Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Best Medicine

I've been feeling a little blue lately.  Does anyone else feel this way?  Winter is seeming way too long this year.  Oh, who am I kidding?  Winter seems too long every year.  But sometimes a girl just needs some pink, right?  Besides, I just love making mosaics.  ;)

If you want to make your own mosaic, you can do it at Big Huge Labs.


  1. A very nice collage you have made, Mary.

  2. Morning Mary,

    I agree, winter is far to long. We just had more snow last night so it seems like winter will never end. But the days are longer and the sun is stronger so I know it can't be long now!

    I've so enjoyed seeing flowers on different blogs lately. They give me a boost of spring : )

  3. Hello Mary, i hope you get to shake the winter blues away! You have such beautiful photographs of nature.

  4. Beautiful! (Yup, I hear ya...)

  5. We are so up and down with our weather right now. One day it is so nice you can open windows, the next we are getting high frigid winds and snow. When will it end? But your mosaic sure helps with the beautiful pink tones. A promise for warmer days!

  6. Absolutely beautiful. And it is working to cheer my blue self this morning;)

  7. Mary, I love, love, love your mosaics. Thanks for sharing, as well as for sharing the link to Big Huge (I've always wondered how to make them). Your floral close-ups are gorgeous (any tips re: camera and lighting?)

  8. We don't really even have winter and I still need PINK!!! :)

    M ^..^

  9. Well, you know that I am a firm believer that pink cheers up any situation.

    Hang in there.

  10. Mary

    I always think late Feb/March is the hard part...but remember the clocks change earlier this year, that'll help out!

  11. So pretty !!

    Kathy :)

  12. Hello Mary,
    I'm lucky enough to be in sunny Florida for the winters these days, but I remember those northern winters all too well. Usually, I would end up doing something awful to my hair out of sheer boredom and depression!
    Enjoyed your blog. Glad I found you!

  13. Dear Mary,

    I always feel let down by the middle of February. It's just not pretty or pleasant this time of year, and the winter seems endless.

    Since I hit my 50s a few years back, I find myself slipping into the blues a little bit more frequently than I used to. Maybe it's hormonal, maybe it's just a keener sensitivity to changes in my life -- parents failing, kids moving away, my trying to carve out a new niche -- I don't know the causes; it's probably a little bit of all of them.

    But sometimes it's OK to have the blues. Sometimes there's good reason to be blue, sometimes it's random and unbidden emotions. I wish I could wave them away from you, but all I can say is, this too shall pass. Because it will.

    Lovely collage! Keep thinking pink.
    Best wishes,

  14. Your site was where I learned about these wonderfully fun flickr toys! And where I learned about textures. I hope you get over your blues and stay in the pink!

  15. I have tried Big Huge Lab and they are a lot of fun...but my mosaics don't turn out as beautiful as yours! Love the that center photo!..

  16. Winter drags me down! I love your photos--I have just figured out to get my photo on with my post!!!

  17. Pink is always wonderful! I agree with you, winter is too long, I am on the whole OK with it till around the end of December, both January and February always seem excessively long to me.
    Some green leaves on the trees and a few more flowers ( although my snowdrops are looking lovely right now) would be very welcome...
    Soon it will be spring!

  18. Well, I smelled Spring this morning on my early morning run. I really did! :)

  19. Thanks for sharing with us a glimpse of warm weather. I can't wait until I can get my hands in the ground and start planting flowers. I am going to check out Big Huge Labs.

  20. Mary..I just looked at the calendar and Spring is on it's way. It's coming and will be here before you know it, I promise! Easy for me to say being out here in California I know, but it's true. The first day of Spring is March 20th..that's in just a month from now. Four short weeks! Hang in there my sweet friend.
    Your collage in lovely, really lovely!

  21. G'day there ...SO gorgeous I love pink and the collage was divine.

    I might even try myself make one.

    Thank you so much for the inspiration.

    It's last summer in Australia, I can, now that it's lunchtime Saturday, here people mowing lawns ...we've had hot stormy weather but right now the sky is blue blue blue.

    Many blessings.

    Mary Lulu

  22. I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago. I have only recently become interested in "cottage style" which is how I ended up finding your blog.

    Just wanted you to know that I have been having some difficult days over the last few weeks and having your delightful and beautiful site to "disappear" into at night has really been a stress reliever.

    I hope that the fact that you have helped someone else helps you to overcome your blues!

    Blessings to you!

  23. Oh, Mary...of all I know, I do believe you hate winter the most. Not long until spring will be here.'Out here in West Texas, our temps are in the 60's and yesterday, it hit 70. We just haven't had winter here this year. Our spring will bring winds and sand storms so I would rather skip that season and jump right into summer.
    Your photos are wonderful...

  24. Lovely! Simply lovely.
    There's just something about such serene pics that lifts the soul.

    P.S. I found you through Hop Hop Jingle Boo.:)

  25. Cindy,
    Truthfully, it always amazes me that anyone reads my blog at all. So I am very happy to know that you are reading and have found some enjoyment in it. I hope better days are ahead for you. :)

    Thanks so much!

  26. Those pictures are gorgeous. Thanks for the link to learn how to do mosaics. I just downloaded photoshop and I don't know anything about it yet.


  27. Hi Mary, feeling blue, I know that feeling! I had a problem with it the first couple of weeks being pregnant, lack of light usually makes me feeling blue in winter a lot, but since we live in our own house with lot's of windows it's acutally better. We also go for lot's of walks to get enough lightnes. I hope you will feel soon out of the blue again and to see some more pink! Check out my Women Collage for strong women! Smiles, Anke ;)

  28. Oh my goodness -- I love pink. :-)


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