Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Please excuse our appearance for the next few weeks.  We're getting a fresh coat of paint here at the Little Red House.  We want to look nice for the holidays.   Care to guess what color?  ;)


  1. Looks like the little red house is getting redder, I love that color:>)

  2. The little green house doesn't have quite the same ring now does it? It's going to look wonderful all freshly painted. Are you guys doing the work?

  3. The Little Beige House? I think not;)

  4. I just bet it isn't pink! ;-)

    Mary, I love your house - and everything about it.

  5. Oh, how pretty it's going to be!!
    And just the right color for CHRISTMAS !!
    love, bj

  6. I don't know but you better tell me because our front door needs COLOR.

    I need to paint it before the weather turns.

    - Suzanne

  7. I thinking......red? :-) Mary, I received my lovely note cards yesterday. They are stunningly beautiful! Thanks so much.

  8. It's gonna be beautiful I'm sure....your home is such an amazing place. It just gives me the warm fuzzies just looking at the pictures. It oozes "welcome home". And I mean OOZE in the nicest way :]

  9. My quess is antiqued red. No matter what color you pick I know it will look great!

  10. I will be waiting in anticipation to see what you chose but I'm warning you "The Little Red House" better stay the little red house!!! HA!

    :-) Rosie

  11. I'm not even going to guess. I need to know that some things will never change.

  12. Hi there! Don't think I've ever visited your blog earlier, guess I should have remembered if I had!, but I must say I think it's great. I will certainly come here again.
    Of course the house must be red?!
    Hope you can relax some too.
    Love Elzie

  13. Oh nice Mary. The "Little Red House" will look so pretty all freshly painted. How is the bedroom coming along? I didn't receive my note cards yet. :(


  14. Hi Mary,

    Let me guess.....hmmmmmm RED ?? lol

    Take care,
    kathy :)

  15. Oh, that's going to look wonderful for the holidays, hope you will be done soon, I'm sure it's an awful lot of work to paint your little red house. Looking forward to see photos of you 'brand-new' red house. Smiles, Anke ;)

  16. I’ve been busy lately so I’ve missed some of your posts. It is really a great pleasure visiting your blog. I found myself relax while looking at your wonderful posts. You are amazing woman with so much beautiful style and your home is so wonderful place, so charming, so cosy and so inviting. I literally enjoyed while imaging myself sitting on the sofa in your library. I enjoyed in each detail that I saw there. How nice to have such a sweet place to spend some time. There is no way I can provide to myself such a wonderful corner in my tiny home.
    I can understand you as for the silver set you bought. I too couldn’t leave it in the store. It is adorable.
    As for the paint, I am sure it will be great whatever colour you choose.
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful posts with us.:-)

  17. A beautiful cheery red! The holidays will be here before we know it!

    Hugs, Pat

  18. I grew up in a cedar shake house built in the 1950's, but it was stained dark brown with flamingo pink trim!!! I was SO embarrassed! One summer my dad paid someone to repaint the trim and months later it all started peeling off in rubbery sheets! My teacher brought me home from school, and I was mortified! I wish our house had been red! I read that in Scandinavian climates, especially Finland, they often paint the houses red because white houses are invisible in the snow! Vicki B

  19. Vicki,

    Wow, pink trim? Yikes. How interesting about houses in Scandinavia. Although I'm not sure if I could take that amount of snow... !!!


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