Thursday, February 7, 2008

Book Bling

Book.....bling?! Yes, a lot of old books have the most beautiful covers. Here are a few from the shelves at our Little Red House:

They don't really make books like this anymore, do they? Don't these beautiful covers just invite you in?

Happy reading, dear bloggers!

Forgive me for not visiting all of you recently. My daughter has been sick, and my house is in dire need of cleaning, and all I want to do is bury my head in a book until spring. I will look forward to visiting you all over the weekend, when I'll have time to sit and chat. :)


  1. Love your books Mary! The Elsie Dinsmore one is beautiful:>) Hope your daughter feels better soon. I can relate to how you feel. I am running behind too!

  2. Very pretty. I especially loved the red one one in your stack :-)

    Hope all gets back to normal soon. I have been hearing more and more about the nasty ole flu bug making it's rounds.

    ((hugs)) Rosie

  3. Oh, Mary! How wonderful these old books are! This is my weakness... I always come home with old books every time I go out exploring the antique shops or flea markets!

    I am at home with my mom right now, in what you would call dish heaven! I will share my pics when I return home! Hope your daughter gets better soon!


  4. Oh, I do so love your vintage, beautiful books, Mary. And, your bookshelves that your daddy built!! You and I share the love for books and that's a GOOD thing.
    I do hope your daughter is better...
    It will take me a few days to catch up on my visiting, too.
    hugs, bj

  5. Dear Mary,
    after ma first visit on your blog I must say: everything is beautiful and heartwarming, the books look interesting...
    Have a nice time, I will come again.
    Many greetings from Gabriele - Germany

  6. Hi Mary Those old books are wonderful! You're right, they don't make them like that anymore. The new books for children these days have amazing artwork in them which I also enjoy, but nothing like the patina of an old book. I wish I could bring you some of the sunshine and mild weather we're having here. My heart goes out to you because I remember that I felt just like you during the long greay days of winter in Canada. If I lived near you I would show up at your front door with a pot of daffodils to cheer you!
    Rhondi xo

  7. Hope it's not long before things are back to normal for you and your daughter is feeling much better. Thanks for sharing the wonderful books. More snow here today, ugh!!!! Think Spring, Think Spring....Janie

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  9. No need to visit, take care of your daughter and your family. Hope that she is feeling well soon.

    Yes, I agree with you, those graphics are incredible. I love to have vintage books all over the house and recycle them according to their titles. Sometimes those titles express things perfectly.

    (Sorry about the delete; maybe I need to stop visiting until I get it together.)

  10. Mary..I hope your daughter gets better all your old books too...I adore old books.

  11. I love old book covers ... in fact I'll buy a book based on its cover! :) Hope your daughter feels better soon. ~ Lynda xo

  12. Being a book lover, these are wonderful. I just love old books, new books- any books. What would life be without them? I do like your wondeful built-in bookcases!

  13. Mary, What a wonderful way to spend your time at home - surrounded by the things you love. I read your request for any info about your round porcelain container with lid and hole in the bottom. It's used for holding early condensed milk tins at the table, usually with an underplate and a small ladle. As a collector of the tins, we started by collecting these containers!They are lovely and many use them today to hold a preserve jar - not so heavy that it would crack the porcelain though. They are still lovely to look at and imagine the times before Half and Half, when the best china was placed out for tea or coffee! Best wishes and will have to learn more about the whole blogging concept and sites. It's wonderful and I enjoyed reading about your life! Have a great day!

  14. Oh, be still, my teacher's heart!
    Book...bling - so original. I love it! Hope all is well at your house soon.
    Take good care.

  15. Oh Mary,

    Love those old books. It's true the covers are wonderful! Hope your dear daughter is better soon!
    Nothing like a mom's TLC to make them better.

  16. Oh Mary, now that is true bling indeed! I absolutely love that last one. You know, between the pretty dishes and the passion for old books you really speak my language!!

    It's finally done in our house, and I know it's a yucky one. Hope your daughter feels better soon.


  17. Okay this will make me sound really old, but i remember reading and loving Elsie Dinsmore. I on't think the book was quite that old, but my memory is fading, LOL.


  18. Mary such lovely old books.
    Hope your daughter is feeling better.

  19. Love those books -- works of artistry -- each and every one! Of course -- books were prized possessions to be cherished years ago! Hope your daughter feels better soon! And I feel the same way around Rosemary Cottage -- the dust bunnies are organizing an uprising -- and the cats consider piles of dirty laundry as conveient beds!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  20. Hi Mary
    Hope your daughter feels well soon!
    Aren't old books the best? I have a few and they are such treasures! You seem like you really enjoy them all!
    My son is in NYC at college, on crutches, and has the flu, too! Poor kid!
    See you on the weekend!

  21. Elsie Dinsmore looks so inviting. I love old books also, and I love collecting children's books especially. I have an invitation for you...

    You are invited to a World-Wide Giveaway. How nice...just in time for Valentine’s Day. Stop by my post today and leave a comment to enter mine, and follow the yellow brick road to the links to skatey-eight bloggers from around the world who are participating. Have a lovely day. Blessings, Karen

  22. Beautiful!! I love old books as well. The illustrations are always amazing. My most amazing old book find was at an antique store a few hours away where I found a beautiful old bible that was actually my great great great grandmothers and it had handwritten letters of hers inside. It was unbelievable.

  23. books are precious. You're so creative Mary, I would never have come up with the title 'book bling.'


  24. Love your books. I am always looking for old books.

  25. Mary, it never ceases to amaze me at the treasures that fill your home! You are one lucky lady, not only to have these things, but to be able to appreciate them too! Hope your daughter is feeling better now. Have a lovely weekend sweetie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  26. Oh, I just looooove old books! My sister sent me a stack of 10 for Christmas and it's been such a joy to read them. You are right, they just don't make them like they used to!

    Thanks so much for this post!!

    Best, Jen :)


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