Monday, September 8, 2008

Going to the Dogs

Meet Sancho (above) and Carlos (below).   They are proof that I am going to the dogs.  

Now, I am not really a dog person, although I like them well enough.  I am much more of a cat person.  But I seem to have unconsciously gathered a lot of dog prints to hang on the walls at our Little Red House.

Sancho and Carlos came home with  me from a favorite antiques shop a few years ago on my birthday.  They usually hang out with me in our tiny den.

This little puppy with his young master came from a thrift store.  I'm pretty sure that it is a print of a larger oil portrait, but I don't know the original.  Anybody recognize it?

This much larger print is titled "Deja Passe,"  and shows a rather romantic scene of a young maid staring wistfully at the handsome man who is "already passed."  It belonged to my parents, but I have no idea where they got it.

This is actually a photocopy of a book illustration.  I just could not bring myself to tear the pictures out of that old book, so I copied some of them.  Can you spy the dog at the horse's feet?

Anyway, I guess these are all proof of something I have suspected for a long time --  I'm just going to the dogs.  :)


And speaking of going to the dogs, here's the latest scoop on my ongoing refrigerator saga:  The part did come in late Friday, and the repairman came on Saturday to install  it.  The refrigerator is now working.  YAY!!! 

 Unfortunately (you didn't think it was going to be that easy, did you?) the control board for the fan which cools the compressor is burned out.  They will order it this morning.  It comes from Florida, so hopefully will arrive by the middle of the week.  However, in order to keep the compressor from overheating, we must run a small fan at the back of the unit constantly.  The noise is driving me crazy, and the fridge is sticking halfway out into my small kitchen.  Aaarrrgh!

On the other hand, at least the fridge is working, and I am thankful for that.


  1. Mary, I don't really think you are going to the dogs, but if you are, they are certainly a fine looking bunch.

    Great news about your refrigerator. Hopefully, the fan will be here soon, and you will be operating in A+ condition.

  2. I'm glad the fridge is finally working but what a set-up you must live with till that fan comes. I love your dog prints. I also love those porcelain (or china) dogs that people put on their mantles. What are they called? I could never bring myself to spend the money for them though.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  3. I am catching up, Mary ..... Gosh i've missed reading your posts. What you can do with a place setting blows my mind!

    I think there may be a frustrated dog owner deep down in side of you :-)

  4. Love your dog prints! And so sorry about the ongoing saga with the frige! pefully it will be over soon.
    Have a great day!

  5. ahhh, Sweet way are you going to the dogs...seems to me that....the dogs are coming to YOU!
    I love your pictures of the different dogs. Altho I am not a dog person, either, I do think some of them are pretty.
    ooo, and sorry you are having to use the fan right now but, as you said, at least your fridge is COLD.

    love, bj

  6. Have been following the saga of the fridge and had hoped that everything was all set...what a let down to read that yet another thing has croaked. Let's hope that the new part arrives in time before your sanity is further compromised. ;>

    I really like your dog prints and pictures...very nice. It's kind of fun to see how often dogs are featured in old paintings. My favorite old family portrait features a pug when they looked much different than they do today.

  7. Our paintings and pictures say lots about us dont you think?
    We have had a drama in the kitchen, Jon lit the Aga, so indeed I wrote a saga! LOL"

  8. It's strange how you're not really a dog person, yet love your dog prints. I'm not sure I even approve of hunting, but I love hunting scene pictures and fabrics!
    I hope, before long, your fridge will be in full working order. You've been very patient.


  9. I love all the pictures. I am always drwn to that style photo.

  10. I don't think I will ever buy another KitchenAid appliance. And if you are going to the dogs, you are doing so in grand style;)

  11. I love every single one...I recently picked up a dog pic myself. I wanted to tell you thank-you for taking the time to come and give me instructions on enlarging....I used it last night and it worked beautifully. Much appreciated. cherry

  12. I love old dog prints. I have a couple with cockers and collies.

  13. Love the old dog prints...they have such character. Course I am a dog person big time..not that I don't like cats too. So glad you at least have a functioning fridge...hopefully everything will be back in perfect order soon.

  14. I'm so glad to hear your refrigerator is on the mend. I know that fan is a nuisance at the moment but it's only temporary and the part will be there soon.

    I loved your dog pictures. My husband isn't fond of pictures on the walls so we don't have many around. I guess that's why I'm always interested in pictures in our friends homes.

  15. The young boy in the red jacket looks so familiar but I can't for the life of me remember who painted it. I think it's famous? And yay for your frig. And yay that I can hit the shift key.

  16. I love the picture of the maiden looking (lusting) after the young man that has passed over the bridge. It really tells a gentle story.


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