Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Winter White

My kitchen is tres chic (much more so than I am!) in winter white this season. The covered pheasant tureen is a constant in our house, just moving from place to place with each season.

The milk glass is a favorite, too. I also display it in the dining room, where it catches the light. The goblet shown here was an antiques store find -- quite an adventure. The flowers are to preserve my sanity until spring.

This is the time of year when I would love an all-white decorating scheme, with sunlight pouring in through the windows. I guess I'm just craving the light!

The white Necco hearts are from my daughter -- she doesn't like that flavor, so she gives them to Mom. Luckily, they fit the color scheme. :)


  1. Mary, What a beautiful soup tureen. Love the milk glass, too!

  2. Mary, I just love your kitchen. Have you decided on a color for your walls?

    You have such a wonderful talent for taking beautiful pictures. Love that tureen.

    Enjoy the day, Janie

  3. Everything looks beautiful, Mary. I'm with you on the white. I love the dark comforting colors of my home....except right now! Flowers and sunshine are what I crave :-) ((hugs)) Rosie

  4. I LOVE that pheasant tureen! Have you had it a long time?

  5. Thanks, everyone! Janie, I'm considering a cafe au lait sort of color -- very milky coffee. :) I'm not close to deciding yet, though. Nonniem, I bought the tureen about six or seven years ago at TJMaxx. I have a real weakness for dishes. :)

  6. I've always wanted a creative decorating idea to get me through from Christmas to Spring - Winter white - that is a fun alternative.

  7. I never would have thought to look at TJMaxx for something like that. I'll have to go look sometime. Thanks.

  8. I have always loved all your beautiful white...the white candy hearts fit right in!! :)
    hugs, bj

  9. You have a beautiful home and exquisite taste. I just wandered over and found your site. I love it!

    The Park Wife

  10. I love the beadboard behind your treasures! Like Rosie, I'm drawn to the fall pallette. But this time of year I'm tempted to slather everything in white!!

  11. Love the white Mary! Sometimes in the darkness of winter I feel I want to paint everything white too! Bring in the lightness and sunshine. The flowers are beautiful.

  12. This post has me swooning for spring! The freshness of your white style is delightful!! What a heartwarming blog you have!
    God Bless,
    Warm Pie, Happy Home

  13. Good morning, Mary! I too love white, and your photos of your white dishes and flowers made me sing.... what a delight. Thank you

    Have a blessed day my friend!


  14. Thank you so much for visiting my site. You have a lovely blog with so many beautiful pictures. I hope it is all right that I link you to my favorite list.

  15. Mary, Beautiful photos! I totally agree about the white in winter! Although I love it all year too!! Lori

  16. Such a beautiful kitchen Mary. I love the daisies in the milk glass.

  17. Your kitchen is so beautiful, and I love that pheasant tureen of yours! I have a creamcoloured tureen by Wedgwood that is a favourite of mine, and on constant display on my dining table. But your pheasant one is just so pretty and special.

  18. I have a daughter who doesn't like chocolate ... seriously! I can't tell you how handy THAT is.

    Love all the white accessories.

  19. Good Morning Mary!

    Love your kitchen display! I so enjoyed the adventure story. :) I had a similair one like that. Stuff was piled to the ceiling and the guy said "Oh just let me know if you see something you like". Too funny. Hey, never know what treasure you'll find.


  20. Hi Mary,

    I could linger in your pretty kitchen for days! I love the way your milk glass looks on the counter - so elegant. Just lovely.


  21. Love the white! I have been spending alot of time looking at Swedish blogs lately. They are filled with light, white and peaceful homes...

    How sweet the little candy hearts are all in white!

  22. love the white!!!
    love your kitchen!!
    baci mary

  23. Your white pieces even look lovely in the light streaming frmo under the cabinets! And the bead board is such a great detail in your kitchen!

  24. I wish I was able to transport you over to my part of the world for a little visit Mary. It would lift your spirits to no end to spend some time in the aussie summer sun! I have to say, since I have a wee tad of an obsession with soup tureens right now, I am swooning over yours! lol Sending brightness your way sweetie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  25. I'm loving white right now too! My daughter also gives me the white hearts but I also get the orange ones!

    I just love your kitchen! It looks so beautiful with all your white treasures.

  26. Mary, you home is so lovely. You display everything so nicely. I agree about the fresh flowers. It brings in great energy.

  27. Winter white my favorite. Everything is just gorgeous. Karen

  28. How lovely your collections are! I really love your kitchen, it is so classy! I have the same two pieces that are in your last photo. Hmmm..we seem to have very similar taste!


  29. Mary, it's so good to see you "surface" on my blog...I've missed you! Our weather here has been pretty decent, in the 70's today but raining tonight and supposed to get "cold" for here by tomorrow. I think about all my blog friends all over the country when they talk about how bad the weather has been...ya'll stay safe and warm! I love your winter whites. I stopped at a little thrift store this afternoon and almost bought 4 plates that reminded me of you (they were 1.98 each) but have no place for any more plates! I'm trying to keep my purchases to red transferware and brown transferware but your stuff sure makes me want to buy all the floral stuff.
    Always good to hear from you - take care - Judy

  30. Hi Mary. Your kitchen is so lovely and the things you assembled on the counter are all so pretty. You take such wonderful photos. It always feels so peaceful coming to visit you. You always make me feel so welcome.
    Rhondi xo

  31. Mary it all looks so lovely and fresh.

  32. I just love the look of milk glass - I may have to start looking for some pieces for my kitchen. Beautiful!


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