a wonderful start to my week for a few years now. Yours was the very first link up that I ever posted to - I had been inspired by your wonderful still life images which has led me into food photography. I am so sad to see you go, but understand, and wish you good health and happiness and all the bestl for your endeavors in the future. You have been a wonderful host, and inspired so many of us to take better pics, and led us to meeting many wonderful bloggers from all over the world on our own journeys. Thank you so much Mary. I hope that someone will follow in your footsteps, and that we will "see" you from time to time. Your photography really is so beautiful.

  24. I am really sad to see this go. While I enjoy Mosaic Mondays, I really enjoy seeing your photography. I hope you will post here occasionally so we might enjoy this special talent you have. You really have a good eye for capturing the beauty in everything.

  25. Mary, good wishes to you and thanks for hosting this link up. Sorry to say I discovered your blog late and therefore haven't had the opportunity to get to know you or other regulars as well as I would have liked. I must thank you though because it was my desire to be a part of this group that made me seek out, and learn, and then do mosaics on my blog. You've had an impact.

  26. It is complete co-incidence that I happened to visit here in time to leave a comment. I have been visiting blogs less and less even though I have been taking more and more photos (and instagramming more and more lol!). I am impressed at how long you have hosted this weekly link up and whenever I visit I am always happy to spend quite a bit of time scrolling through the link ups. Yours are always above and beyond the best photos and you keep getting better and better. I hope to continue to find your images on Flickr or here for continued inspiration. Have fun in your photography adventures! I have no doubt that whatever you do you will be successful.


  27. Mary, thank YOU for your commitment to Mosaic Monday. It introduced me to making collages and to the hope that I could take better photos and that's the least of introduced me to so many wonderful bloggers. The party became sooooo popular that I couldn't keep up with the visits. It's been an amazing run, Mary. I hope that you are proud of all you created. On to new challenges!

  28. Thank you, Mary, for hosting Mosaic Monday for so long. I have met so many wonderful bloggers through this link up. I haven't been as faithful a participant in the past few months as I've found it hard to keep up with commenting on the other blogs. Your photos have been inspirational. Thank you!

  29. Thank you for keeping Mosaic Monday as long as you did. I participated every now and then. I've thought of doing my own link party but see the time restrictions that it involves so have always just been a participant in the many link parties in blogland. Good luck with your photography.

  30. Sad to see you go. I have always enjoyed your photography and the opportunity to slip by (mostly in secret) each week to see what you created, but I so understand where you are at the moment! Wishing you all the best!

    xo Kat

  31. An outpouring of love.... =) Even though I haven't contributed but a few times, I've enjoyed MM and, actually, learned so much from it. Add to that, how much I've loved your beautiful collections of images... where I first got the idea to tell stories with photos! (Do you realize that? ;) ) So much love and hope and encouragement to you as you follow your heart!


  32. and, Mary!! I wish to billy-bonkers that I could create a still life like you do! Man!! =P


  33. I haven't participated but have been enjoying others . I am sorry to hear your hand is giving you pain I understand I have Arthritis in mine and there are days picking up my camera or typing can be painful . I hope all to be well with you and thanks for hosting the Mosaic Mondays all these years with your fantastic photography . Take care blog sister we will miss you !

  34. Hi Mary, I think this is a wise choice. For myself I have found it difficult to play so it must be doubly hard for you. I will keep in touch thru Facebook on Google+. I hope your journey in photography is in the valley of a wave and when the wrist has time to heal you will be soaring the top of the waves again. Take care my dear friend, Jen xo


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