Monday, February 23, 2009

A Celebration of Roses

Are you in the mood for some roses today?  Because I gathered some for you here.  (The things I do for my readers!)  The real, live flowers were a Valentine's Day gift from my daughter.

And the plates were a thrift store find -- Homer Laughlin.  You know that I can't pass by pretty china, right?

The tablecloth is actually a curtain.  Hey, if the fabric is pretty, why not?

The silver-plated flatware is also from the thrift store.  I really don't care if it matches or not.  I just love the flower designs on the knife and, of course, the monogram.  :)

Some Waterford crystal, which were gifts from my mother and my in-laws when we were first married.  Did you know that Waterford recently went out of business?  So sad!

So, what do you think?  Shall we celebrate roses today?

I recently completed an interview at  If you get a chance, could you go and vote for Little Red House?  Many thanks!


  1. Thank you, Mary. I'm always in the mood for roses, and your place setting looks so pretty.

    I'll head on over to vote for you right now.

  2. I just love roses but I'm always disappointed if they don't have a nice fragrance....they really must go together! You certainly have a gift for finding and displaying lovely treasures!

  3. This is so lovely, Mary! Beautiful roses and love your tablescape! You should join us on Thursday Tablescapes - you'd be marvelous!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :0

  4. Very lovely. So delicate and feminine.

  5. Trying this again. I hate it when blogger eats my comments!!

    I love your mix matched silver settings. Such a lovely idea. If I didn't have my grandmother's set that I love and adore, I'd so go with picking up odd pieces at antique stores.

    I so did not know that Waterford went out of business! Say it's not so.

  6. beautiful tabletop - celebrate life, living the day to the fullest

  7. Of course yes! And I voted for you, btw.
    Gracie at

  8. Lovely. I love the Homer Laughlin, I've never seen that pattern before. It is so beautiful! Roses,roses,roses! The best.

  9. Oh, I will gladly vote for you and I must say that your table setting is just gorgeous! Love the old curtain and the Homer Laughlin...I saw some similar to that in the showcase at my Salvation Army store just last Thursday. I'm going to check on it again this week!

  10. Oh, such a beautiful setting...yes, I think we should surround ourselves with as much beauty as we can possibley gather....
    xo bj

  11. I was going to comment on your post with the word LOVELY, but I see that many ladies have beat me to it. How about LOVER-LEE? Thanks for the peak.

  12. Your daughter is a sweetie...such lovely roses. The table setting is have a wonderful way with that art. Off to vote...

  13. Love the Homer Laughlin! Have you ever visited their factory?

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  14. Great interview! You're funny even when you're not trying ;)

    That tablesetting is gorgeous. They always are :)


  15. I'm always in the mood for such lovely setting of yours as well as for the roses. Thanks for sharing this with us.
    I had done my vote for you before this comment.

  16. What a gorgeous post today Mary...not that it isn't always beautiful here EVERY day! And I loved your interview. Your home is such a truly wonderful place and one in which I would instantly feel comfortable and welcomed.
    Your taste, your style, your ability to create magic in a home, is such an inspiration and a joy to see.

    Love and hugs to you,

  17. Wonderful and uplifting post today. Congratulations on being interviewed!

  18. That is gorgeous! I love the china!!! Funny that we both did rose themes today!

  19. Beautiful roses, beautiful tablescape, beautiful pictures and beautiful blog. Thanks for stopping by today.

  20. What a pretty setting Mary. I just voted for you :)


  21. A lovely tablescape, and that curtain/tablecloth is to die for. I do love a rose theme.


  22. Celebrating roses sounds perfect to me.
    I love the table cloth - great way to use curtains. Clever you!!

  23. YES, YES, YES...lets celebrate roses!! Ok..I am off to investigate the "interview" thingy! :)
    (LOVE that tablecloth...and..and the silverware..and the dishes... :) WONDERFUL!

  24. Those are beautiful pictures! I love the idea of using a curtain as a tablecloth!

    Have a great day, Denise

  25. Beautiful post! Everything is so lovely from the crystal and dishes to the beautiful roses from your daughter. Thank you for sharing!

  26. this is such a beautiful table setting - i love the fact that the dishes and silver are thrift store finds.i have that same pattern (in your cloth) on my bathroom walls - i love it.
    i did not know that waterford went out of business.
    and i hate that Country Home is ending too.

  27. Hi are soooo right...never pass on gorgeous china! :-) Love the Homer Laughlin you found...beautiful...just like your pretty tablescape! This would be great to link to for a Tablescape Thursday sometime or whenever you do a tablescape...would love for everyone to see your beautiful collection of china. Susan


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