Friday, February 27, 2009

Top Secret

Just a quickie today.  Every time I post my thrift store finds, lots of you ask where the store is located.  Now this is privileged information;  I can't just tell anybody.  Because then I'd have to kill them. 

 You understand, right? 

 But because you guys are the best, I'm going to let you in on the secret.  Ready?  Come closer, because I have to whisper...

It's called Second Chance, and is located in Gladstone, NJ.  Here is a super-duper secret map of the location. 

Guard this information with your life.  Seriously. 

And have a nice weekend.  :)


  1. I am running right over. :-) I wish I could but it would take me two days to get there and then I wouldn't have time to shop!

  2. Beautiful pitcher, but you don't have to worry about me, I live in Ohio.

  3. I'd SO be there if I were even over in the Eastern part of the US. *g

    Very generous of you to share ;-)

  4. It is a beautiful pitcher, but like Upon A don't have to worry about me, I live in Michigan! Or can you buy on-line??

  5. I wonder if I can talk my husband into a vacation. ;-)

  6. Just half an hour from me!

    Don't worry, Mary, if we have to race one another to grab a bargain, I'm pretty sure you'd win.

    I'm making room for more treasures, though -- I'm giving away a pretty blue & white bit of Johnson Bros ironstone on my blog, winner to be chosen this evening. Free is good. :-)


  7. Hmmmmm, I wonder how long it would take me to get there from central pennsylvania.....!

  8. Oh my! You really must be trying to kick the habit. ;>

    No worries about me either...unfortunately!

  9. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, planning secret ninja trip there now

  10. It's gorgeous.

    Wish I lived closer, though.

  11. Mary,

    This pitcher is so cute! I haven't been there in awhile. I'm only 1/2 hour away too!

  12. Too late - I was in the area last May, and so sorry I missed it. Now your secret is safe with me in Colorado. Sally

  13. Well, I won't get to the secret store, but I am lucky enough to have a pitcher like that in my collection. I am so glad to say that I have something as pretty as yours!! I love your blog!

  14. Anything with teensy itty bitty roses steals my heart. I have nothing half so sweet, but I love looking at yours..

  15. I would happily drive five hours to get some of these good finds.

  16. ~~whisper ...... if I am ever in the general area, I will surely look it up .... the password is 'Mary", right? .....whisper~~

  17. ooh -- another great NJ find. on my list: the painted cottage in collingswood and nest in cape may. i love NJ.

    ~ greetings from RI


  18. Hi, Mary.I found you through a profile search and just have to tell you that I think we were separated at birth!
    We have the same interests, music taste, book taste etc.
    Love Thrift shops for all things but especially a China bargain.
    Your photography is superb, and one day when my littlies are older, I would love to do some too. So glad I found your little piece of heaven.

    Hugs from Australia.♥

  19. Your secret is safe with me. By the way, you have my word that I will not be shopping there and getting all of the good stuff. Afterall, it tis a bit of a drive from our home in California. tee hee.


  20. Lovely thrift store finds! Now you're giving me the bug and I may just have to find a the time to explore the thrift store this week too!

  21. Hi Natalie,
    Welcome to Little Red House! How lovely to "meet" you. Thank you for your sweet comment. :)

  22. That shop is right near my friend Judy's house. She loves treasure hunts too. Wonderful find.

  23. Hmmm. Just over an hour from me in Maryland. Thanks for the secret tip, Mary!

  24. I wonder if I leave now...hmmm...if I can drive all night and be there when it opens. Of course if you factor in the snow...maybe by lunch time?
    Oh how I wish i could just hop in the car and head your way! NOW!



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