Saturday, February 2, 2008

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

I often throw my stale bread under a tree in the back yard, to feed the birds. Look who came to breakfast one morning this week!

He (she?) scattered the blue jays who were feasting there, but the crows were made of sterner stuff. They chattered and chivvied and chased him to a perch in the kids' old jungle gym, and then went back to their rye bread brunch.

It was a National Geographic special in the backyard at our Little Red House! Happy Weekend, dear bloggers.


  1. I have always thought hawks were the prettiest, most regal birds:>) We have chickens and I often see one land in the tree next to their (covered) yard and gaze longingly at what he would like to be his dinner!

  2. What a great shot! Have a great weekend, Mary!

  3. What a treat to watch! He is a handsome fella :-)

  4. Hi Mary. Great photo of the hawk. I am spending a lazy morning sipping tea in my jammies and taking a trip through blogland and I came across this blog. know you like tole so check out the post for Jan 24! It is amazing! Enjoy your weekend. Rhondi xo

  5. are learning to use your new camera very well ! Great shots!
    Enjoy your weekend....
    hugs, bj

  6. Mary,

    I love hawks..we used to live on a street called Hawks Nest Lane that had a resident hawk. How wonderful that she/he stayed until you got a few photos! We have been feeding the birds too and attracted a flock of buzzards the other day! Are they called a flock? They really are kind of cool in a creepy sort of way...

  7. HI mARY, What a great camera you received last Christmas! Congratulations. It is a great shot. Do you know what bird it is? I took pictures of birds in my backyard yesterday and today, will post it later...

  8. Mary, I want a bird dinner party too! I still have the pleasure of my hummingbirds.. I'm going to try this .. I always forget to give my stale bread to the birds! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photograph.


  9. Fabulous photos, Mary! Enjoy the weekend with your feathered friends.


  10. Wow, great photos. They are so sweet too.

  11. How nice to be able to sit and watch all that in your own backyard.

  12. I love watching the birds and sounds like your morning was really interesting! Great picture!!

  13. Awesome pic! I'm so jealous - I have one who visits my backyard but I haven't been able to "capture" him yet. Ah, one day, one day.

  14. Hi Mary, I have missed you. Love your backyard photo shoot. My DH gave me a new bird feeder for Christmas. It's one of those kind you stick on the window, so it's made for some great bird watching. Drives the cat nuts though. xo Lynn

    P.S. Last Spring early on, I watched a hawk swoop down and grab a blue jay from another bird feeder we have. I was shocked.

  15. Oh, he is lovely! We get hawks here all the time.. they love to pick off the birds at our birdfeeder too. Have a lovely weekend dear Mary!

  16. I know it is just nature, but I really hate it when they kill the cute birds. Luckily they don't come around our neighborhood too often!

  17. ...Yes, I love to see a hawk visit but that is only until one grabs an unaware lil' yellow finch off of the bird feeder to have for lunch! (*sigh*)... But they are regal birds and a sight to see!

    ...Pretty photo!

    ...Blessings... :o)

  18. I love hawks, but the ones around here are downright frightening. They are HUGE. When you see them sitting on a wire or in a tree it almost stops you dead your tracks they're so big. Around here small dogs are not left unattended.

  19. Wow , he looks so proud sitting there!! Its almost like he is posing !!
    Have a great weekend !

  20. Some animals do have quite the personality about them don't they, and so fun to watch! Hope you're having a lovely day Mary!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  21. That's a great picture.

  22. Great photo. I love to chunk out all my old bread. crackaers and such.

  23. Hi Mary..
    I am thinking that's a falcon
    and not a hawk..
    and from the's a guy!

    love the pic..Deena

  24. My husband says it's an immature Cooper's Hawk. Could be a Sharp-Shinned, but they're smaller. He at first thought maybe an immature Red-tailed Hawk, but the markings on his chest indicate otherwise.

    Ok. That's what I'm going with, according to Roger Tory Peterson's Field Guide to Birds.

    Immature Cooper's Hawk.

    Excellent pic, BTW!


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